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  1. I have downloaded Vassal and the IA module and watched the "how to play" videos. But, how do I find people to play with online?
  2. The app in the App Store is not updated though.
  3. Just to post Todd's reply. Rules Question:Hello, I play the Hit and Run command card to attack Han Solo. After the attack resolves, do I get to use the 3 movement points (to get out of Han's LOS) before Han's Return Fire ability is triggered? What if I attack Han using the special action on the Vader's Finest skirmish upgrade card? Reply Hit and Run’s second effect (the movement points) and Han’s Return Fire use the same timing, so the attacker’s effect takes precedence. Since the movement points are gained as part of a special action, you spend them as an interrupt, meaning the attacker can run out of the way before Han can Return Fire. Vader’s Finest is a little different. “Then, gain 2 movement points” would happen after the attack resolves and all triggered effects, including Return Fire, have also resolved. Vader’s Finest movement points cannot be used before Han Returns Fire. Thanks for the questions. This is an interesting consequence of minor word variations I hadn’t noticed before! -- Todd Michlitsch Game Developer Fantasy Flight Games tmichlitsch@fantasyflightgames.com
  4. Q: When attacking in Imperial Assault, do the line of sight and accuracy (counting spaces) have to share the same path from attacker to the targeted space? One example is shown at the 7:00 minute point of this youtube video. Reply from Todd: Spaces do not need to be counted along the same path as line of sight. The video seems to cover this quirk correctly. Thanks for the question!
  5. Q: The Spectre Cell upgrade card lets friendly figures gain +1 damage and +1 block. Does this benefit apply to figures belonging to my teammate during a Team Battle skirmish? Can both my teammate and I include the Spectre Cell upgrade card in our respective armies? If the answer is yes to both questions, are the benefits additive i.e. friendly figures gain +2 damage and +2 blocks? Reply from Todd: For the time being, the rules allow this. I intend to rule that Spectre Cell only applies to your own figures in a team skirmish in the next FAQ, and I’d advise against playing this way casually.
  6. In case anyone is curious about this question "Thrawns' (skirmish) Long-Laid Plans ability: how many different power tokens can he distribute at the start of his activation in the 5th round? 4 or 5? (if 5, then 2 of the tokens will not be different.)" This is the official reply from Todd: "In rounds 5+, Thrawn can only distribute 4 tokens, as they MUST be different."
  7. Hi, Are there general rules for playing command cards during the Apply Modifiers step of an attack? Can the attacker apply additional modifiers after the defender has applied his? E.g. attacker plays one or more command cards such that there are sufficient damages to defeat the target figure. Defender then plays Onar's Get Down ability to apply one block. Can attacker further play the Positioning Advantage card to apply one more damage? In other words, can both players play command cards in a back and forth manner during an attack step?
  8. Here's the official reply from FFG to my question posted recently. Q: Can two Jundland Terror command cards be played consecutively at the same "End of Round" step? If yes, can the Bantha Rider end its movement in spaces containing other figures twice during this step i.e. once per command card? A: No, an “End of Round” step is considered a single timing instance. You can only play one copy of Jundland Terror during the same “End of Round.”
  9. I just received the official reply from Todd: Regardless of whether Debts Repaid is drawn, the second part of the effect (drawing 1 fewer card) still happens afterward.
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