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  1. Bohemian73

    Would you like to see specialist lists?

    I like the idea of expanding the Entourage rule for other commanders, but not when having to add a bunch of new and/or special rules.
  2. Bohemian73

    Agis' Star Wars Legion minis (2)

    I bookmarked your legion website... A true asperation to painting.
  3. Bohemian73

    HH-12 Trooper

    I drilled a hole in the concave (front end) of the HH-12. When I looked further, I read that the HH-12 is a rocket launcher. Shouldn't there be an exhaust in the rear end of the gun? My original thought was that it was a laser cannon. Any thoughts? I was thinking of just drilling a hole in the rear as well. Thanks...
  4. Bohemian73

    Bohemian's Terrain and Troops

    I have two more. I started one lying on its side, like Rey's home (or pictures I've seen), but I plan to use an Endor like ground covering instead of a sand planet. Not sure what to do with the fourth. I have also started a bunker, but I have my priority on finishing troops at the moment.
  5. Bohemian73

    Bohemian's Terrain and Troops

    I was going to go with Galactic Marines, but decided to do Vader's security force for my Snow Troopers. His security force could be all red like the royal guard, so I used gray for the 'leather' parts. I used Khorne Red for the darker parts and Mephiston Red for the light parts. Then used Nuln Oil, followed by dry brush of Mephiston Red and another brighter red acrylic paint. Last touch was to use 'Arcodt' for the armor. I plan to use the reds for all but the weapons on the Royal Guard when I get them.
  6. Bohemian73

    Bohemian's Terrain and Troops

    Well, I finally finished Luke, so I have one whole rebel painted. But at least the others are primed. The flash washed out the blue LED lightsaber, which doesn't see as strong as some of the other ones I've seen.
  7. Bohemian73

    Sorastro's Painting

    Sorastro, I assume you cannot modify a miniature paint for FFG, but do you do many modifications? I would love to see some examples you have done.
  8. Bohemian73

    Basing question from a rookie

    I have a bowl mixed with sand, flock, static grass and whatever else I added. After the clear coat, I use white glue, dip, tap on the upside down mini for the static grass, and I am done. I attach larger rocks and other bits before the dip to add additional texture too. I wanted to add that I paint the base ( almost always a shade of brown)before applying the clear coat.
  9. Bohemian73

    Why is a leg of my Vader brown?

    on old lead miniatures, I repeated the process three times and was satisfied the third time that enough paint had come off to repaint them. I don't think it would hurt to try another overnight, and yes an old toothbrush does help.
  10. One of the better air speeder paint jobs I've seen, my only comment is that I would have preferred to see the firing lines on the bases, doesn't look as good as your bases, but would prevent that guy from complaining about the lines.
  11. Bohemian73

    Does Clone Wars mean new core set?...

    I would buy the model just to give him 4 LED lightsabers and I have no plan to play a droid army ATM.
  12. Bohemian73

    Why Generic Officer Commanders don't bother me

    I think using multiple generic officers is no different than mixing up units/troopers that all look alike. My Stormtrooper leaders look different (arm pose and shoulder pad), but there will not be a good way to distinguish units other than a small cardboard counter and the different numbers I painted on my leader's base to tell them apart.
  13. Bohemian73

    Why Generic Officer Commanders don't bother me

    I thought it was replace, but it is add, so your math looks correct. It will be interesting to see if this is OP or a nice upgrade option. I was looking at adding the officer to support units that are not that close to my primary commander, to prevent being suppressed off of the table early in the game.
  14. Bohemian73

    Legion pictures from the FFG case

    Fett's armor wasn't new in the movies, but maybe it is earlier in the GCW so his armor can be more shiny. I would want to paint him dinged up though. I guess I will wait until Sorastro's video comes out on Boba.
  15. Bohemian73


    Yes we humans often cant distinguish one person from another when said people are a different race. However, given the male dominated gaming industry, many female models are adequately endowed to make them easy to pick out... 😀