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  1. I'm always torn about VI on N'Dru.. yea it may help in some match-ups but then could be almost useless in others. But you're totally right, BMST was only added with the extra point, so if I think I'm going against PS8+ I should VI him to ensure my Harpoons get a shot. Asajj and Pirate at lower PS are not a big deal. (CM I think is a must-have though in case they decide to TL Asajj with Harpoons)
  2. Sorry guys back again.. can't stop tweaking lists and theory-crafting for more fun I want to have on TTS while working toward something I can master to fly competitively. Starting off with Asajj as always since she just seems to be an overall beast and definitely power-creep over my beloved Firespray. Not into running the full Timewalk build we see all over, since PTL will still give great flexibility for Rotate+Evade, Focus+Evade, etc, and still packing Latts and Countermeasures for even further survival. BMST is there because it's likely your opponent wants to wipe your ordinance carriers off the board first, so Asajj may find opportunities to use stress for damage instead of evades. N'Dru and Karthakk Pirate round out the list with pure offensive punch, with the goal of throwing off your opponent's target priority. N'Dru is going to throw a very beefy Harpoon, and the Pirate has huge potential for devastation with Greedo available for TLT shots. Seems like I should be able to push a lot of damage as long as I am blessed by the dice gods. Would have to say the weakness is overall mid-low PS for the list so it may be difficult to ever get your Harpoon off if you're against a very high PS list, but you do have your PS1 Scurrg available to use as a bumper in the right match-up. X-Wing can often be a game of Rock/Paper/Scissors with PS battle anyway, so can't win them all right? Thanks in advance for any fun conversation and suggestions on the list! Triple Threat (100) Asajj Ventress (PS6) — Lancer-class Pursuit Craft 37 Push the Limit 3 Latts Razzi 2 Black Market Slicer Tools 1 Countermeasures 3 Ship Total: 46 N'Dru Suhlak (PS7) — Z-95 Headhunter 17 A Score to Settle 0 Harpoon Missiles 4 Glitterstim 2 Guidance Chips 0 Ship Total: 23 Karthakk Pirate (PS1) — Scurrg H-6 Bomber 24 Twin Laser Turret 6 Greedo 1 Long-Range Scanners 0 Ship Total: 31
  3. Definitely don't think the issue sounded like you need to tweak the list.....
  4. So I've tried flying Palob before and he can be kinda cool but never did this trick.. so Cloak on turn 1, then swap it out with Vizago for Contraband Cybernetics.. letting Palob throw 4 green for the rest of the match without ever losing it? But then can't attack, correct?
  5. Yea the Bumpmaster Aces is definitely the stronger option. I just put together the other for a little more offensive feel. Honestly both spawned after I flew a Fenn + Boba list recently from Reddit and saw how crazy Fenn could be with the right Torps. Talonbane seemed like a clone with Harpoons once modded correctly, and a TLT to putt-putt around and clean up?
  6. Because a Firespray has an actual Auxiliary rear arc, whereas the Falcon only has a forward arc, but may fire outside of its arc for being a turret.
  7. Interesting that you prefer Cruise over Harpoon for Talonbane, I do something similar with N'Dru because with Harpoons your opponent almost always wants to alpha them off but Cruise makes them question it. Sounds like we're on the same page though, I just was looking for a little more preference on your filler ship. I kinda like running the Torps now on Fenn so I don't feel like I HAVE to dive into R1 right away, and Protons pair beautifully with Harpoons for an alpha if he and Talonbane are both PS9. That said, I didn't mind having to run my filler as a little more stripped down either, and TLT seemed like the best option.
  8. I'm with ya man, I go back and forth on Firespray pilots and never feel satisfied, lol. Flew a loaded out Boba + Fenn Rau and actually kicked *** with it despite seeming like over-investments on respective ships. I also started building lists around Asajj and leaving the Firespray off completely since Asajj can usually be cheaper and tankier.
  9. Both lists feature a PTL Fenn Rau because he's an absolute beast. Both lists weigh in at 100, and either could make minor adjustment for a bid if you feel necessary. The real question then I don't think is Talonbane vs Thweek, but would you rather a Bumpmaster or a TLT Y-Wing? Option A Fenn Rau — Protectorate Starfighter 28 Push the Limit 3 Proton Torpedoes 4 Autothrusters 2 Concord Dawn Protector 1 Ship Total: 38 Talonbane Cobra — Kihraxz Fighter 28 Push the Limit 3 Harpoon Missiles 4 Engine Upgrade 4 Guidance Chips 0 Vectored Thrusters 2 Vaksai 0 Ship Total: 37 Syndicate Thug — Y-Wing 18 Twin Laser Turret 6 Unhinged Astromech 1 Ship Total: 25 Option B Fenn Rau — Protectorate Starfighter 28 Push the Limit 3 Plasma Torpedoes 3 Autothrusters 2 Concord Dawn Protector 1 Ship Total: 37 Thweek — StarViper 28 Advanced Sensors 3 Glitterstim 2 Autothrusters 2 StarViper Mk. II -3 Virago 1 Ship Total: 33 Contracted Scout — JumpMaster 5000 25 Intimidation 2 Intelligence Agent 1 Ion Projector 2 Ship Total: 30
  10. FYI almost anything beats a TIE swarm these days. Other than that, based on your Kath setup it seems like you want to pilot more like Boba though, easily obtained by dropping RCC off Asajj. Firespray + Shadowcaster has done well with quite a few variations, glad to hear you're comfortable with what you've put together.
  11. Never had much luck with Sunny, and that would also be lowering from PS7 to PS1, reducing my chances of that ship even getting to shoot. As it stands now N'Dru will almost always get his missile off unless high PS chooses to alpha him, which I THINK actually benefits me if they decide to waste a Harpoon or anything of the sort. I've used PTL on Asajj a bunch but was toying with Expertise as the more offensive option to push damage if they decide to focus the Scurrg down due to Dengar TLT. And yea the title can be super fun to roll someone onto a rock, but it also becomes completely useless against a lot of popular big base ships.. seemed like I could spend those 3 points to better round out the list.
  12. Long story short, I've been trying to build a list that I am happy enough with to spend time mastering for quite a while now. I didn't want to simply take 2 big base Scum Aces and run Asajj-Boba, Asajj-Dengar, Dengar-Kath, etc. because I always felt like 3 ship lists just offered a little better versatility and confusion for your opponent on targeting. I've also spent a ton of time wrestling with whether or not I NEED Harpoons and TLT to make a strong list. I even gave up my stubbornness of trying to jam a Deadeye-Harpoon Quinn Jast into every list, and put to bed the idea of a TLT HWK being anything more than casual jank. Full list is below, but here are some of the justifications around selections: Finally managed a few wins yesterday after I think the key being.. abandoning the full "Timewalk" Asajj setup. Came to the realization that the Shadowcaster title was a novelty buff that was chewing up 3 points, and that with so much green on the dial I could be more consistent across the game with Expertise than some Glitterstims. Latts and Countermeasures still do work for survival, but what I noticed about this list is I think I finally have thrown off target priority. Asajj has those survival tools if targeted, but if not should be spitting out Expertise damage. Scurrg is very reliable and tanky TLT carrier, just need to pilot carefully and use your barrel rolls to stay at R3. Dengar on board makes it worthy of their focus fire, but Scurrg should do well at kiting. Other choice to replace Dengar, I tried going with FCS and then that extra 1 point can be used for BMST on Asajj for early game when her stresses aren't being used defensively, and Expertise means you don't need to take focus. Last but not least a Cruise Missle N'Dru? Who would waste their time targeting a non-Harpoon Z-95 with their alpha? Not many will, and you'll be rewarded with pretty nice 5 red missile. BMST could ALSO go on him if you feel you can keep him alive and Asajj doesn't need those stress for defense. Karthakk Pirate — Scurrg H-6 Bomber 24 Twin Laser Turret 6 Dengar 3 Long-Range Scanners 0 Ship Total: 33 Asajj Ventress — Lancer-class Pursuit Craft 37 Expertise 4 Latts Razzi 2 Countermeasures 3 Ship Total: 46 N'Dru Suhlak — Z-95 Headhunter 17 Deadeye 1 Cruise Missiles 3 Guidance Chips 0 Ship Total: 21 Triple Threat (100)
  13. Was literally about to say, this is the Kath build I put next to Asajj with most success. Not only does Kath then throw minimum 4 red from any attack, but they will likely target priority her due to the HLC, allowing you to turn and run, taking advantage of rear arc, all while pushing damage and limiting opponent through stress with Asajj. I like this setup so they're both at PS7, still very close to a normal Timewalk Asajj, but since your opponent will likely try to take down Kath first, you can use BMST early on to help push damage from the stress Asajj is adding. Asajj Ventress — Lancer-class Pursuit Craft 37 Adaptability 0 Latts Razzi 2 Black Market Slicer Tools 1 Glitterstim 2 Countermeasures 3 Shadow Caster 3 Ship Total: 48 Kath Scarlet (Scum) — Firespray-31 38 Expertise 4 Heavy Laser Cannon 7 Dengar 3 Ship Total: 52
  14. Sticking to Emmon tho? I guess if you're still looking to include bombs in some way that's the best option, but HLC Expertise Kath throws 4 red at any range, and 5 if you catch them R1 out the back. Since she's the obvious target to focus down first over Asajj it works perfectly with her wanting to be running away and shooting from the rear. HLC is there for alpha and so that they don't feel so safe just outright jousting you down.
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