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  1. zamboodu

    New to the game

    Any2card, You are right! I was considering how long it would take and that would be frustrating not to have to play the game for a while just waiting for a paint job. Subtrendy2 brought up a good point about the washing as well. I have been looking into painting vids on youtube to see if I can get a better grasp and hopefully feel more confident about it. I do have, still, the game Herosquest that I might just test the painting on. I do love the game but don't think the ruining of the miniatures on those would dimish my enjoyment of playing it as if I were to mess up Descent or MoM would.
  2. zamboodu

    New to the game

    Thanks, Subtrendy2! I appreciate your advice a lot. I feel overwhelmed and want to make them look pretty. However, you bring up a good point, and I will check out the washing techniques as you mentioned!
  3. zamboodu

    New to the game

    The more I think about it, the less I have confidence in my ability to paint the miniatures. Does anybody have any recommendations of where I might start looking for someone to paint them for me?
  4. zamboodu

    New to the game

    Thanks for the advice! I will definitely check out the links within there!
  5. My daughter and I just picked up, new, Descent 2nd edition, the expansions Shadow of Nerekhall and Labyrinth of Ruin, and the Lieutenants for all of those. We weren't able to play, yet, as our base game was missing all the character sheets; Fantasy flight is mailing out those to us :-). We also downloaded the RtL app on our Kindle. We are quite excited to play, and both of us have been going through this forum to hold us over until we can play this coming weekend. The game looks fantastic, and we are very excited to start, as stated, and are even now considering painting the miniatures just based on what we see in the forums.
  6. zamboodu

    Little log for painting all the MoM figures!

    Amazing work! I wish I had the skill to make my pieces look like this or even to attempt a painting.
  7. zamboodu

    Coin Caps

    I picked up the 29mm on Amazon recently. They too were made by lighthouse. I was inspired by watching jplay using them on his play through.
  8. zamboodu

    Runebound Android AI

    That is really great and thanks for making this!
  9. zamboodu

    New 3rd edition owner

    I have to say I have never played the 2nd edition. However, my daughter and I picked up the 3rd edition and the expansions this past weekend. We are planning to start with the base and then move onto the expansions in order of their release. It seems that some people didn't like or thought some aspects of the 3rd should not have changed from the second. Coming from never playing the 2nd one ever I have to say I have enjoyed what I have seen so far on playthrough videos and it makes it seem like it will be quite exciting and enjoyable. Although, I like the sound of the 2nd edition as well as I am a D&D fan and could into that stuff as well and in the future maybe I will look into trying to find a copy.
  10. I just purchased the base game this weekend. I didn't opt for any of the expansions until I played the base game first. However, my daughter and I are very excited to dive into this after we read over the rules and watch a "how to.." video or two first.