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  1. yes, plus they are usually forgeworld and they come on all different meetings and sell the exclusives their on alot of occaissions not just one.
  2. That doesnt prove a point at all just confirms how dumb it is.
  3. Funny to do all exclusive on the other side of the world once again.. guess only the states matter for ffg?
  4. We feature terrainbuilding, unboxing battlereports and more. Content is to be uploaded at least twice a month but we try for a weekly approach! Check out our Table and our youtube channel for tips and more! BTW Another Video is just online, if you need any tips or just want to watch how we made our endor table from the ground up check out this video below to show you how to make your own Endor Gaming table! https://youtu.be/RSJCyF0iAHI
  5. Be sure to check our channel for terrain building tips and tricks. More content will follow soon. Also regarding the tree building parts as well as an Ewok Village! Https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCppHBYrn7KNRgZYF-6QzdRA
  6. Nice of you to open this thread. My name is Kelvin from Star Builds. We like to bring you content on how to create your own awesome Star Wars Legion battlefields. Be sure to check out our Youtube channel! The channel will mainly focus on terrainbuilding but will also include unboxing, battlereports and more...
  7. Hey Bhunter46. That is an awesome looking bunker. May I ask about your measurements specifically? Im currently building the bunker and saw your idea on the foamboard so switched my plan but cant seem to get some angles right. It would be great if you could help and you will get a shoutout once our videos come up on Youtube.
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