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  1. Do you mean something like this? https://youtu.be/Sv0OCk1Lzto
  2. I guess it'll work fine - s/f are bit tougher than regular f/o, but I think they will cooperate quite good together. @Magnus Grendel post a bit earlier some examples of such a squadrons.
  3. That's...worth of trying 😁
  4. I see your point and I was already considering to use her that way...but I'm not sureif it's still worth it. Null was good to use in that way because he cooould help you to barrel roll out of the way even after aces like Poe, but Muse can't... Maybe it's time to move along and fly TIE's more simple... He's really nice TIE - for only 2 more points than Omega Sq. Ace (TIE/fo's are untouched with the points change, aren't they?) he gives you quite nice potential to put every shoot to it's maximum . I'Ve started to use him even as a part of generic swarm of Omega Aces, because of this little advance... I've played him also with Fanatical and yes, it's functional (it's fanatical TIE afterall)...but with Trickshot it's just more fun (even with more that expensive card) - to wander on th edge ofa tabel and to just watch opponent'S face when grabbing 4 red dices 🙂 Really nice squadrons, something I was looking for since the FO was realeased! Let's see which one will be more efficient - I'd bet on Zeta squadron, but all of them have potential. It would be cool if there were more points and space for more Fanatical(s), but that's only a wish...
  5. So, sayonara to coordinating Null and back to the planning desk...
  6. Enjoy the list I had a great game with them, they work together quite fine. Even that I did not use Fanatical this time, as there was no opportunity for the card (only blanks or hits were rolled or the TIE died instantly). Let me know, if you'll have use for the analyser, I did use it only once, as I was flying almost only with blue moves and there was only one opportunity for me to fly K-turn...
  7. So, the combination Recoil + 4x Omega was not bad at all! But it lacks something, so I've made soome changes and I'll see it today in action: “Recoil” (63) Predator (2) Pattern Analyzer (5) “Longshot” (33) Fanatical (2) Omega Squadron Ace (31) Fanatical (2) Lieutenant Rivas (30) Epsilon Squadron Cadet (28) Total: 196 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 TIE fo without Fanatical are lacking something. They are good even without it, but... And also not using TIEs with PS 1 is bit of limiting for me, as I was always used to be able to block something down. Ive also decided to change generic pilots with named ones - there are enough points for them and why not to have an opportunity to improve them a little bit in addition to their main role in helping the Silencer.
  8. I'm going to try Recoil + 4x Omega Squadron ace today, so I'll see if it's working..
  9. The list seems nice, I see your point with using Upsilon with TIEs, but I think Static is bit of useless here - according to my recent games and our discussion here, there are better options than Omega Ace, unfortunately... Here's my Upsilon list, I've posted in thread with Upsilon: 62)Lieutenant Tavson (10 General Hux (5) Captain Phasma (1) Biohexacrypt Codes (2) Electronic Baffle Points 80 (31) Omega Squadron Ace x3 (2) Fanatical (4) Advanced Optics (2) Electronic Baffle Points 39 Total points: 197 I can't say yet, if the combination od Hux and Codes will work, but we will see.. Anyway, I was able to play my last posted lists and Longshot with Trick Shot is suprisingly funny and efficient combination... 4 dices with focus can be harmful despite huge number of green dices on the other side... And if oponent starts hunting down him, well, be my pleasure, other TIEs have more time to do something useful...
  10. I thought that... Nevertheless, it still looks like something I need to try...
  11. Looks like Omega Ace with Fan/AdvO/Elba is going to be my new grey I didn't realize that at all! I need to re-read all the cards, as I still think in intentions of 1.ed. But Elba is becoming more interesting with this possibility...
  12. Just to be sure that I get it right - with BioHexa + Hux I can coordinate all three Omegas regardless any range restrictions, can't I?
  13. I was playing with lists of TIE f/o when this came to my mind (Omega's setup is made by @Magnus Grendel). What do you think? Do you think that Hux can work together with BioHexa? (62)Lieutenant Tavson (10 General Hux (5) Captain Phasma (1) Biohexacrypt Codes (2) Electronic Baffle Points 80 (31) Omega Squadron Ace x3 (2) Fanatical (4) Advanced Optics (2) Electronic Baffle Points 39 Total points: 197
  14. Nice a simple list, as I can say, reminds me of f/o lists in previous edition. Definitely worth of trying. Yet I'm not fully conviced that the combination Baffle/Fanatical is worthy of volutarily loosing the only shield that TIE's do have. They are still TIE's and without that shield they are super fragile. I put it on Scorch because of his stress triggering ability, in case Muse is gone too early and I'd desperately need that stress gone, but I didn't think of using it offesively . It's interesting idea but I don't kow yet...but the combination on those three Omega's is really nice, it makes them really trigger-happy and I'll definitely try them out. Also, it just came to my mind, they can do quite nice retinue for Upsilon, maybe there will be room even for those AdvO...
  15. There's just variant with SquaL on Muse and shielded Null to keep his high PS as long as possible... (31) "Null" (8) Shield Upgrade Points 39 (35) "Scorch" (2) Fanatical (4) Advanced Optics Points 41 (32) "Muse" (4) Squad Leader Points 36 (44) "Midnight" (2) Fanatical (4) Advanced Optics Points 50 (33) "Longshot" (1) Trick Shot Points 34 Total points: 200
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