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  1. What color did you use for the armor?
  2. Is hull upgrade on Muse worth it? I would remove it and give QD Pattern analyzer instead.
  3. Is hate allways before ISYTDS? If you have all your force can you ISYTDS and then recover the spent token with hate?
  4. Great post! I can't decide who to pair kylo with, it feels tough to build a squad since he is so expensive.
  5. That's true, ignoring range bonuses on defense and shooting three dice out your back is definitely a good thing. Homing missiles might be a good fit since they are a cheap investment in points and generally do 1 damage.
  6. Is it worth it to put missiles on the Tie SF? Cluster missiles feels to situational and ion missiles rearly work as intended.
  7. Drasnighta If the opponent is first player won't they just activite their most important ship first and increase its speed, thereby preventing you from lowering its speed to 0.
  8. Sounds scary, I'm surprised by how much you can fit into a 800 points army.
  9. I am starting to understand why the Space boat king rated dual ISD lists so highly.
  10. That makes a lot of sense, I will follow your example.
  11. Does this guy have regular stormtrooper arms and legs instead of snowtropper ones? How would you paint the skirt?
  12. I got inspired by one of the fleets used during the European championship and want to use something similar but have some questions regarding certain upgrade cards. If Thrawn gives a squadron command during a turn is it possible for a comms net Gozanti to take that command as a token, send it to another ship and then use its own natural command to activate squadrons.
  13. Thank you for the answer, keep up the great work.
  14. Hello @Sorastro! Your Vader painting tutorial were very helpful but I have an additional question, what would be the best way to give Vader's eyes a slight red tint like they have in A New Hope and Rogue One?
  15. I have a question about the map, will planets be connected by pathways or will fleets be able to travel to any planet during the movement phase? Can mining bases be destroyed or seized by the opponent?
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