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  1. Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, Oliver Queen, Danny Rand, Norman Osborne, & Malcolm Merlin would all agree. There are some other great ideas in there, too.
  2. Harry's seventh year is the campaign to run in this setting.
  3. Although playing in a world with a character named Humphrey Boggart would rock, the actor only has one g in his last name I like the possibility of losing glasses. You should add something about keeping the hat.
  4. A Force die might be an interesting alternative to a system with multiple skills for psionics.
  5. You've done a good job with weapons stats, making sure there are no clearly superior weapons. Or else a legion is going to be armed with katanas and trenchcoats lol. As for divination, I would let a player make a roll to see if doing a task is favored by the gods. Then the result of the test will affect his success or failure - Caesar's roll for the Ides of March was probably pretty interesting....
  6. I could see augur being available for Theologia, Goetia, and Necromantia. Although it would make Religio less important.
  7. In addition to adding the lorica, I would expect to see stats for a pilum and a net (especially if you envision gladiatorial combat, which the trident leads me to believe). I would give some thought to adding divination to the magic system, as it was a pretty important part of Roman thought. It could be as minor an effect as giving a single setback or boost die on an upcoming check after trying a religio or superstitio test. Great stuff.
  8. Getting your players focused on something other than acquiring wealth is 90% of the struggle. If the PCs have clear non-financial goals you can avoid bookkeeping altogether, and players will be less apt to try and break an easily-breakable system (my answer to players asking Fuzzyursa's first question would be 'if you want to buy crap, play &^%$ Monopoly'). The other factor to consider is whether you are going to use the narrative power of the dice to your benefit. What exactly can advance/threats & triumph/despairs convey to make an interesting story on a wealth roll? The example of Firefly is a good one, because I could see all sorts of interesting complications. Being in debt is a good way to bring in the Challenge die, with a Despair meaning someone like Badger has come a-knocking....a Triumph might mean a new patron with an interesting job off-world.
  9. Pretty neat. It's mostly setting so there's little to Critique. The AI skill needs to have an ability linked with it, Intellect being the obvious choice. What exactly do AIs do in the setting, though? Do they help with any skill checks. Based on the hints, I would also expect a "race" for Centillion and any others that will surprise the players. If you envision a lot of physical action in space - Agility is the only thing that's affected in your writeup, but obviously the strength-based concepts of Brawn should be modified - maybe you need a Zero-G talent or even a combat skill? You could also consider some weapons or weapon qualities that would function well in Zero-G (Recoilless).
  10. For the split of 3 skills, I would do something like Ergokinesis [energy manipulation], Psychometry [involving the senses], and something to do with the body.
  11. Ars Magica has the best and most comprehensive magic system of any game. It has both set spells and guidelines for the use of raw magic (basically, the effect a caster is going for determines the spell level). There are ten form skills (representing the things you affect, like fire, air, animals, et c.) and five technique skills (representing what you do to them, like create, destroy et c.). Genesys would handle it really well. The process of building dice pools is very similar to the process in Ars Magica.
  12. I'd even make an unskilled piggybacker upgrade the Difficulty, so you have a chance of a Despair.
  13. http://www.d20radio.com/main/alien-genesys-setting/
  14. What bugs you, the length of 3 rounds or the description of holding breath? If it's the latter, the functional effect is the same if you read it "the character suffers no damage for 3 rounds." If it's the former, just change the number.
  15. Phillip Krzeminski posted a pretty looking Alien universe conversion at d20radio, also available at the G+ site.
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