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  1. For me, the only way it would be legitimate would be to make a Republic Assault based in the Republic Era focusing on the clone wars. There's plenty to do with IA before a RA though. And a final edition being New Order and New Republic era. Unlike Descent 2nd Edition which needs to be improved on but kept at 2nd Edition (i.e. add focus, Uthuk, Dragon Lords etc). I feel IA can bypass that by making a different era version so as the fans want both. With cheeky compatibility rules for a "what if" being a funny addition.
  2. (December 2018- so more for people who google best expansions). Ok first off you NEED the big boxes: They have 4 monster groups and 4 heroes plus more stuff and large campaigns. They also both have campaigns for the free app {Shadow of Nerekhall} {Labyrinth of Ruin} {Mists of Bilehall} & {Chains that Rust} (2x small boxes but combined give a large campaign and probable upcoming app campaign) -Then get the small boxes: {Lair of the Wyrm} (worst small box but access to the Embers of Dread campaign on the app if you have Labyrinth of Ruin) {Manor of Ravens} (OL servant!) {Trollfens} -Then research the monsters and heores you want and get the corresponding Hero & Monster packs (there are 9) -Lieutenant packs are 20 in number. Again reaserch the ones you want and you're golden. PS get {Baron Zachoreth}! -The Co-Op packs are alright. -A 2nd {dice pack} is essencial! Fingers crossed for more box expansions!!!
  3. So I honestly can't risk Descent 3 after how unfinished they've left Descent 2. Perhaps if there was 100% compatability like AMD processors or Warhammer total war. FFG need to lead the way on the board game scene though. What I expect; to complete the game (which could easily continue for years) 1) A two part mini-box Large Campaign (like the Mistlands pair: MoB & tCtR) based on the Uthuk. Perhaps the 1st gettting into Riverwatch or Valyvale? 2nd the actual carnage inside the city and trying to turn the inactive Golems on? This would allow 6 Uthuk Monsters as seen in Runebound, RuneWars and RuneAge, 3 Lieutenants and all 8 missing Dual Class cards. More Search Cards and another main campaign. Also more shop items, travel cards, hidden room cards and maybe even an overlord servant. 2) 1 final Big box with 4 of the missing heros and hopefully based in Al Karim or Zanaga to bring in Lizardmen (I love Ispher) and Catfolk. More intelligent campaign like Shadow of Nerekhall or to a lesser extent Labrynth of Ruin. This could have the missing Healer and Mage class plus more big box typical stuff and lots more search cards. Maybe a new travel type card set. New main Campaign. And hopefully the MoonCat! 3) Then all Campaigns released as a modular hardback, each having options to incorporate all other expansions. And some lovely artwork and fluff on the specific area the campaign is set in. Shadowrune to be 2nd editioned as promised! Maybe one Hardback with LotW, TF and MoR mini campaigns and the fluff for the Valdari Marsh etc. Can't ask for much more other than to continue with D2e or to make it fully compatible with D3e so we don't feel ripped off and continue to buy this wonderful game! PS Runebound 3 needs lots more stuff too!
  4. They need a Dual Campaign (2x Mini Box) based on the Uthuk invasion of a City. Act One getting into the city through a siege and Act II solving the problem inside and restoring the Golems.. say Valyvale or Frostgate. Include in each box is 4 Dual class (8 total). More search cards and Uthuk travel cards or City & wilds travel cards. 3 Lieutenants including a Chaos Lord. More search cards and a Dynamic close to Taint in the Taint of the Mistlands Joint Campaign. A big box with the last Mage and Healer classes and more search cards in Al Karim or south in the Elf realms. MoonShine Cats need to be included and as good crowd control over Heros. 4 Lieutenants obviously and 4 of the missing D1 Heroes? Every large campaign in hardback that includes all expansions rules in modular form. Shadow Rune to be a 2nd Edition. That would be brill but there's so much more scope for more expansions
  5. 13 Major cities: 4 in Runebound 3: Riverwatch, Forge, Tamalir & Dawnsmoor and Descents: Valynedale, Nerekhall, Greyhaven & Frostgate. The other 5 are on the mat for heros of terrinoth. That is the baronies I think. Nerekhall being a little charred after Garland Marklace. A proper map would be brilliant though.
  6. But where is more Descent 2nd Ed and Runebound 2rd Ed content?! More Runebound scenarios and map expansion at least and minimum a Large and Small Box expansion (with plenty of search cards).. plus a M&H Expansion and the 5 new lieutenant packs and Hardback "The Shadow Rune", "Heirs of Blood", "Shadow or Nerrekhall", "Labyrinth of Ruin", "Taint of the Mistlands " (MoB & CtR) and the new big box hardback. All 4 remaining mini campaigns in one final hardback with all Final hardbacks contaning modular rules for all expansions. Then... our commmunities will be happy and I will buy Heroes of Terrinoth. But only then ☹
  7. Ok after playing Runebound 3 (You should all buy it)... a Big box Urthuk Expansion is NEEDED (Act I trying to get inside a free city, Act II saving said free city) Allows for both types of travel cards too! And the missing Healer and Mage Classes Al-Kalim Desert Small box with Two Dual Class and Isheim Ice Small Box with the final Dual Class. Lots of Search cards! 3 New conditions, New Items and Relics and all Large Campaigns in Hardback with modular colour coded text to include all other expansions to pick and chose. All Large campaigns, Including "Taint of the Mistlands" (MoB & CtR) on RtL. Then we can allow them to move onto Decent 3 or maybe continue with this wild success of a game! PS Hurry up with more Runebound 3 Scenario Expansions and Adventure Packs already! And the 2nd Box expansion needs a southern map expansion & timer expansion that can be played seperate or in conjunction with the 1st map to include Vynelvale. The big problem is they blocked off Greyhaven and Nerekhall ??
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