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  1. Bohemian73

    Rebellions Are Built On Hope - Tournament Report

    thanks, for the write-up
  2. Bohemian73

    Personnel upgrade ideas.

    I think we might see a generic medical droid.
  3. Bohemian73

    Will we get a Medic unit?

    I agree that it makes sense and have no problem with such a mechanic. Maybe I am thinking of Dust vehicle repairs. Some repairs are not believable to me to happen in the heat of battle.
  4. Bohemian73

    Mirror Armies are Annoying

    When I read the title, I was thinking Rebel vs, Rebel or Imp vs. Imp. I see differences between the troops, but there are limitations to the game where troops share similarities. That is true for most other skirmish games (hit on 4+/defend 5+ vs. hit on 5+/defend on 4+). Even Warmahordes and GW have troop types that are almost identical, if not identical, between their different playstyle armies. I think these two armies play very differently, so I don't see them as mirror matches.
  5. Bohemian73

    Personnel upgrade ideas.

    Engineer has been mentioned, maybe repair to vehicle
  6. Bohemian73

    4 player game variant

    What Contrapulator said above, but teams choose who goes first per side. Team A has lower initiative, so they choose a player to go first, then Team B chooses a player, then team A's other player, then last Team B player.
  7. Bohemian73

    Will we get a Medic unit?

    It is possible for someone to survive being 'taken-out ' (i.e. removed from play). Removing a model from play could signify a trooper who ran away to being KIA. I have no problem with a medic returning a trooper to play. I have more of a problem with an engineer doing a field repair on a vehicle, like was done in Dust. That makes me think the engineer is some kind of McGyver running around fixing stuff.
  8. Bohemian73

    Terrain and Snowspeeders

    Linear terrain, 'facing' all in one direction, is little or no cover when coming in at 90 degrees. Remember that entry points can be on the long or short edge of the board, so terrain should be at different angles to provide cover from multiple directions.
  9. Bohemian73

    Sokos Star Wars Painting Log

    True, the miniatures don't have the detail of Infinity or some other games. I am okay with that as I am only looking for tabletop quality as I hope to get a lot of play from them. I can spend less time painting them. I like your color scheme on the snowtroopers.
  10. they are a little on the small side. As I mentioned before, the troop door is 30mm, but they look good as terrain. Look at my terrain and troop thread for some comparison pictures.
  11. My second Vader will have an LED light saber, did the first Luke that way, but I think I can do better with the light.
  12. Bohemian73

    San Fernando Valley

    Germany for four weeks (niece is getting married, back for a few days then off to a family vacation (20+ of us?). Last year there were 22 of us on a cruise.
  13. Bohemian73

    New Factions - Light or Dark side aligned

    Yes, I would like to see Scum and Villainy, but I think they may be neutral and not aligned light/dark.
  14. Bohemian73

    Bigger scale 1/48 or smaller 1/72

    I think 1/48 is okay for terrain piece. I have popcorn bucket AT-AT terrain, a little small scale wise, but okay for terrain.
  15. Bohemian73

    Tournament Regulations are up

    Great idea, I may copy. I have no problem with it. By the rules I would say that may not be allowed. I hope the intend was to not alter the cards to get an unfair advantage, which it does not appear you are doing. I may have to mark my sleeves to stay within guidelines. It depends on how much leeway is given as you are only 'marking' your troops/cards to distinguish them from another.