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  1. Found the mistake: “Alternatively, a Hyena-class droid bomber can its Landing Struts”
  2. What magic did you use to accomplish that? In all seriousness the most dice an at-rt can throw at Vader is 5 with rotary. Maybe you finished off a wounded one?
  3. Gimli: Sword+Harp/Banner (Guardian) Legolas: Great Bow (Captain) Bilbo: Dagger (Pathfinder or Burglar)
  4. Thanks for all the replies! I now have the next year or so for expansions planned out as I don’t have that much disposable income but I’m grateful for all the responses.
  5. I’ll probably get the Chimera first. I really like the look of it and It comes with Thrawn. Thanks again everybody for your responses!
  6. Thanks everybody! I’ll definitely look into your suggestions.
  7. Sounds good. What squadron pack do I get for the empire? I’m leaning towards squad pack 2 but what do y’all think?
  8. I already have a core set but didn’t list it. Thanks for the advice. I’ll look into it
  9. I have recently gotten back into Armada and am looking for the best way to expand my fleets. I am at the moment looking at the next expansions to buy and am wondering if they have “good” value for a new player. Is the Interdictor expansion worth it for 11$? Should I get a Nebulon-B expansion for 8$? Are there other expansions to purchase first? I am looking at ships and squadrons mainly, I can proxy upgrades. I collect both Rebel and Empire. My collection for reference: Rebels - Home One, Rebel Fighters 1, Hammerheads, Rogues and Villains Empire: Gladiator, Quasar, Gozantis, Rogues and Villains
  10. Empire is definitely my favorite, although I’ve been having a ton of fun flying Resistance lately.
  11. Discord missiles can only be found in the separate vulture expansion
  12. Really excited for a new core option! I love that they don’t seem strictly better than normal rebel troopers but fill their own niche.
  13. You’re probably right. However, if Bossk stays 85 that would be bonkers!
  14. It looks like Bossk is only 85 points! With that price he can easily fit in many different lists.
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