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  1. Welcome all readers, I am proposing a new faction for Star Wars: Armada. I propose adding the Scum faction from the game Star Wars: X-wing into Star Wars: Armada. I realize that to add a new faction, the creators would need to have an idea about the ships and the way to balance the new faction in the current and future metas for the game. What i suggest for the Scum faction is ships from a popular Star Wars game; Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. I firmly believe that this game gives the Scum faction a balanced roster and enough ships and ship types to allow them to be fielded effectively and could also add some new mechanics to the game. I believe the fleet roster from the following link could be an amazing starting point. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Zann_Consortium/Legends Now i didn't look through all of the posts, so i apologize if someone else had already suggested this and i didn't see it. The admirals could be the leader of the Zann Consortium, the leaders of the Hutt Cartels, Prince Xizor of the Black Sun Pirates, even Mandalorian clan leaders that can be found in many of the legends. The possibilities are there, and to ensure that the faction doesn't just copy either Rebels or Imperials, the ships could be better hulled than the rebels but less firepower than the Imperial ships, and they could be more maneuverable than Imperial ships but less maneuverable than Rebel ships. They could be that "happy medium" faction that's mediocre or good at everything but great at nothing. Also the fact that "illegal" tech options could be added to the game, and allowed for both Imperials and Rebels would allow players to customize their fleets more to their play styles. Also adding this faction could present a new campaign that would allow a 3-way combat style or even a campaign through the Mandalore system for its "Mandalorian Iron" Which could be built into the existing Correllian Campaign, possibly allowing and extra hull at a cost of a couple points or an upgrade slot. Well that's my thoughts, let me know how you feel and hopefully this gets some people discussing the Scum and how they can actually be a Galactic power if only brought into the light.
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