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  1. Bohemian73

    What do you guys consider "proffesional" painting?

    Tabletop standard, more or less, is three colors and basing. I go beyond that, but still consider my stuff tabletop (won't win any painting contests), but look nice on the table. As above, professional is anything paid for. My son doesn't sell his stuff, but shades and layers his stuff. He has won painting contests, so he is a high quality painter. I just don't have the patience for that...
  2. Bohemian73

    (update: 2) Legion paint work by Darth Sanguis

    The Infernal squad looks nice, but I really like your worn (silver) effects on the AT-ST
  3. Bohemian73

    C3POFETT's Legion Painting - Custom Fleet Troopers

    my preference is the phase 2 clone trooper. I've always liked clone trooper paint schemes
  4. Bohemian73

    Choassassin's Rebel Commandos

    camo scheme looks real good
  5. Bohemian73

    My Hoth Imperial army

    I have to second the off-white tones do look good.
  6. Bohemian73

    Jedhead's Painting and Conversions

    Nice conversion, always glad to see different and unique conversions
  7. Bohemian73

    Finally got an AT-ST

    It looks good, you should be happy to take it out and stomp some rebels
  8. Bohemian73

    manoftomorrow's (rookie) painting

    nice basing and color schemes
  9. Bohemian73

    The Story So Far

    the picture is upside down, or we are both drunk.
  10. I try to do the three color minimum with base, but tabletop is all I an trying to achieve. Go with what you are happy with and don't worry about anyone else. As a photographer, I might look at a photograph through a magnifier, but an 8x10 should be looked at an arms distance away. Miniatures aren't much different.
  11. Bohemian73

    Bohemian's Terrain and Troops

    No, there was a bundle for 25, but only five races, so I have extras. Shapeways has a greater variety. The link was on the forum months ago. Sorry I don't remember.
  12. Bohemian73

    Bohemian's Terrain and Troops

    Search for rare earth magnets. There are many sites were you can order magnets in inches and/or millimeters, depending on the site. My son and I order in bulk, and order different sizes, I could not tell you where I got the ones that I used. I just used what I had available. I pin a lot of stuff and use magnets if I want to attach different parts, such as different arms on my 40K Space Marines. I used a larger one in the AT-RT (you can see the silver magnet versus the gray AT-RT in the first picture). I believe I just glued the larger magnet without drilling anything. I attached a smaller one to the larger one and used a marker to mark the 'downside' of the smaller magnet, so when I glued it into the gun (downside facing down) the two magnets didn't repel. You can always cut off a small section at the top of the gun to match the upper magnet's height if you want to keep the distance above the ground.
  13. Bohemian73

    Bohemian's Terrain and Troops

    Well, they sent me a whole new turret as I kind of expected. So since I now have some extra terrain and the option to play some, I decided to take off the top, drill a pin vice hole so I could cut out the turret hatch with a jeweler's saw. Of course I still have some clean up work to do, but I will put a converted general Veers through the top when my figure arrives. It is on back order.
  14. a crashed X-Wing always looks good. The paint on Han's shirt and pants looks a bit heavy, so be sure to thin your paints and do multiple layers of thinned paint, but overall they look good.
  15. Bohemian73

    Request for Pointers and Suggestions

    The pigment count makes a lot of difference in miniature painting. Invest in some good paints; GW, Vallejo. army painter, etc. These paints also thin better than 'hobby' acrylic paints.