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  1. Speaking of Lola and dual-class cards: What happens if you draw with Crisis of Identity into a dual-class card? Can you choose one of the two classes? Do you go to neutral? Or are do you have both roles at once?
  2. How is the timing on her reaction? Do you have to trigger it before the search? And if so, do you have to choose, if you search 3 additional cards or resolve 1 additional target, before the search?
  3. My guess: You can have more than 2 copies in your deck. Up to 4? 6? 10‘000?
  4. And, unfortunately, you couldn‘t do this because of:
  5. 1. You kill the Heretic like an other enemy. 2. instead of discarding it, you have to flip the card and do whatever stands on the other side (Unfinished Business). 3. The other side states exactly what you have to do to „banish“ the card, e.g. go to a specific location and successfully perform a specific action (if no clues are on the location). 4. As soon as you banished the ghost, you resolve the text below which adds it to the victory display. I hope this clears it up. At least that‘s how I interpret these cards. I don‘t see any other way to get rid of them instead.
  6. Agree. Furthermore, I think all effects refer to "vengeance points in the victory display". The victory display of a scenario ceases to exist once the scenario is over. Therefore only the display of the current scenario counts for these effects.
  7. Yes, they do get doom. The Campaign Rules say that you „spawn“ them. Even if the word „spawn“ would be omitted, you had to place 1 doom on them because the Forced effect triggers when the Acolyte „enters“ the game. (I don‘t know if a card could enter the game without „entering“ it.)
  8. It's not a question of card ownership and control. (You do own and control the Grotesque Statue in the discard pile.) The relevant paragraph of the Rules Reference is: I'd say Diana's reaction doesn't "specifically [reference] an interaction with cards in an out-of-play area."
  9. I agree with Assussanni. I think the part „a card you own“ just excludes cards from your fellow investigators and encounter cards.
  10. The difference is, an event is placed on the discard pile after the effect resolved. Therefore you can trigger Diana‘s reaction while the event card is still in play. For the reaction on Grotesque Statue you have to spend a charge as an additional cost. If the Grotesque Statue has no charges, you discard it. So you have to discard it before the cancelling effect takes place. When Diana‘s reaction could trigger, the Grotesque Statue is already in the discard pile. I may be wrong but that‘s how I understand the rules.
  11. In my understanding, you have to discard Grotesque Statue before you can trigger Diana‘s reaction. But you could trigger it after you spent the penultimate charge.
  12. In the german version, he has the usual Rogue class icon.
  13. Can‘t recall the exact situation, but it was Jim Culver solo in Where Doom Awaits and He either died in the enemy phase in round 2 or in mythos phase in round 3. I think he had mental trauma. First round I played Shrivelling Lvl. 5. First mythos phase: Avian thrall. Second round: attacked with Shrivelling, drew at least twice a bad token (I think at least one tentacle). I either didn‘t manage to kill the avian thrall and got defeated by it or died from the next encounter card. One of the (hypothetical) fastest defeats (apart from resigning with the first action) would be in Essex County Express in a 3+ player game with 3 Ancient Evils in the first mythos phase. Or – if you have enough physical trauma – if you play medical texts with your first action and fail to heal yourself with medical texts with your second action. Or if you fail the skill checks if you start on Crumbling Precipice in Depths of Yoth with your first action. Or if you get a trauma during setup which kills you or drives you insane.
  14. I don‘t know any situation in which it could be beneficial to have two Keen Eye.
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