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  1. Here are my first two Wights finished. I'm really pleased with how they came out. Tried to push contrast
  2. Nope, Reinforce is a green token as well as Focus is.
  3. Sorry for the bad Quality of the last photos. I'm under the impression the minis are hard to photograph while standing on the table. Here are some pics of the first finished Orc still on the handle I know they don't look classic Lord of the Rings but I like to give my miniatures some color so that they can stand out on the board a bit better. Hope you still like it.
  4. Look Arbeit somebody the GW Troggoths they have multiple interesting color schemes
  5. And another two Goblins are done. This time more of a sickly yellowish skin
  6. So i finally found some time to start painting miniatures again. I really enjoy Lord of the Rings and I think the game is amazing. The miniatures are way better than I anticipated. So following are just my 2 brushstrokes. The Wargs: Right now only two of the Bilwis are finished
  7. I can only rely to @GreenDragoon. I’m also living in the middle/south of Germany and here tournament scene and community are even better than before. My own club is thriving and our by-monthly tournament is normally booked out. Plus especially large events are becoming even larger. Look at UK SOS with nearly 700 possible players. I guess ther German SOS/nationals will also be huge
  8. You mean an intern pressed F5?
  9. Kullbee Sperado is just awesome with an R4. Blue 2 hard, focus, boost an open your foils. It so good!
  10. Exactly. Garven shoots his first torpedo, passes the focus to wedge and he shoots the second
  11. AP-5 with Wedge, Garven and Biggs. Fire two fully modded proton torps at ini 6, delete a ship an survive the rest thanks to Biggs
  12. That would be my go to build: Dash Rendar — YT-2400 100 Trick Shot 1 Hotshot Gunner 7 Perceptive Copilot 10 Outrider 14 Ship Total: 132 Wedge Antilles — X-Wing 52 Lone Wolf 4 R2 Astromech 6 Shield Upgrade * Servomotor S-foils (Closed) 0 Ship Total: 68
  13. Or if your template while rolling overlaps the rock. In 1.0 that wasn’t a Problem now it could be
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