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  1. My title sums up my question fairly well, how do the rest of you who GM games handle prolonged games with high level players? I currently am running a game that has spanned the bulk of my college years, with roughly the same group as I started, and some players are up to around 500 earned xp, while others are roughly 400. We have gone through a number of campaign arcs beginning in the years before and after phantom menace extending to current in the early to mid clone wars, and so far they haven't gotten bored enough to cease. So I am l left with the problem of NPC's from the books that are wholly under powered for my high level players, who also barring campaign reasons have pretty decent well modded gear. I've come up with some ways to manage to keep Nemesis level fights interesting, but I was curious what the rest of the GMs on this board do to keep high level games interesting.
  2. We have examples in some of the new cannon comics as to the workings of Order 66, one example when a jedi triggers the order against some Clones serving with Inquisitors, on Mon Cala turns them against the Inquisitors and they continue to target them until they are cut down. We also see one chip malfunction and activate early in the Animated Clone wars.
  3. Maybe, but the cannon answer, is that the chips force them to be this way. As such that is where I operate from.
  4. Searching for the origins of the Clones is something I intend as a plot line a bit later, for the moment as any large organization would I'm writing that the Order is taking lots of measures all at once, some not seen by the Party, but alot involving the Party. Namely, their first mission was recovering lost charts to tython, followed by supplementing those charts by travelling to Tython, with a mix of jumps and micro jumps to plot a viable modern course. Next, the party arrives on Tython to find that refuges from previous populations survive there, and have created various groups they have to interact with, along with repelling a Flesh Raider incursion. Once the section of Tython near the Temple (Old Republic) is made safe, the party will travel back to the temple to work on finding a way to smuggle the younglings out without to much of a stir being caused by the Republic (Don't intend for that to be to challenging as the Jedi are pretty isolated, but a few rolls just in case someone despairs or says something to the wrong person outside the order and news spreads). During this time as far as the order, I am writing that they realize that a sudden moves might trigger this order, and as they already suspected someone within the Republic leadership as a Sith, they are slowly dispersing what happened to masters and trust worthy knights so they can be prepared in the event of a threat. While Shaak Ti (who we see in the Clone Wars; Animated on Kamino) investigates the origins of the chip, without alerting the Kaminoians. I intend for my players to hunt down the Sifo thread later on, and introduce them to Dooku in this way. I won't hypothesis beyond that point because my players have knack for Killing Nemesis level characters with outrageously good rolls when the chips are down soooo... that might change a few things. However due to them having killed Ventress on Christophosis earlier, Dooku is much more concerned with their abilities and far less likely to underestimate them. Unfortunately, a secret like this is eventually gonna spread and if it was unveiled that they were attempting this at some point, it would likely end with the order being executed. However, I was trying to think of Palpatine's reaction if the Jedi came to him and informed him of this threat and said as they can easily remove them they will be doing so in mass with clones as they shift back from the Front lines. Honestly, he'd likely trigger the Invasion of the Core alot sooner, and we'd have a mostly paranoid jedi going into Revenge of the Sith early. Way tooo many Jedi know for that to be possible at this point.
  5. I know, and my group is more than happy to go off script, with one of the Jedi in character befriending Anakin and Out of character hoping that they can make enough charm checks over the course of the war to befriend him and try to save him (fun goal, another issue I'm just gonna try to play out naturally). I always try to run games with the mantra that it will be as real as possible. Meaning that while my games are a bit harder in some cases, ex. players had to take out a loan to start a business and we had a set interest rate, players have to at least note eating once and awhile (I'm not a monster), some basic military tactics and support structures are used, etc. But in that same vain I always let my players have a bit of control of the narrative, so we can go into directions I never thought of, and that their characters feel right doing, and I roll everything out so the dice can play a large role in the narrative as well. I just hadn't encountered expected the one player to go full dark at that moment, and certainly not by marching into the temple with some clones and gunning down windu in a fight. Then when beaten I rolled out Yoda speaking to the captured PC, as well as roleplaying it out and providing boosts to each side depending on the effectiveness of the argument (normally trying to favor PCs), and Yoda rolled well and the player didn't, and the player saw this as a good opportunity to face their actions and came clean about everything they'd learned. It was a delightful change of pace, but now I am left with some odd narrative choices to make. I also prefer the chips, with the explanation that those clones that refused Order 66, were ones who had removed their chips. I think I've seen examples of Order 66 used in the Cannon Darth Vader comics by a Jedi against the inquisitors, granted it may have been paired with a Jedi mind trick, but between the scene in the Clone Wars where one goes haywire, and that comic, I tend to lean to the codes being similar to the way mind altered sleeper agents are depicted in fiction. With the code word triggering an action regardless of who initially gave said command. I think I'll try to continue the investigation line; where the players are the ones enacting most of the contingency plans (as they aren't that well known) while the bulk of the more notable figures continue to serve in the war while being more guarded around the clones or even possibly removing the chips of some clones that had clear relationships with their Jedi Commanders such as Rex. My biggest problem is when to trigger it, as Skywalker knows of the incident to a degree, and would likely speak with palpatine freely about his suspicions that the Kaminoian's might betray the republic. My saving grace in trying to be true to characters may be that Palpatine regularly follows a plan through once it is started regardless of small changes. So I think that I will follow the course of the clone wars at present, with more lower ranked Jedi removing themselves from the war and enacting more contingency plans, while the masters and notable jedi take more on. Followed by a push by Palpatine to drag as many as possible into a large scale conflicts with the CIS before activation if he secures anakin or if anakin becomes beyond his influence for some reason.
  6. Hmm, I doubt it, the in cannon explanation when one clone glitched out in the Clone Wars animated show, was that it was just a glitch, a mistake in the clone production and they hid the chips at all costs. I was gonna narrate that out, but in this case the Jedi are aware of the chips and will catch the lie. Leading to increased tension between the Republic and the Jedi. Maybe, that would lend to following Canon more closely, with the Jedi Order just being more suspicious going forward. Thanks for the comments guys. My next game isn't until Sunday, so I'll keep checking in and see what everyone says, I'm still fairly torn as to if I want go full off book, or bring it closer to the script.
  7. Hi everyone, I have a major issue, thats mostly my own fault. I was running a game set in the early clone wars, a few players are jedi, and then we have a mercenary and a clone. Among the Jedi, one had sustained pretty heavy traumas from the war (lots of crits, failed discipline checks, player progression) and had developed a small hatred for the republic and the jedi, but had no way to address this (player was happy with this turn of events and enjoyed the conflict), but due to being late one day this Jedi and the clone were meant to serve as reinforcements for the party surprising everyone when they arrived. However, by the time they arrived the encounter was mostly resolved and so I let them play out their travel time, and the clone had a botched cybernetic attempt while on route, and the Jedi working with the med droid discovered with a few triumphs the bio chip. Now this spawned alot of conversation with the clone and the Jedi and having a squad on board with them as support they convinced some other clones to look for chips of their own, which killed one, but in the process they discovered they each had chips, which when analyzed didn't really tell them much aside from some odd coding. Which the Jedi and the clone experimented with over the course of their journey finding one code in particular had a disastrous result. Order 66, now they were smart, and practiced these one on one, in a closed off room, and the jedi managed to knock out the clone without suffering to much. But with this discovery, this Jedi decided he could take his revenge on the order, and these players stayed late, to role play it out. Travelling back to the temple, and meeting Windu and Kenobi in the hanger, lured their with the bait of disastrous news and a quick disconnect. Once they arrived the Jedi, Clone and clone npc's ambushed a few jedi using order 66, and were captured and killed respectively. Though they did manage to Kill Windu. Now once captured the Jedi, was faced with checks regarding their decision and failing (which the player was happy with), they saw the error of their ways and through the cell told a jedi master everything. Which brings us to my question for all of you, how should I play out a Jedi Council reaction, to the discovery of Order 66, in the early Clone wars (less then a year in)? Currently my plan, involves keeping the knowledge secret for as long as possible (less than a week but still some time), and doing everything we see jedi do after Order 66 actually occurs, moving younglings into hiding, securing temple artifacts from prying eyes, deleting temple records, but all while masters and knights have to continue to serve with the clones. In The next game the I plan for the party to be exploring the lost world of Tython, and reestablishing a hidden temple there with the party, while dealing with local tribal groups of flesh raiders, and forgotten peoples that will parallel the Nexus of Power entry for Weik. All in the hopes of bringing younglings to Tython in a following mission, and deleting the charts to get there.
  8. I'd be interested in playing 😂
  9. North America Canada — Kamloops, BC — eowarion USA — Little Rock, AR — Kaosoe USA — Gilbert, AZ — pendrake777 USA — Maricopa, AZ — Hutchback USA — Coachella Valley (Palm Springs to Indio), CA — HeyTeach USA — Los Angeles, CA — Morphology USA — San Diego (Poway), CA — John Preston Brooks USA — San Francisco, CA — verdantsf USA — Dunnellon, FL — ESP77 USA — Jacksonville, FL — Hawkwerd USA — Atlanta, GA — Vyzzini USA — Overland Park, KS — GrumpyBatman USA — Wichita, KS — Simon Retold USA — Henderson, KY — blittlepage USA — Lexington, KY — RAPigeon USA — Waldorf, MD — Bobus X USA — Grand Blanc, MI — lord_luapssor USA — Andover, MN — TheSapient USA - Edina, MN - GreatCatWizard USA — Maple Grove, MN — honidian USA — Pine City, MN — Gandalf9700 USA — Rochester, MN — JDKain USA — Ramsey, MN — Zszree USA — Kansas City, MO — Jedifish USA — St. Louis, MO — Gilbur USA — Heidelberg, MS — ObiWanBilbo USA — Omaha, NE — Captain Kent USA — Lincoln, NE — Wiljamesroe USA — Brooklyn, NY — Yeti1069 USA — Cleveland, OH — c__beck USA — Toledo, OH — HaphazardNinja USA — Ashland, OR — lecudas USA — Portland, OR — CitizenKeen USA — (near) Portland, OR — themensch USA — West Warwick, RI — kurido USA — Darlington, SC — Kakita Shijin USA — Lockhart, TX — DrainSmith USA — Princeton, TX — BlamedCat (CST, UTC-0600) USA — San Antonio, TX — ArtWend (CST, UTC-0600) USA — San Antonio, TX — sillywilly4 USA — Orem, UT — SwivelDiscourse USA — Newport News, VA — Ahrimon USA — Virginia Beach, VA — TheSourceHD USA — Woodbridge, VA — Fanggrip USA — Poulsbo, WA— Lyinggod USA — Seattle, WA — Noldorian USA — Milwaukee, WI — GM Stark  Europe CET (GMT + 1 November - March, GMT + 2 April - October) Austria — Vienna — PzVIE Austria — Vienna — Klort France — Auvergne — WolfRider Germany — Düsseldorf — DarthDude Germany — Mannheim — Mehsaa Germany — Munich — JohnChildermass Germany — Ratisbon (Regensburg) — FeBommel Germany — Stuttgart — Siabrac Norway — Oslo region — Morridini Italy — Rimini — Lord_Lele UK — England (BST in Summer, otherwise GMT) — West Midlands — Watercolour Dragon (Martinslair previously) Denmark — Copenhagen — Kalanthros  Middle East Israel — Lod (GMT+2) — Derrigan_Bluewave Oceania Australia — Sydney, NSW (GMT +10 May to September, +11 October to April) — endersai Australia — Geelong, Vic (GMT +10 May to September, +11 October to April) — Richardbuxton Australia — Adelaide, SA (GMT +9.5 May to September, +10.5 October to April) — RagingJim Australia — Adelaide, SA (GMT +9.5 May to September, +10.5 October to April) — tafattel Australia — Radelaide, SA (GMT +9.5 May to September, +10.5 October to April) — just_chris Australia — Radelaide, SA (GMT +9.5 May to September, +10.5 October to April) — Kavemank 
  10. Hey, just wanted to say I love the app and I hope you figure something out. @sparker
  11. Do you know if there is any major differences in the rules or anything like damage, soak, armor? Because a whole lot of this looks like I could just use it in Star Wars with minimal effort or difficulty. Also thanks, I had no idea this even existed and just glancing over things there are tons of resources in their forum.
  12. So Genesys is the same system just different names for dice?
  13. Hello, I joined to see if there would be anyone interested in joining me in a project. I am going to be attempting to create balanced but accurate stats for things like Halo, Mass Effect, Star Trek using the FFG system. I figured the best place to start would be Halo, and tonight after I am done with classes I'll add a few of my early attempts at creating Covenant ships (I know they are far from final products). If anyone else has any material related to this topic or wants to help I'd appreciate it.
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