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  1. I could see this offering an intersting play style, maybe a mix of Gideon and Murne, ordering the other heroes around, and tricking Imperial forces, possibly not being able to be attacked by Imperial units more than 4 spaces away? Not sure about spying on open groups, Overwelming Oppression would defeat that power quite handily, but instead look at concealed agenda cards?
  2. The other two heroes could also be a Besalisk tanky character and is able to use his extra set of arms to carry extra weapons beyond the normal limit of 2, and maybe an ability to add an automatic defense when health drops to 5 or below. The other could be a Dathomir nightsister using dark magic, poisons and potions to buff allies and debuff enemies. Would probably use "potion" tokens and new skill cards would give them new uses, such as healing 3 damage, stunning an enemy after a successful attack, or adding a yellow die to an attack or test.
  3. I would like to see a big box for Endor, especially as Legion steals all headlines for new products. This big box would be supported by a wide array of blister packs, like the core set had. The campaign could revolve around acquiring the plans for the second Death Star, and a recon mission on the forest moon to scout out the shield generator. Enemies would include: scout troopers- group of 2, snipers, so attack is 2 blue die with built in accuracy bonus. Speederbike- vehicle, 2x1, speed 4, has an ability similiar to the tie striker in Xwing, forcing the unit to move 2 spaces at the start of the activation, mobile, Acklay- massive, melee attacks, reach, high defense, Blister packs would include ewoks as a rebel ally, Yoda, either as his prequel warrior version or pacifist support version from Empire Strikes Back, a bothan spy group, Zuckuss and 4LOM, a named Death trooper commander, and Inferno Squad as a unique group. One of the heroes can be a sullustan, the other I'm not sure of yet. An upgrade or refit to the AT-ST to make it cheaper and change up how it's used would be interesting, like a jungle refit- it loses a defense die, and awkward, adds an innate block and slows its speed for a discount of a few threat.
  4. There is a big difference between offering a $60 box that expands all aspects of the game and let's you grow your collection, and offering $150 worth of 2.0 stuff while saying "thanks for spending all that money, now everything you own is useless and you need to buy it again."
  5. This got me to thinking if the Seperatists could even have enough different units to possibly constitute a "seperate" faction? AAT- massive, three attack dice- one green and arsenal ability, black defense die. Vulture Droid (walking mode)- massive, awkward, speed 3, can fly in a pounce type action to move up to 6 spaces. STAP- large (2x1), mobile, white die, speed 6, 4 health. dwarf spider droid- large (2x2), speed 4, black defense, self destruct ability, 5 health. Umbaran troopers- small, group of three, able to hide, speed 5, health 3, white defense. Commando droid- group of 2, agile, white defense, red green attack, efficient travel. IG-100 Magna Guard- group of two, guardian/droid, melee, red and yellow attack, white defense with automatic block. I realize that the odds aren't great to see most or any of these units in IA, (more likely to see them in Legion).
  6. I agree that some of the sequel trilogy is salvageable for IA, mostly creatures and some new species of alien as generic characters, and maybe some of the new planets. Rathtar should definitely be one that makes it to the game, but I think as a 2x2 large. We saw it move down the cramped hallways of the ship swiftly, so that means they can go inside. Assuredly melee attacks, no reach, but a special attack similiar to mandolirian whip, grab a figure from up to 3 away and push them adjacent. Consume is perfect for it, and non-sentient. The crystal dogs from Crait are very explainable, seeing how there's a rebel base there, but I would argue for them to be a companion rather than figure, maybe purchasable for the rebels like the R-5? They could also use the horse creatures from Canto Blight to make a generic mercenary version of a dewback rider. I highly doubt porgs have anyplace in this game (unless as a supply card: cooked porg, deplete to recover 3 damage, take one strain from its friends guilt tripping you).
  7. I can see it being possible for the droid army remnants finding their way into the game, especially with the Clone War kick FFG has been on recently between X-wing 2.0 and Age of Rebellion. Probably implement it like they did the Rebels stuff, divided into 4 waves, 2 seperate character waves (Grand Inquisitor, and Hera/Chopper), a big box and a small box. They could have a small box centered around Geonosis, drawing from the Vader comics and Rebel TV show, and drop the B1s in there. Maybe a big box with the B2s and commander droids, potentially centering around IG-88 trying to build a droid army? The destroyer droids can come as a pair in a blister pack, possibly with the agenda mission expanding a mini campaign. As far as the commander droid is concerned: obviously a droid/leader trait, order action (executive order for elite) cost 3/6, black defense, health 4/6, ability called Tactical Network which grants + 2 accuracy and 1 surge to friendly droids within 3 spaces (3 accuracy for elite) and elite can surge to focus friendly units within 3.
  8. My thinking behind the droideka was a type of mercenary E-web, and the forms were to give it two vastly different sets of abilities, a fast ball form with a white die, which cannot attack, and maybe doesn't block line of sight, and the slow attack form with the black defense die and heavy attack. This also keeps it from being over powered, while attacking, the rebels can simply outrun it, forcing it into ball form to catch up and then hit it while the shields are down. I do agree, ball form should be granted efficient travel, and the attack form, assault.
  9. Bear with me on this it might be a stretch, but following the end of the clone wars, I can see groups like the Hutt cartel, Black Sun, and other nefarious organizations picking up surviving separatist droids and reprogramming them for their own purposes. These droids would include: B1 battle droid- cost 5, group size 3, traits are droid/trooper, 3 health, speed 4, defense white, attack green yellow, has expendable ability, for two surges may reinforce a defeated figure from this group, once per round. Droideka destroyer droid- health 5, speed 1, attack blue yellow red, +1 block, cost 6, group size 1. At the beginning of the activation, may change forms. Attack form- black defense die, surge to gain 1 block power token, surge for +1 damage and bleed, trade all surge block tokens for block tokens. Ball form- white defense die, noncombatant- cannot attack, +3 speed, trade all block power tokens for surge blocks.
  10. I appreciate the feedback, Thinkbomb. My idea behind the AT-DT was a sniping vehicle, being able to lay down fire from across whole tiles. I would add either the awkward ability from the AT-ST, or a more powerful version so it can't shoot enemies within two spaces of itself. The "Danger Close" ability would be a special attack, and restricted to only exterior spaces. The mudtroopers could have an ability called "undisciplined", when a leader is within 2 spaces, gain +2 accuracy and 1 surge. This could actually breathe some life into Inspiring Leadership command deck, by having units who are innately buffed by leaders already. I love the agenda card idea for the drop ship. Maybe the rest of that agenda set could be themed around mobile warfare, granting efficient travel to units, and a card which gives a special action that gives movement points and attack?
  11. A new hero idea, either as part of a box, or sold seperately as a blister pack. The premise: a droid who specializes in defense, but has little health, in other words, Onar's opposite. Health would be between six and nine health, starting ability would be strain to add a black die to the defense, a passive ability bestows a block power token after defending. Later the hero can add a white die to all defense rolls, deploy energy shields, and grant blocks adjacent friendly figures. Any ideas on other perks for this hero?
  12. On further reflection of the Solo movie, it could be turned into a big box expansion, one of the shorter, more diverse campaigns, as pioneered by HotE. New units would include, for the Empire: Range trooper-group size 3, health 4, cost 7 (for regular), speed 3, mobile, has magnaboots trait which prevents them from being pushed, innately gives up an evade, can surge for accuracy, or for plus 1 damage and pierce 1. Mudtroopers- group size 3, health 3, cost 5, speed 4, white defense, attack green yellow, innate +1 accuracy. They will be a cheaper and more disposable stormtrooper, showing the difference between the stormtrooper corp and the infantry. AT-DT- Massive, 12 health, speed 4, black defense, red/x2 blue attack, cost 9, special attack- Danger Close: place a rubble token within 2 spaces of a friendly unit, all units on or adjacent to that space take 2 damage. Mercenary: Mimbanese guerillas- group size 2, health 5, speed 4, attack blue/green, defense black, special action- become hidden and move 3 spaces, has efficient travel, can surge to weaken, and pierce 1 +1 accuracy. Crimson Dawn henchman- group size 2, health 3, speed 4, defense black, attack blue/red, innate +1 block. Ability- while defending, may push an adjacent figure 1 space and apply up to 2 blocks. The pushed figure takes damage equal to the blocks applied. The story could involve a heist to collect supplies for the alliance and offer several narrative paths on how to complete that goal.
  13. You did some great work, Thinkbomb, but it makes me realize I need to flesh my own ideas out more.
  14. I figured that with all the heroes capable of pushing the Empire around, like Diala, Shyla, and Onar, it might be nice to have a unit capable of defeating that tactic while remaining thematic. The slow and mobile might also make for interesting implementation in battles.
  15. I've been contemplating some characters pulled from Solo. Range troopers, group of 3, health 4, speed 3, has the ability magnaboots- this figure cannot be pushed. They would also be mobile due to these boots. Crimson Dawn henchmen: health 3, group 3, action- when an attack is declared against him, may push an adjacent figure 1 space and and apply up to 2 blocks. Figure takes the same amount of damage.
  16. What about for the Empire, AT-AT pilots, 2 figure unit, close range, probably a special action to repair friendly droids/vehicles/objects. Another option would be a heavy snow trooper variant, but that would probably come off as a pointless derivative of trooper. For the mercenaries, I propose the Talz. I realize they are not native to Hoth, but they do live in snowy environments, and were seen in Mos Eisley, so they wouldn't be a snow habitat group. For attacks, they could use a spear, melee with reach, and the ability to throw it as a ranged attack. The idea behind these units is to offer a refreshment to Return to Hoth, and offer to the campaign what the blister packs for ToL offer its mini campaign. They would have agenda sets as normal, but the agenda would lack a mission, and instead would come with an alternative threat mission to help replayability. Some provision could be made so the mission could be included as the grey side mission, possibly by using the new epilogue card to alter the story depending on which campaign is being played?
  17. I've been following some of the complaints against RtH, had an idea: they could have blister packs with a generic imperial and mercenary unit that would require Return to Hoth and not be out of place in the Empire Strikes Back settings. These units would get agenda decks which lack a mission, and instead get a new threat mission to enhance replayability. They should have some way to apply the missions to other campaigns to get more use out of the snow tiles. Anyone have ideas as to which units would fit into this concept?
  18. What about a mini campaign set in/around the prison of Oovo IV? New enemies could be mercenary prisoners of species that don't get much recognition, and Imperial guards sculpted like the guards in Princess Leia's detention block on the Death Star. The new heroes could be mercenaries when in skirmish, a la Jabba's Realm's heroes. I'd also like the ability at some point to flush enemies out of an airlock during a mission.
  19. I like this idea for the field officers, being able to specialize in various fields. Maybe a tweak to the artillery officer: instead of causing the attack, have the officer get a friendly vehicle (or heavy weapon) to perform an artillery strike on any external space within line of sight of the officer.
  20. I could see an Imperial officer who can field a companion to feed him and friendlies power tokens, maybe as the main villain of a mini campaign. Maybe have his focus center around technology and droids, like Sorin focuses on vehicles and heavy weapons.
  21. In the aftermath of ToL, it would be nice to see a death trooper specialist sculpt, maybe as a beefed up trooper (not likely), or an original, named death trooper commander. I could see a weaker form of arsenal, giving the figure an attack of red, yellow, and a die of your choice. If it's a villain, it should be no more than 6 threat, so tatical coms would work on it.
  22. I like the idea of the kaadu, it wouldn't seem that out of place in most habitats. I don't see them being small figured though, and Diala force pushing one or Onar rushing it seems wrong thematically and game mechanically.
  23. I've been trying to think of a Rebel creature/trooper unit like the dewback rider. I know the tauntaun is a no brainer, but I see it getting a habitat and snow tiles aren't seen often outside RtH. Maybe the two legged creatures the gungans rode in Episode 1?
  24. Was playing through a campaign, and the question came up if 'Jax' could use Jarrod's power tokens, or if Riot Troopers can have two power tokens each, and if their tokens could be shared between the group?
  25. A fair point, but this is an idea for a mini campaign, and they usually tie into and expand upon the core set's tiles due to the size of the expansion. Basically you'd be getting red tinted desert tiles kind of like when they did the "swamp" jungle tiles from JR.
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