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  1. With regards to figures: I am new to Descent and RTL. Over the course of two weeks I picked up the Core Game, all Boxed Expansions (7), all Hero and Monster Collections (9) and I just recently purchased 19 of the 20 Lieutenant Miniatures (unable to find Serena). I did have to assemble 2 Ice Wyrms in the Shards H&M set, however I have not had a single broken figure. I've run into a few misshapen small figures which were sorted out right quick with a hair dryer, but that's about it. I'm hoping that your experience is only a fluke, and that you don't have any problems going forward.
  2. Everything seems to be working appropriately now. Very happy that I can now get my birthday campaign on! Do I seem overly obssessed? Sorry, just recently bit by the RTL bug. LOL.
  3. "Hotfix for unique icons not appearing properly" available on Android (Ver 1.4.3). Downloading update now, but taking "for..ev..er". Is 123MB large for an update?
  4. I emailed them Sunday and called them yesterday. I'm hoping for this weekend too. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. LOL. My eleven-year-old wanted to do this for my birthday, and it's just the two of us playing therefore we prefer the app to one of us playing OL.
  5. No worries. When put into perspective I'm very fortunate to have troubles like this. Fingers crossed we can play this weekend.
  6. Recently bought base game, all boxed expansions + all Hero/Monster collections (no lieutenant packs). Last of the packages were delivered earlier this week. Read all the manuals thoroughly. Holy s**t im in deep, only to find that the app has bugs in the dialog (as noted above). Tried to play with my family for the first time this evening... huge disappointment. We had no idea what was going on with the symbols. Found this thread after Googling problems / bugs. Switching languages, saving, Etc did not work. Being new players, the last thing we need is a decoder ring to play. Is the app always this problematic? I now sit here greatly regretting my purchases.
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