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  1. Bohemian73

    Printable Miniatures

    I use Thingiverse for terrain, but have printed out some legion figures. Search for Star Wars legion. There are other categories you can search for as well if you are looking for something specific.
  2. Bohemian73

    Are people on eBay insane?

    I believe the piece is overpriced, but the final price (it has come down from the $800) may be reasonable to someone else. I love to modify my miniatures before I paint them. I would say I usually paint a CoolMiniOrNot score of 5-7, maybe an 8 for my best ones and if the reviewer was generous. I paint for table top play and I know I can do better if I take the time. I hate to paint and I am impatient with my painting. One thing I wanted to add is that photography is another hobby of mine. I have sold some pictures to friends, just like I have sold home made jewelry to friends. So I might call myself a professional photographer or jewelry maker, but I don't because I don't do it as profession. I have seen some, IMHO, very poor quality "pro" painted miniatures. it is all in the eyes of the beholder (buyer?). I believe some painters add the term 'pro painted' to make them sound more important. I can see paying over $30 for a single 'hero' miniature, but not that price for each squad member. My favorite painter is Marike Reimer - Destroyer Minis. I took one of her GenCon courses several years ago. I believed she said something about getting $500 commission for a single mini. However, I would never play with a miniature that expensive as it might get chipped or broken.
  3. Bohemian73

    Feeling demoralized about my skill

    I have to agree with the other posts. Don't set your sights too high. I only try for tabletop quality. And as mentioned above a few times, thinner is better, especially with primer. Miniatures don't need the primer coating that wood or metal may need. To me primer is there to give the real paint something to stick to. Also, I recommend washing your miniatures before primer.
  4. Bohemian73

    Sorastro's Painting

    Mixing RGB is easy using digital colors, but mixing paint is an art form in itself... However there are color wheels available that help. Search for 'miniature paint color wheel' and a lot of good sites and images can be found.
  5. Bohemian73

    What do you guys consider "proffesional" painting?

    Tabletop standard, more or less, is three colors and basing. I go beyond that, but still consider my stuff tabletop (won't win any painting contests), but look nice on the table. As above, professional is anything paid for. My son doesn't sell his stuff, but shades and layers his stuff. He has won painting contests, so he is a high quality painter. I just don't have the patience for that...
  6. Bohemian73

    ArmadaFix does Legion (Update 5: Palpatine and guards)

    The Infernal squad looks nice, but I really like your worn (silver) effects on the AT-ST
  7. my preference is the phase 2 clone trooper. I've always liked clone trooper paint schemes
  8. Bohemian73

    Choassassin's Rebel Commandos

    camo scheme looks real good
  9. Bohemian73

    My Hoth Imperial army

    I have to second the off-white tones do look good.
  10. Nice conversion, always glad to see different and unique conversions
  11. Bohemian73

    Finally got an AT-ST

    It looks good, you should be happy to take it out and stomp some rebels
  12. Bohemian73

    manoftomorrow's (rookie) painting

    nice basing and color schemes
  13. Bohemian73

    The Story So Far

    the picture is upside down, or we are both drunk.
  14. I try to do the three color minimum with base, but tabletop is all I an trying to achieve. Go with what you are happy with and don't worry about anyone else. As a photographer, I might look at a photograph through a magnifier, but an 8x10 should be looked at an arms distance away. Miniatures aren't much different.
  15. Bohemian73

    Bohemian's Terrain and Troops

    No, there was a bundle for 25, but only five races, so I have extras. Shapeways has a greater variety. The link was on the forum months ago. Sorry I don't remember.