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  1. That’s just because you didn’t realize they are based off pygmie cannibals. They ate those stormtroopers
  2. In my experience. All games of this type are at their best with beer 🍺 or weed if that’s your thing and music of your choice. My favorite games I’ve played I wasn’t even going for a win just trying to make something cinematic happen. I would bring my wife to A tournament, but I wouldn’t expect her to watch me play, I don’t watch her get her nails done 💅 or try on shoes 👠. Take her out on a nice evening once you are done playing.
  3. Not sure I believe them. That Ewok on the map means something
  4. I actually want both of those please! I’ll give the regulars a commissar and the can scream “For the Emperor!”. You are way too uptight. I want anything they are willing to make. If you don’t want it, don’t buy it, it’s not hurting you
  5. Two, you don’t have to magnetize grevious and I’ll turn the second Kenob into a clone commander
  6. I don’t mind the tone or the style, but I’ll be skipping this one. It just doesn’t feel like Star Wars to me. It doesn’t resonate on any level. I liked both Clone Wars and Rebels, I liked the Prequels and the New Trilogy. I don’t hate this by any means, I just don’t care about it. I feel it can be comfortably ignored. The only Star Wars thing I hate is Aftermath, that book was so bad It made me stop reading every Star Wars book.
  7. First I have nothing against 2.0. It looks like a well designed game and I think the conversion price is fair. My concern is not even remotely immediate, it’s at least 5 years down the road. What happens to 2.0 when FFG loses the license? Without the App it will be almost unplayable.
  8. I think the conversion price is fair. That said I won’t be converting, I’m not paying 300 dollars for card board. I may continue to buy ships I like or I might just play 1.0
  9. Yeah the ugly truth original trilogy fans hate to face is they have gotten oooold
  10. Vader because as he said “Anakin is a child, and he is well versed in killing children.”
  11. I can’t wait to get my Cad Bane Mini!
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