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  1. I post updates here: https://boardgamegeek.com/article/28418858#28418858
  2. Good idea i'll do a Indiana Jones one too then. Who gives a ****? I can even create a Freddy Kruger character if I feel like it! Your comment leads to nothing else then to push the latest point made. you don't give good input, you just flame someones idea. Why do you even bother writing something instead of helping the community build up something? your argument is total garbage and leads to nothing. WWII era started with the great depression which was in 1929 btw. and i guess 20 years are totally fine for a bit of playroom. I mean WWII is even mentioned a few times in the Call of Cthulhu RPG books... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Depression you can inform yourself a bit instead of spamming the forum with nonsense. Anyway for those who are interested in something more constructive. A friend and I started with developing the Strange Eons 3 Plugin for Eldritch Horror. My friend finished reading the documentation today. We'll start working on it tomorrow. We plan on doing a German and an English version. If anyone can link us good templates for the Ancient Ones it would be really nice. The ones we found were not too good.
  3. I've seen some backfire to your uploads. I just want to say although i would never use any anime themed investigators in my eldritch horror games, don't listen to the critics. Its not worth it. Extra content should be allowed to share, if not here find some other place. There is absolutely no reason why it shouldn't exist. I recommend uploading your stuff on boardgamegeek, maybe people are more understanding there. It's a disgrace that someone gets angry about your work. At least you try to do something for the community and thanks for that. I would want an Aleister Crowley investigator like someone suggested in a earlier post and i'd like to do some parody and fun characters too. I actually want to create some of my friends and myself for a themed rounds. We had that for Arkham Horror too and it was a blast. I'm looking into making some sort of plugin for Strange Eons but i'm not a programmer or plugin dev, but i have a few friends who know their way around such things and i guess we might be able to create something. I would only do a very basic one were it would be possible to edit: Investigators, AO and the cards used only. I'll see what can be done and come back here with that too. If I manage to build something i'll make sure it goes around boardgamegeek too. But no promises! I'd be glad about some tips for well balanced characters too. If anyone has something to share. A few ideas would be: -An action that makes one lose sanity to travel to specific points for Aleister for example, places where he was in his life probably. he would probably start with a spell and a clue token. -For my character i thought about allowing to spend sanity to pay up for items from the reserve. (no action in mind yet). My Character would probably start with a book or something. -For my girlfriend maybe something that relates to her as a dentist, if someone has a suggestion. -I'd also like to do a Tintin / Captain Haddock set of Investigators. I also have a few ideas for cards like Opium Addiction which i think would fit in nicely to the era for example. And a few prolog cards involving events in the WWII and stuff like Nazi Occultism or Hitler as some sort of Mask of Nyarlathotep (but i'll probably wait for the next expansion for that one). I also need some kind of prolog that combines all the sideboards for use in a single game. I'm really looking for a balanced gameplay, even things that are potentially weaker than the standard actions maybe to enhance further difficulty. Anyway ideas would be welcome.
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