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  1. Quite a few good suggestions, hope FFG reads these. I've only played TI4, but I have so about 30 times, so I know 'this' game quite well I think. Maybe bring things from TI3/TI3 expansions, but it might be best to start with a clean slate and just look at what this game is, and what it could use. I think an alternative to the Agenda phase would be great, like a Galactic War instead, so instead of Peace there's War and perhaps players are forced to form alliances with or against the player who's taken Mecatol, that would be fun. A more balanced set of objectives, I'm looking at you 'gain 1 vp for 2 in 2 colours' then 'gain 2 vp for 3 in 3 colours' stuff like that, my memory may be slightly off on that, but examples where the 2nd stage objectives are relatively easier for their worth than the first stage. And a way to get more secret objectives, like once you've scored 3 you're able to draw more cards then, played many a game where I've been stuck at 8 or 9 points having scored all 3 of my secrets and the publics are not feasible, like 3 tech planets. More cards, technologies, methods to de-activate systems, whole rounds are spend moving from one side of the board to another, if there was a heap of action cards that let players deactivate a system it would improve game time.
  2. Interesting. Every single game I've ever played, including the first and only 6 player with 6 n00bs, we've always built the map. Always dealt out the tiles evenly, removed any as needed, put Mecatol Rex in the centre measured out to where the home systems will end up for reference then spiralled out from the Centre tile ABCDDCBAABCDDCBA style. And if you place the supernova in the 1st or 2nd ring, you're a bad person really.
  3. So, I don't think it's possible. In the action phase all of the cards I've seen are battles, there can't be more than 2 opponents in 1 battle, and even if there were, I can't think of a way aside from the flagship card (defeat an opponent with your flagship, something like that) then that card would have to be unique, so anyway this convulted example is not possible, nor do I know of any other action it would be. Status phase is very very simple, Are you the naluu? You win, or, do you have the highest initiatve order card and can reach 10 points? You win. There is no way in the current game to score points simultaneously. In an expansion though, maybe there will be, but today, no.
  4. "Hey Conza, The ground forces in the system that the Alastor is allowing to participate in combat are still on the planets, they do not need to be supported by ship capacity. Ground forces that are on ships in the system can also participate (but they should already be supported by capacity, or they wouldn’t be there). Hope that helps." FFG. Realising there is a production limitation, and that the Nekro require you to attack people to gain technology, I think it's "OK" I would've liked the capacity to come into it, as well, but I think they basically behave as upgraded fighters (unless their upgraded, in which case they're amazing). Also, it's mostly only good defensively anyway.
  5. "-Not being able to trade with other players unless they're adjacent to you on the board doesn't make any sense, especially in a sci-fi themed game." Well you need a trade route, I mean as long as there isn't someone else between you and a potential trade partner, I could see a house rule to also allow blank spaces, but if someone else is inbetween, that seems realistic. I'm fine with how it is though, since it takes a whole turn to move, and generally you can't move and move again without being able to deactivate the system, but since we don't have trader ships, all seems logical to me "-Space Docks and PDFs only buildable with Construction Strategy Card. Preferred 3rd edition, spending resources to build makes more sense to me." I don't mind that, I do mind that I only get 5 PDS and Space Docks, if you want to really bolster a system, since you're limited to the construction card, I'd like there to be maybe twice as many. "-I really don't like that Agendas come into play only after M.R. has been captured. I mean, I get it. Since they separated Agendas from the Strategy Cards they had to find a way to fit them in the game but this feels tacked on. Personally, I would have combines Action cards and Agendas into one deck and had the Political Strategy Card work like it did in TI3. " I've found Agendas to be really annoying, and since they come into it usually from the 2nd or 3rd round anyway, it doesn't bother me. Especially the elect planet or player, they usually just waste time to me, I'd love to house rule that they either don't come up, or there's only 1 agenda, it normally takes ages debating it and not much comes out of it 80% of the time. "-The prerequisite system for the Tech cards seems to make it really easy to purchase Techs, by the end of most games I had played everyone ended up having the same Tech upgrades. There just seems to not be enough Tech upgrades to really make a difference. 3rd editions tech tree combined with the higher cost to research made buying the right upgrades really matter and I miss that." I disagree, you still need 6 resources to research a double tech, and the secondary requires 4, I never feel like I have enough tech, some are better than others but different races start with different techs too so... seems to work out for me (and getting surprised that someone has a tech when you didn't see it adds another level of drama to the game) "-Tech upgrades that exhaust? That makes no sense..." Well they may simply be limited to a degree, I don't mind it "-Upgrading individual units? Again, just doesn't make any sense to me..." Why not? It's a space combat game ultimately, so doing this does make a big difference in many games, moving more, having more/some capacity, makes everything really interesting, can't see anything wrong with this. "-No Mechanized Units in base box?" I don't think they'll come back, but hey let's see, I'm a TI4 player so never used them "-The new flag ship pieces look really boring looking. I was hoping they would look like one of the ships that's on the front cover." I love the new flagship compared to the old one, it was too tall, this one is much more like a giant battle cruiser. But hey, each to their own. I don't really see most of these as problems just opinions on things you'd like to change, I reckon just change one or two of the rules for a game, see how it goes then decide if you prefer it better that way.
  6. Hi Fnoffen, We actually had this question come up, and if you look at the rules it states you cannot exceed capacity "at any time". I will go through and find that in the rules reference, but I think it's good to know, it's also logical that you wouldn't have assets in a system that were unable to be carried there. Also RE: Arborec, they could still research it, they just need to vote against the prediction or abstain from voting.
  7. I've submitted this question to them. In my opinion, it should use the capacity of the ships in the system. It's still good because you can use your flagship to defend your planet without fighters, also infantry have a 10% greater chance of hitting (8,9,10 vs 9 and 10) so you could have say 2 empty carriers, and your empty flagship, plus whatever else you want and have 11 infantry fighting instead of building 11 fighters. Infantry also obviously cost the same as fighters too.
  8. Just a suggestion, perhaps in the OP you could link to where to ask them questions? So far I've been relying on the community's consensus to confirm / deny any questions I've had (which haven't been many). I think this thread would be especially useful when the answers are contrary to what has been discussed elsewhere, those threads could be updated with the 'correct' or 'official' answers. EDIT: The link in the OP goes to a Rules sub-section which goes to https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/contact/rules/
  9. Again, if you wanted to play with the configuration, I'd say forget the whole idea of the blocking path, the grey on that map have it pretty hard already.
  10. Yep agreed. I mean the rules say as much as possible, but when there's points of uncertainty, common sense prevails, and I think that line of reasoning rings true for me.
  11. Actually @GromSky I thanked you for this when I first read it, however, surely you'd need ships to contain them then? Or am I just treating these GF as fighters? I would've thought that'd be reasonable, you can take as many with you as you want, as you can fit within your ships(?)
  12. Look I'm fairly lenient, this isn't chess, within the next few minutes of them moving ships in that's ok, if it comes around to their turn again though, I'd say 'well you should've remembered that', but a few extra seconds to move things in, umming and are-ing that's ok. Reason I wouldn't let them be too retroactive is, one day someone will do that with warfare, so they need to be on their toes ready to move everything they want to move, and also, if the system they're going after reinforced and now suddenly they want to move their destroyer in to attack newly made fighters, instead of or in conjunction with a carrier for example, we then have a problem.
  13. Well I'm just going to make the attempt, I'm going to replace all references to TI3 cards/abilities with TI4 when needed, and otherwise just use these rules as written, atleast at first. Once I've added that, if there for some reason there seems to be a better way to play this in TI4, then I'll try and do that. Hoping I can edit this post much later, otherwise I may be double posting. EDIT: Ok I can still edit. I'm not going to remake the same game that the original author did, I've simply modified the rules that he has as I saw were needed to make it work with TI4 Introduction Foreword to this whole thing, I found this on here 2-Player Unofficial Variant Game The idea is to repurpose this for use in TI4 from TI3. I’ve changed some of the wording below to try and give the original author credit, he himself used works from others, so I hope in the spirit of trying to expand this for the community this is deemed as ok, if the original author, or any of the authors he gathered information from have a problem with this, please let me know. I would rather discuss privately first before just taking this down, anyway onto the guide. We're not going to follow a 2-player game of Twilight Imperium IV. Since my purpose here is to .. re-purpose the work of Stephan b Wessels, who was trying to teach, as much as possible the individual steps will be described with text and often with pictures. There are no official 2-player rules for Twilight Imperium III or IV. This is a variant or Mr. Wessel’s variant which was based upon ideas taken from a posting to Board Game Geek by Roland Wood on 7/26/2006. Here's a link to his original article. His variant forms the basis for how we will play a 2-player game. Note that the variant posted by Roland Wood is itself derived from a 2-player variant also published to Board Game Geek by Aaron Tubb. Aaron's original post from 07/15/2006 can be found here. Rules for a 2-Player Game These rules are based on a 2-player game suggestion by Roland Wood posted on Board Game Geek on 7/26/2006. Here's the link to his original post. Setup The following steps should be followed in setting up the game. Remove the Super Nova and 4 Blank System Tiles. Shuffle the remaining Systems Tiles and deal 8 to each player. With Mecatol Rex in the centre and two home systems this will form the 19 system game with 2 rings. Players take turns placing tiles until complete. Each player places 1 tile on his turn in rotation. The 2 Home Systems are placed in the second ring around Mecatol Rex, at opposite sides. Setup the Public Objectives as described in the official rules. Strategy Phase Beginning with the player having the Speaker Token, each player chooses a Strategy Card, alternating between players until each player has All four cards. Player order is determined in the standard manner, alternating between the two players, beginning with the player having the lowest numbered Strategy Card. Strategy Cards Leadership Unchanged Diplomacy Unchanged. Political The Primary Ability of this card becomes "Draw 3 Action Cards and receive 1 Command Counter. Draw the top 2 cards of the Political Deck and reorder them as desired. Construction Unchanged. Trade The Primary Ability for this card is now "Immediately receive 3 Trade Goods." There is no Secondary Ability for this card. Warfare Unchanged. Technology Unchanged. Imperial Unchanged. Agenda Phase Each player counts up the total influence points from their ready planets they have available. Each player should collect counters for each influence vote. The first agenda is read out by the speaker, then the players gather as much influence counters as they wish to spend on this vote in their fist, then when ready, the players reveal how much influence they each spent. The higher votes wins, in case of a tie, the Speaker wins. A player may abstain from the vote by not including any vote counters in their fist. An abstained vote counts as zero. If both players spend no vote tokens the player having the Speaker Token still breaks the "tie" since that's a zero-to-zero vote. Bribes and trades are permitted before each vote. With those vote counters consumed, the player reads the next item on the agenda and the players vote on it by putting vote counters from the remaining influence points in their fist. This process repeats for the second agenda as well. Changes to Race Special Abilities Since the 2-player game has no provision for trade Agreements, and in fact the Trade Strategy Card does little other than give the active player free Trade Goods, a few adjustments are required for Races and Action Cards. The Emirates of Hacan The Emirates of Hacan are a Trade-focused race. Without Trading in play for the 2-player game they lose special abiliity. To compensate, the following suggested change is made if a player uses The Emirates of Hacan. The player begins with 1 Trade Good at the start of the game. Everytime the Trade Strategy Card is chosen, the Emirates of Hacan get a benefit of 1 Trade Token as a bonus. If they activate the Primary Ability of the Strategy Card they collect 4 Trade Goods instead of 3. If someone else takes the Trade Strategy Card, the Emirates of Hacan get 1 free Trade Good whenever the active player executes the Primary Ability of the Trade Strategy Card - without having to spend a Strategy Counter. The Mentak Coalition There's a Trade Goods related feature to the Special Abilities for this Race. It should be adjusted to account for this being a 2-player game. The Special Abilities should be changed so that the player 1 Trade Good from the other player and only if they have at least 3 Trade Goods in their inventory. Action Cards Redraw Whenever an Action Card is drawn, the players need to evaluate if the card has a trade specific component to make it work. If it does, the card should be shown to the other player, discarded, and a new one drawn.
  14. "In the active system." I've got a suggestion here, maybe everyone will think it's a bad idea, but anyway. I'm very firmly in the camp of, it is utterly ridiculous to suggest a ship that isn't in the active system (especially the home world, as one of the most potentially farthest away systems), blows up ships across multiple sectors, that's a bad suggestion, unless the rules spelled that out specifically, even then I wouldn't like it. However, for Devotion, since it is after each round of space combat, perhaps of the ships that survive during a retreat, as they're retreating they could be destroyed? If you're being pursued by someone with warfare this would be potentially useful? I don't know, perhaps the system retreating out of is still the active one, but anyway, that's an interpretation that might satisfy the OP as to why they didn't write it (other than we know FFGs have made various typos in this edition already, and don't write all the rules in the rules section, instead some times leaving game rules to be explained in race specific cards, see Yssaril's "Transparasteel plating" to explain that action cards can be used after passing a round, I couldn't find that in the rules). EDIT: Re-reading the race card I want to clarify. This means that any player who has passed can play action cards, just not during your turn if you're the Yssaril.
  15. @IndyBart That actually makes me wonder, say you have 3 carriers each with 2 fighters and 2 GF, when PDSs fire on them, can you even assign hits to the fighters? I think it might be pre-combat(?)
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