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  1. They had a demo set up at PAX South this past year. I think tournaments are mostly up to vendors or tournament organizes like Cascade games. They're the ones who usually run the bigger events like X-wing at Pax South.
  2. I ordered Han and the troopers a few weeks ago. I was wondering if anyone has received them today or received notifications they have shipped?
  3. I don't think they're looking for a direct correlation. I assume we'll get a 4 man wookie squad. Maybe Kenobi or yoda.
  4. We hold monthly tournaments here in Austin if you ever want to head down here. Good turnouts, 3 rounds, good prize support. You can check out the Star Wars legion Austin page on facebook for info!
  5. Thank you! I painted the rebels (minus Leia, mine is still unpainted) and Riley painted the Imps.
  6. Hey all, check out the newest battle report from Night at the Game Table. We had a good time playing this one, and my dice (Jordan's) were running pretty hot :). Always good to get a win for the rebels! Let us know what you think!
  7. Mobility is going to be the biggest con here, as opponents will always know where it's range and LOS is, so that's easier to play around. That being said, having 1-3 of these instead of AT-RT's seems to be pretty good at first glace. You can hold down positions fairly well.
  8. They have a courage value? How does that work with stationary?
  9. The units seem pretty different, and I think the E-Web is potentially better since it can pivot for free and move. However, range for the rebels is really nice, they needed that.
  10. These are also releasing in Q3! Which means we should expect Han and Boba much earlier than expected (Q3 is July, Aug, Sep). Han should be July, Boba, June, and both these should be Sep! Also.. those rebel snow models... can't wait for those units!
  11. Dang, did not expect these this soon! Pretty fun unit, very different from anything else we've seen. Love the unit diversity they're getting out this year!
  12. Dragon's Lair Austin will host the monthly tournament on 6/9. Tournament starts at 11AM and will finish by 6pm. $5 entry, Prize support from recruitment kit. Store credit to 1st and 2nd place. Look forward to seeing everyone there! https://www.facebook.com/events/2026334860951354/
  13. These situations are tough, because you don't want anyone to have a bad day. I always start tournaments stating players need to play at a reasonable pace, and if an opponent is taking longer than normal, to call a judge, and to not feel bad to do so. Tell players to remind each other to play at a reasonable pace so they can finish the game. If a player is still taking this long, issue them a warning. If they continue, issue them a game loss. For the second scenario, if you've mentioned the rules about premeasuring to them before, give them a warning, then a game loss. Inform players about these rules BEFORE the tournament so people are aware. Tournaments with relaxed rules are still tournaments, and players need to hold themselves accountable to those standards. If they cannot, do not feel bad for reprimanding them.
  14. You're right! Move along then, move along!
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