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  1. It really depends how many order chains you can start. If you're running 1 Uplink I'd take 1 offensive push maximum. If you're running 2 Uplinks I'd run neither of them. Most of the time you can get your order to the BX anyway. I would rather spend the Points you gained from not taking the upgrade to be blue Player. Also Keep in mind that hunter does not work with units of 1 HP models
  2. I started with GW Caliban Green next is Warpstone Glow, final highlight is Moot Green
  3. You can cover this from multiple angles. Anakins Robes are not straight up black, and they are mostly leather which as quit some sheen to it. You can resemble this if you mix some black with some brown and add some purple if you want to. This will give the robe a nice base coat and you have some Purple in your shadows. You can highlight this mix by either mixing in a bit of lighter grey of brown depending on where you want to go with your look. Extremly dark Colors can be tricky to highlight, so use caution when lightening up you mix. And don't paint pure black as a base coat. It will look boring and leaves you less room to go to with your highlight regarding color
  4. Thanks mate! Much appreciated Yeah Elenas face is really small and not very contoured (since shes female i guess) compared to the others
  5. Finished Elena. Not really happy with the face unfortunately but sometimes it just doesn’t work out And one shot from all of them
  6. The last unit of STAP riders is finished and of course some group shots
  7. Thank you mate! Stay tuned for the last STAP unit!!
  8. It is not painted. It is a decal. There is a shop that sells decals for every faction and overs free shipping
  9. Observation Token: During an attack, the attacker may spent Observation Tokens that are assigend to the Defender. For every Observation Token spent in this way the attacker may reroll 1 attack die. Observations Tokens are removed at the end of the round
  10. Thanks a lot! Actually Gimli is all true metallic metal. I don’t like NMM too much and I’m still learning TMM
  11. I just realized that I haven't uploaded anything on here for a while. So I have been working on the heroes of the core set and I built a custom base for every one of them. Please enjoy
  12. Thanks a lot! I'm right now working on the second Squad using my AAT Color scheme
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