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  1. Free form air and Apoxie epoxy dough are very useful as bulk replacements for green stuff if you want to go with a sculpted, molded, or press molded base.
  2. I agree with the concerns about 3-d printing. That said, I've had some good luck lasercutting 25mm bases for individuals and also 8xmagnet bases to serve for the 2x2 unit bases. Dials are also fairly easy to lasercut/etch in monochrome given the artwork. I have to confess, Runewars is still aspirational for me... increasingly so as I get back into Warmaster, but I like the dial concept. Legion is slightly less aspirational: I think I've played it twice, but it also seems a fairly solid system.
  3. I realized that my children have only seen one or two of the canon movies: (#4 and #5 in the nine film trilogy). They've watched a bunch more of the animated Rebels and Clone Wars -- my daughter liked Leia, loves Ashoka. (I'm not sure I'd have expected to let my kids watch lots of animated Star Wars -- but I had to choose between Disney Princesses and Princess Leia. The other day my daughter remarked that Buttercup in The Princess Bride seemed too princessy -- Ahsoka and Leia are tough competition). Anyway, it's interesting because I can very well understand the purist's view from my own generation -- if it isn't Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and Mark Hamill, it's a pale shadow of Star Wars... (and Phantom Menace, etc. were a pale shadow of the original ... poor Ahmed Best, who knew he'd become a prologue of Theresa May) but for my kids, Star Wars is the Lego encyclopedia, the Wookiepedia, a whole slew of CGI/cartoon vignettes, and a huge imaginative ecosystem populated by the fiction, etc. From their eyes, our purism would make no sense.... and my daughter will want to play Ahsoka, Leia, or Padme.
  4. Not much of a battle report, just a picture to prove 'it happened.' Star Destroyer going the wrong way Got a chance to play Star Wars Armada for -- really -- my first time at the Connecticut Boardgamers Club meeting in Milford this Saturday. Fun game. I jumped in to replace another player, soon discovered how slowly a Victory-class Star Destroyer changes course. The Gladiator in the foreground was a fire phase away from being stardust: Rebels had a Frigate, Corvette, and Assault ship (the Frigate and Corvette are off the picture to the lower left. (Anybody have tips on how to get the photo to show up in this post? --- Thanks for the help!)
  5. Thanks! So something like a 2/10"x1/32" I'd guess.
  6. What were the measurements for your Magnets? How did you secure them?
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