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  1. Well, I'm here now but unfortunately no Stewards of the Secret.
  2. I had a pleasant surprise when we went game shop hopping yesterday.. My local go-to game shop just stocked a decent sized inventory of Descent related material... Hero and Monsters Collections, Conversion Kits, Expansions. It was the most product I've seen at any of our shops in sometime. If I'm down there tomorrow, I'll take a peek. One of our other local shops had a bunch of base Second Editions on the shelf which were definitely not there a few months ago.
  3. Well done! 👍 I should really post up some of the work that we've done. Hate to start a new thread. I could post some on here... do you think that would be stepping on toes? Or should I start a whole new thread? Honestly, I don't think that our painting skills deserve a thread of their own. 😂
  4. All that said, I'd love for Descent to be my go to game again. This is the game that not only inspired my family to have a dedicated game room, but also a dedicated painting area with workstations for three. We have all expansion packs, add-ons and DLC. I would gladly purchase new physical content/expansions (especially card packs with items to purchase or maybe a new archetype or three), but what I really yearn for is an RTL 2.0. Something with improved AI, stronger storylines, lengthier campaign and makes better use of add-ons. Something that requires the players to change heroes/classes once or twice part way through would be extremely rewarding. FFG are you listening? ...because I'm definitely dreaming. Lol.
  5. However, that has been supplanted by Gloomhaven. We played it a few times last year and then set it aside to play some other games. This past March we broke it out and fell in love all over again. Our original goal was to complete the game before my pre-order of Frosthaven ships next year, however we're well ahead of that as we generally play 5 to 8 Gloomhaven scenarios per week. Although I do miss our dice towers, Gloomhaven consistently keeps us looking forward to unlocking new items, upgrading character abilities, unlocking new characters and progressing the story. Honestly, it it makes Descent feel a bit shallow (it truly does pain me to say that). Top 5 games at my home: 1. Gloomhaven 2. The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth 3. Descent: Journeys in the Dark/RTL 4. Mansions of Madness 5. Gloomhaven 😝
  6. 45 minutes set up and 2.5 hours to play Gloomhaven? Lol. Set up for us is 10 minutes at most, and gameplay average is about 90 minutes. Breakdown... 10 minutes or less. At one point my family and I loved Descent so much that we built a game room with a custom table, chairs and cabinet solely to play RTL. (before we painted our minis 😳)
  7. Wow! That's great! I'm pretty spoiled to have that shop nearby. They've had nearly everything I was ever looking for... And then some. I'll go in for one thing, and come out with the bag full. Lol. It seems pretty rare that a brick-and-mortar continues the way they do, so I give them all the business that I can.
  8. True, but it is nice to have almost matching game components (unfortunately these cards are not printed on the fabric paper). Most importantly though, purchasing the cards will support the company that makes the stuff that we love. These cars are still available at my local game shop, and they will ship for a low-cost.
  9. Were you able to find this in your neck of the woods?
  10. My local game shop has one on the shelf... Gamer's Haven, Colorado Springs.
  11. I've also got a wife who's a gamer. JiME is her favorite game. My daughter's favorite game is Mansions of Madness... she actually holds MoM parties every couple of months.
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