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  1. DamL, while your minis look great, maybe this isn't the best place to post all of them. I keep seeing updates to this thread hoping it is another from Sorastro himself. I bet I'm not alone. You should start your own thread, and update it. That way those of us who like your work have a place to see them and we know what the updates will be. Just a thought.
  2. I really dislike scenic bases personally. And I'm nowhere near new at this (30ish years) so it isn't just the new guys. Lol. These are what I will most likely be using: Litko
  3. The first squad looks great and the conversions on the second squad are pretty impressive. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
  4. These look pretty great. I'll join the others in asking for more views of them. ?
  5. Great start on SCAR Squad. I am planning to convert them as well. I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your work on them.
  6. I definitely don't disagree with you. Just wanted to give an option to get you by until you decided on a new host. Scale on that AWing looks pretty close. Think I will be getting a couple.
  7. It seems that you can get the photos hosted by them to show (at least temporarily) by adding "~original" (minus the quotes) after the end of the image url (.jpg) No idea how long that trick will work though.
  8. These are incredibly useful, thanks!? If you are taking requests: Millennium Falcon, Slave 1, Bespin Cloud Cars? lol
  9. Awesome work as usual BDUK! I've followed a couple of your other projects over on Warseer and was very excited to see this one. Out of curiosity, which Falcon toy are you using for that detailed build? Good stuff.? I'm very much looking forward to seeing more.
  10. 2, maybe 3 of each. I'm a modeler at heat, so there will be differing paint jobs and probably conversions for all of them.
  11. @The Cocky Rooster Thank you. That's not too glaring a mark. The price on those is decent too, so I may just go with one of theirs. I really like the Lothal idea someone one this forum suggested, so I am probably going to go with that as well. From what I remember it had some decently diverse terrain, so one could probably do a grassland, a forest, and an arid table all set on that planet.
  12. 1 Core 1 AT-ST 1 Snowspeeder 1 Dice Pack 1 Measuring Tools This for starters. I'll definitely be converting my Rebels and probably the Imperials as well. Not a big fan of duplicates... I'm Looking into a terrain mat since I prefer to base on clear bases. @The Cocky Rooster Does that mat have the logo printed in the corner? After that terrain. Not sure which planet to go with.
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