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  1. For me it's the Armourer - Soresu Defender - Artisan. I love playing defensive powerhouses with all the gadgets they can get their hands on. A very close second is the Pathfinder - Hermit - Hunter for the "beastmaster" wilderness type.
  2. At this stage I'm just wondering if all the negative feelings will end up ruining the book for a lot of people. Thoughts to the tune of "This is what I waited for, for over a year?!". I'd like to think that reasonable people would be above such thoughts colouring their opinions, but stranger things have happened. I for one am looking forward to adding another book to my collection, regardless of the time it took. So far every book ffg has brought out has been a great product and a pleasure to read.
  3. I like running between episodes VI and VII. I'm currently running one game that started roughly six months after the battle of endor, and another one in 6 aby. I'm very Lucky that I actually get to play in a eote game set in 10 aby.
  4. I had a similar situation in one of my games. What worked like a charm was that I used the rules for businesses/homesteads. Its a good place to start because you can give the player a tangible answer to the "how much usable ore do I get? ". Depending on how much money and resources they have sunk into the operation you can tell them: "after factoring processing costs, and other expenses you get x credits worth of raw materials." where X is the amount you can determine from the homestead or business tables in far horizons page 83/85. The base price they have to pay can be flavoured as them buying all the equipment they need to not just mine the ore, but also process it and any droids they might use. I think this is doubly useful as a technician because you can use those "raw materials" to craft pretty much whatever you want with the crafting rules in Special Modifications. ****, I would give you a bonus if you choose to use those materials for crafting rather then selling them off.
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