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  1. Anyone know if FFG are going to release new maps? I know I'd love a Scarif one.
  2. I can attest to this, flown twice against a list containing Hera, Nien and Seasoned Navigator and it was effing horrible.
  3. Looks like a new type of device in with the Y-wing.
  4. I'll be picking up the Republic ones solely to convert my Rebel ARC dials.
  5. No sarcasm, totally genuine. I know it's only 1 point but so far it's been wasted points every time.
  6. I think I've had 5-6 games using Heroic on A and X-wings and incredibly it hasn't triggered once!
  7. Are Paige Tico and Deathfire exempt from this when they are destroyed? If they had dropped a bomb in the systems phase and then get destroyed in the following engagement phase can they still drop a bomb?
  8. Here - http://xhud.sirjorj.com/xwing.cgi/dialcomp Also the X-Wing wiki has them - http://xwing-miniatures-second-edition.wikia.com/wiki/X-Wing_Miniatures:_Second_Edition_Wiki
  9. Went out and got both conversion kits, 1 MG TIE and 2 A-Wings. Going through everything now, lots of cool stuff. Blackout in the Silencer stands out - looks to be horrifying especially if given Trick Shot.
  10. My FLGS (in Coventry, UK) has just posted on their Facebook that they have got Wave 2 in today, I have the day off too but got to wait in for a few hours before I can go and batter my wallet again.
  11. Love the turrets! While I'm here I want to paint one of my Kimogilas to match the standard M-3A and Kihraxz colours, what paints would I need for this?
  12. "3-dice-primary-weapon-mini-swarm" - only real way to do this for Rebels is to combo Attack Shuttles and X-Wings. 4 Blue Squadron X-Wings plus Zeb or Sabine, Hera and Zeb with 2 Blue Squadron X-Wings. First one I have ran and won with and was fun, can't really do the other list cos who has 3 Attack Shuttles?
  13. Not sure but high enough that you can't field 9 of them?
  14. Add Obi-Wan to that, he's on the base in the Aethersprite and V-19 pack.
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