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  1. I've been toying with the same thing, except I've put Sloane on Oicunn instead of 5th Brother.
  2. Both Strain and Deplete tokens are unequivocally worse than Stress tokens... and you're forced to Boost prior to a Barrel Roll if you want to double reposition. I'm not sure this is as exciting as you think it is. But it does look nice!
  3. Padme and/or Luminara behind a Sinker swarm. And you thought beef was bad on the outside!
  4. You should write up your BatRep! I'm sure lots of people would love to know, myself included, how you handled this little charcuterie of FO
  5. I like this with the 5 Fanatical/AO when I'm making the investment in bulk SFs. The ability to take the Evade later on while maintaining some offensive mods makes these guys stick around far longer than they have any right to do so. I still think Ups/3SF or Ups/2x SF/FO are better, but this is a nice alternative.
  6. I played against a Rey/Poe and Rey/Nien before Leia was revealed using Finn/Rose, and it was ugly. Consistent, very high damage, and tough ships. I'm a little worried about the options now with new crew, but we'll see. Maybe swarms will keep her in check while the Aces Rock, Paper, Scissors the swarms. Either way, as a few others have said, big bases will be back in a big way.
  7. bydand

    Using Hux

    The problem is you're still spending over 1/3rd of your list on a coordinate. You can't fortress it. You can't turn it around. Use is limited by stress. Receivers are limited by stress. And, here's the kicker: It's still just a coordinate. Just lose Hux and take Tavson. He'd barely be worth taking at 2 points.
  8. bydand

    Anti Rebel Agenda

    I remain unconvinced this is not an elaborate troll. Rebel terrorist propaganda...
  9. The mix-and-match of point increases and decreases left FO in about the same place. Overall they'll probably be a little stronger now that some other dominant lists were toned down.
  10. Probably better to drop FCS, Clusters, and change Protons to Seismics for Torps on Redline. If you're 3+Ups, I'd say QD/BD/Scorch are your strongest 3.
  11. FO, not Inferno No one is debating that the TIE/ln swarm is a thing.
  12. - Cost - No force multiplier (ie: Howl) - No shared defensive modifier - Any coordinate platform costs as much as 2 TIE/FO together. - Improving your coordinate platform with something like Hux costs even more - Terrible action economy - Generally poor pilot abilities, save for maybe Scorch (Midnight is bad, fite me) - Highest Initiative aces are similarly bad There's more to it, but that should be a sufficient list...
  13. I've been doing something similar, sticking to I4, although I haven't been including any higher aces like Rex, Vader, or Whisper. In general my list has been an amalgamation of Echo, Vermeil, Sabacc, and Vynder--some combination of the 3. Playing against higher Initiative is difficult, the flipside is that you have a small bid against most other I4's, you can absolutely abuse anything below I4, and when you do trap higher Initiative aces, the list does so much damage it's absurd. Definitely a challenge, but if you're adept at putting together killboxes, since each ship can operate fairly well on its own, you just obliterate whatever is taking shots from the list--Vermeil & Vader crew strip tokens, Juke on Echo, and Torps on Vynder or Sabacc with 5th Brother.
  14. Soontir was the mirror match meta-call against a Vader. Realistically, if you go that direction, Kagi is probably the better choice than Jendon. Vynder w Adv Slam and a coordinate platform really isn't hurting for efficiency.
  15. This kind of thing sucks for every party involved. To everyone grabbing pitchforks and marching on FFG/Disney: Trademark law REQUIRES that you defend your Trademark, because if you don't, and you know about it, you can lose the right to do so. They must enforce, because the next time the Trademark is infringed (Star Wars is BIG), they may not be allowed to. No favoritism, no collaboration. Don'ts: - Do NOT contact FFG, Asmodee, or Disney explicitly about this! The more attention you force them to give to Vassal, etc. the greater the chances are they are FORCED to act on it. Legally! They must! - Do NOT pester or talk to or ask the Devs about Vassal and TTS on FFG's live stream! This should be obvious. Do's: - Continue to support your community. - FOLLOW THE RULES THE COMMUNITY PUTS FORTH. There's a reason we use the word "Gift" and not "Giveaway" at the moment. Remember: The more attention you force them to give the issue, the greater the chances are they will be FORCED to act. Give them a reason to "lose" a CnD request in an internal communication or something like that. Fly casual, y'all.
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