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  1. That is a simple solution, but to me it makes it a bit too easy to abuse the rule. Part of why I use cumbersome and unwieldy is to have a requirement to use that ability rather than just a default thing. But your solution is simple and does work too.
  2. Accidental double post, sorry about that.
  3. I justify it as being equal to a Arming Sword/Average Sword/Sword in damage, but gets the accurate quality while one handed, but if you try to use it one handed, it has Unwieldy 3 essentially. Otherwise, it's a weaker Greatsword without pierce. Another way to look at it is other two handed weapons are roughly equal to that median damage, namely pole arms, but get the added benefits of pierce 3 or greater defense (halberd and war spear respectively).
  4. So, while looking over this list (which I really love and probably am going to use for my own group), I had the thought of how a Bastard Sword/Hand and a Half Sword would work within the existing rules. I think I came up with a good solution with a simple idea of a new trait: Versatile. Versatile would have a secondary trait in parentheses of either Cumbersome or Unwieldy (depending on the weapon itself) as a requirement to make it a light weapon rather than a heavy weapon. So it's default stat block for a Bastard Sword would be something like Bastard Sword | Melee (Heavy) | +3 | 2 | Engaged | 2 | 250 | 4 | Defensive 1, Accurate 1, Versatile (Unwieldy 3) This makes the weapon have clear pros and cons to both heavy and light without penalizing a player or NPC further than switching between two skills you have to train separately while giving benefits to those who only want it for one role or the other. Thoughts on this?
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