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  1. OP has been updated with the newest version. Very minor, added Encumbrance values and edited the Hardpoints of each shell; also made it clear that only one hardpoint on a shell is used for an armor pack while only one hardpoint is used for a deployable. Still putting a bit of effort into the weapon prices; that process will remain slow, unfortunately. It's far more tedious than the fun involved in actually creating the armory.
  2. Thanks for informing me; it should be taken care of now.
  3. OP has been updated with the newest version. Finished Archetypes, added Careers, and am currently in the middle of pricing and noting the rarity of the armory.
  4. I have considered working on HERCs, but it's difficult for me to find proper reference material for them; and I haven't played the games in a long enough period of time to feel comfortable winging it. If you or someone else could point me toward detailed reference material and in-game stats that can be extrapolated from, I'm more than willing to add it to my queue.
  5. I've been putting some thought in and your suggestion's actually inspired me a bit. Part of the lethality in tribal war-weapons is that they're so vicious if they get past the shell. So as I'd earlier mentioned toning down the Vicious qualities everywhere, I'm thinking maybe leaving their Vicious qualities as is and nerfing damage by between one and three--as appropriate--for most entries across the board. I'm actually working on the tribal archetypes as we speak, so it shouldn't be too hard.
  6. This is my current release of an armory for Tribes: Ascend. Written partially in-character from the perspective of an Imperial Scholar, this is meant to be something of an "evolving document." Thus far the only obvious thing left to do is complete pricing the (multitude of) weapons and establish rarity for them all. I'm more than open to changing qualities or numbers at a good suggestion; I'm still experimenting with certain values and am not currently married to any particular profile if good reasoning is presented. In that same vein, I'm not sure how well Tribes kit is meant to interact with those of other franchises; this armory aligns greatly with the lore of the franchise as well as the game mechanics, and in the lore in particular tribal kit is radically advanced. As such, the powered-armor and weapons seem very powerful. This is, to some degree, intentional. I appreciate any constructive criticism or reports of individuals who include the kits into their own campaigns. An update will be included when the archetypes have been completed.
  7. I question whether or not downtime in a voidship should present x2 Setback for void-born; or if downtime spent in a warzone should be an automatic failure for war-born. As for potential traumas, some that came to me include actual depression or despair, severe anger issues or lashing out at authority figures, and a general misanthropy (or hatred of literally everything) if you can find a way to swing it.
  8. I agree with the proposed changes. The lore separation is good for emphasizing hivers or war-worlders from noble-born, for example. And I have already considered the four threat ammo count myself separately. And I haven't thought much about the trauma rules, but it makes sense. I also agree about war-worlders being a 2 across the board with the exception of 3 agility. Making them cheaper in XP is fine for having them start as good generalists; in reality soldiers are pretty often cross-trained.
  9. I assumed that doing two separate stat lines for power weapons would be easier while allowing for easier integration of DH vehicles into Genesys and other modules. So, for example, having a stat line that is "Melta (Anti-personnel)," and "Melta (Anti-vehicle)." They're the same weapon, but whatever stat you are using is determined by what you're firing at.
  10. Outside of Astartes vehicles like Predators for your Elites book, I can't think of any generic ground vehicles that are left. Will the Chimera include the Hellhound and acid-hound (whatever it's called)? Also will you include boats and speedoo's?
  11. Super excited about this. I'm on /40krpg/ and made this account so I could keep an eye out without having to make a thread on terminal life support. Looking forward to seeing more, and I think a high-quality Genesys hack is exactly what fans of 40k need; the old FFG games aren't exactly top-tier for people who want something with a smooth flow and cinematic potential.
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