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  1. matt finish and 'ardcoat' as needed for armor. I did that with multiple miniatures, but I am way behind in painting...
  2. Mace Windu, followed by Obi Wan's second lightsaber. However, after seeing the Rise of Skywalker, I like the yellow lightsaber as my lightsaber color is suppose to be yellow after taking the quiz. I love my 3D printer. As a follow-on, I don't think the Savi's Workshop lightsabers are overpriced compared to what else is available and you are paying for the experience...
  3. I don't like the idea of the need for a dedicated anti-armor weapon. adds complexity and will be a waste in most lists. These guys have lasers, how would that be ineffective against armor? Leave the rules as is...
  4. I believe my nephew said the time line was somewhere between movies VII and VIII. Background is the black spire the outpost is named after. Other taller spires are more brown. You can see it in the one picture above where Docking Bay 7 is on the right.
  5. Anaheim. The FL parks opens in August.
  6. We didn't see Kylo Renn, but saw Rey and a Wookie. A-wing in the background. I have over 60 pictures so can't share all of them.
  7. Here is the centerpiece. You enter Smuggler's Run on the left out of the picture and can see the line on the lower right. Wait time was 45 minutes when we got there, but was 60 minutes when we entered it. My nephew was stopped when some Stormtroopers wanted to see his ID. He believes they knew him.
  8. A few pictures. I guess the Resistance was able to override the First Order blocking data. One can interact with robots and other things starting tomorrow with one's phone or one of the droids that one can buy. Next picture is looking to Docking Bay 7 on the back left (good food). The Millennium Falcon is behind the building on the right as you can't see it when you enter.
  9. Hit the wrong button. They changed the Disney RR tracks and Rivers of America to fit the land in. Taken from Critter Country. Actually you can see some taller structures when you are waiting in line for Smuggler's Run, but have to look, and there are plenty of things to look at inside. Oga's Cantina had the longest lines, so we didn't visit that. Originally the First Order was blocking data (photo) uploads until tomorrow, but my nephew said they decided to post a day early. I will have to download and look at them. He has worked there a long time, characters and now photographers. A stormtrooper asked for his ID. Chewbacca greeted us (I shook his hand), and my wife and 86 year old mother in law got a group hug. My wife said he smelled like vanilla. We ate in Docking Bay 7 and waited an hour for the ride. We left just after 7 pm. Next time I will explore in more detail when I can use my phone.
  10. You are immersed into Galaxy's Edge. Other than fleeting glimpses from Smuggler's Run, you cannot see the park and cannot see into the land.
  11. my bad for not posting sooner. Only two pictures from last Friday. The first is the boarding pass that will be in use starting June 24th. We went to Space Mountain to register (I believe they have 3 locations, but don't quote me on that). We got in about 3:15 and could stay until closing at 9 pm.
  12. hour drive without traffic for me. I lived a couple of miles away when I lived in Anaheim (watched fireworks from my front yard). first ride will be the Disneyland RR which they moved the tracks to got around Galaxy's Edge. I think I will get a glimpse, but not sure about how much.
  13. back when I was in the army, some guys were cheating at Spades because they could, even though they were way ahead. It was more about cheating than about winning. I have seen cheaters in competitive play and there will always be those guys because it is the nature of the beast
  14. I will report back, as objective as I can be. I am thinking of getting the cheapest season passes in the fall when the other ride opens.
  15. I believe they two sides are balanced overall. good players may choose Rebels as they are harder to play (see above) and good players can take advantage of less experienced players. Some tournaments may see more Imperial as they are easier to play and more forgiving (again see above). I don't see a single really good list that everyone is taking, again pointing to a good balance overall. I play Imperial as they are more my style. I don't put a lot of stock that something is grossly over or under costed.
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