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  1. I actually built my current campaign around this very artifact. How to keep it from destroying game balance? Easy--- the gauntlet is never actually within the grasp of the players or major NPCs. We began on Nar Shadda where among the items offered at auction was a carved vase decorated with what was in fact an ancient cypher. After obtaining the item, they learned that Kressh had hidden the knowledge he used to create the gauntlet. The players must retrieve five data crystals from the five scared worlds of the ancient sith and re-assemble them in his Holocron in order to unlock the information. Now, after 32 sessions, the characters are on Korriban in the tomb of Ludo Kressh where they are about to come face to face with their final challenge.
  2. What makes a Jedi? At the risk of being impertinent, I’d have to say it is only one thing: Roleplay. Don’t get me wrong. As a game master, I find the concept of tiers as presented above to be a great guideline. It would be helpful for creating NPCs or providing an outline to a player who wants his character to progress through Jedi training/trials. It does however, leave open the entire question of Force Powers. Aside from the Prerequisite Force Rating, I have not yet discovered any template for this. How many powers would typically be known at a given tier? How many Upgrades? When would a character be expected to attain Mastery of a particular power? As a rule of thumb, I have generally given a Rival or Nemesis NPC one Force Power per point of Force Rating with a Rival having only the basic Power (no upgrades). This has worked well enough in play, although I have no idea what the official standard would be. As a player…. It is all about the story. In our Lost Worlds campaign where three of the six player characters are Force Sensitive, no one doubts which one is the Jedi. It is not the most powerful. These characters have been together since the beginning and have equal XP. It’s not the character with the most points in Move or the one who spent the first part of the most recent game session building a lightsaber based on antiquated schematics the group obtained from an ancient holocron. “You could have killed him.” says Bwangrozz the Hutt from his hover sled, looking down at the scene of battle. “Yeah,” agrees Krash as he deactivates his vibro-sword and lorrdian crystal saber. “But then I’d have had to hear a lecture from Jhairen.” He looks past his opponent to where the Cathar is securing the restraints on the captive Nemesis whom the smuggler has just dragged out of the pool at the Force Nexus. “Thank you,” the Jedi tells the Togrutan, “That was a brilliant idea.” -excerpt from the end of the session / mid-point of the campaign
  3. I was considering playing as a wookiee in an upcoming game/campaign. However, I am concerned about their extremely low strain threshold. Other then trying to push willpower stat or picking a talent tree with Grit and Resolve is there anything I can do to improve this? I really don't want to be incapacitated with ease. Advice?
  4. Last weekend we purchased the Dawn of Rebellion Era Source Book. I was thrilled to discover that this book contains 6 new Universal Talent Trees. My group can't wait to try using them. This raises the question: Is there a PDF of these Talent Trees available anywhere?
  5. First, let me apologize for being so slow to reply. I was out of town and have not checked the boards. As for converting NPCs, basically, I didn't. The Sith Lord they faced was the Fallen Master nemesis from Force and destiny accompanied by his apprentice, the fallen apprentice rival. The only change I made was to give the master Rav Naaran's Wrack from page 35 of the module Lure of the Lost. Imperial soldiers and troopers were generic minion groups which I ran using the Adversary cards. Incidentally, these NPC and Creature cards are a resource I highly recommend.
  6. I want to thank everyone for their suggestions. My players are having a great time. It is now two sessions past their defeat and they are in the midst of taking over the ship on which they were being held. In the process, they have discovered/created a very temporary ally in a Sith apprentice who very much desires his master's death; the Jedi has resisted (for now) being turned to the darkside and the Scoundrel has discovered that she is, in fact, Force Sensitive.
  7. or your duel-wielding gunslinger unloads on a sith with improved reflect...
  8. The following is an Optional Morality System designed by my gaming group which eliminates the random factor of rolling conflict. Instead, a characters actions result in Positive or Negative points which are applied directly to their current morality score. Morality System options.docx
  9. Beware the Fallen Master [Nemesis] from page 412 in the core rule book. I used him and a Fallen Apprentice [Rival] in an encounter vs a knight level party with 1 light-saber wielder. He had the Move and Enhance Force powers and Rav Naaran's Wrack from Lure of the Lost module download. A lightsaber skill of 4 plus his brawn led to me rolling a double triumph late in the fight which turned the tide against my PCs. Best thing I can think of is that it is often better to use Stun damage against a powerful adversary -- especially one who may be suffering strain to activate his own abilities as with Parry and Reflect.
  10. My campaign which is set during the Old Republic Era has been running smoothly with players expressing their enjoyment of the game -- or at least it was up until the last session. Monday night, something I hadn't expected occurred. The Sith Lord nemesis they were fighting won. Blame the dice. Blame my still limited experience with this system, or my lack of imagination; a fight that was meant to be a challenge and push them to the edge went totally wrong at the end. Alright, so sometimes the bad guys get the upper hand. Ask Han Solo about Bespin. I had the players roll their Resilience and improvised a scene where they awakened as prisoners aboard a starship. Now, I need help and suggestions. Should my players escape their bounds and take over the vessel? Find themselves dumped on Kessel or someplace similar? Or be taken to Korriban for questioning? What other possibilities arise? The campaign has been mostly home-brew with scenes and encounters adapted from several modules and source books. The players are now knight level + with four successful adventures under their belts. I would welcome any ideas and suggestions on how to proceed.
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