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  1. A rusty Mr. Handy... with a bloody saw.
  2. Next comes the other power armor. I had to really experiment to get the black metallic effect.
  3. First one I did was the BoS. Went for a heavy rust effect. Spent a lot of time on the details around the Gatling laser. Also did some nice details on the fusion core (not pictured).
  4. Finished the miniatures from both the base game and the New California expansion.
  5. Had three players on 13 February. Starhawk vs. SSD!
  6. 13 February BatRep Moff Jerjerrod took the Ravager and 2 Gozanti cruisers whale hunting, finding Krista Agate commanding the Unity supported by an MC75, Garel’s Honor and GR75 transports. As the two fleets turned to face each other, 2 pods of Purrgils dropped out of hyperspace, migrating through the sector. Jerjerrod took advantage of the confusion these pods created to put deploy Agate, as Agate took the bait of 2 Gozantis separated from Ravager. The larger ships moved to engage each other, with the MC75 taking several barrages from the Ravager. The smaller cruiser was able to withstand three full volleys from the Ravager while the Unity and Garel’s Honor maneuvered into position. Ravager was finally able to destroy the MC75, but Garel’s Honor was able to fully unload all her ordinance on the Ravager, before impaling on the bow of the Dreadnaught. The smaller ships went down, but were able to drain the shields of the Ravager, just as the Unity entered firing range. The Unity was able to finish off the Super Star Destroyer with an excellent Salvo and front battery volley. The rebel Battleship did what it is designed to do, hunt down and sink SSD. 400-238 Rebel victory.
  7. Four players joined us on 6 February! Great times and exciting fleets!
  8. 6 February BatRep Rebel Alliance Intelligence obtained a very disturbing report; after the destruction of the Death Star, the Empire was testing a miniaturized version of the dreaded Super Laser. The reports indicated that the new weapon was under going trials in an Exogorth infested asteroid field dead in the Outer Rim. General Madine was dispatched to investigate the disturbing report; commanding a small task force consisting of 2 MC80 Liberty class cruisers, the Shining Light and Fabled Sin, Madine commanded the fleet from the Pelta Command Ship Mercy. Madine’s force jumped into the asteroid field, surprising General Romodi aboard the Rakehell, an Onager Test Bed, supported by 2 Arquitens Light Cruisers, the Red Death and Emperor’s Spear, a Raider II, Lightning, and a Gozanti Cruiser, Chariot, that happened to be transporting Darth Vader to inspect their new weapon. The Lightning rapidly advanced on the Fabled Sin, attempting to use the asteroids and Exogorths as cover; she was caught out of position and obliterated by the Fabled Sin without firing a shot. The Rakehell opened fire with its Orbital Bombardment Particle Canon, damaging the shields of the Fabled Sin. Recognizing the ranged fire power of the new super weapon, Madine and the Mercy kept their distance from the fight, able to flee with observations of the new technology. The Fabled Sun disengaged from the fight, while the Shining Light approached the asteroids, opening fire on the Emperor’s Spear, severally damaging the ship. However, the Shining Light drifted too close to the Rakehell, which was able to align the super weapon with a series of stationary movements, hammering the cruiser with 3 ignition attacks. The Emperor’s Spear and Red Death poured Turbolaser fire into the Shining Light, allowing Rakehell’s third ignition to destroy the cruiser. Being outgunned and out-ranged, Madine fled the field, securing data on the new super weapon for Rebel Intel to analyze. 140-67 Imperial Victory
  9. 23 January BatRep Moff Jerjerrod was dispatched to hunt down a rouge Grand Admiral Thrawn. The tactical genius had taken a pair of Cymoon I ISD supported by a Raider II commanded by a clone of the feared Sith Lord Darth Vader, engineered specifically to board enemy ships and decimate their crews. Knowing the strength of Thrawn’s tactical skills, especially when supported by a Sith clone, Jerjerrod deployed the Assault Prototype Super Star Destroyer Ravager supported by Admiral Titus and the Sith Lord Vader, each in Gozanti Cruisers. The Moff was able to surprise the Chiss admiral, gaining initiative as the fleets engaged in a minefield. Both Gozanti Cruisers were lost in the engagement (55 pts), victims of Thrawn’s well designed minefield, but initiative proved decisive. The clone Vader’s Raider rapidly approached the SSD, but was downed by a strong broadside. The first Cymoon withered under the fire of Ravager’s forward batteries, but was able to drain the Dreadnought’s forward shields. Grand Admiral Thrawn’s custom Cymoon I ISD attempted to flank the massive ship, but was destroyed by the augmented broadside of the SSD. 400-55
  10. 16 January BatRep Admiral Radus’ Profundity squares off against Admiral Screed’s Assault Prototype Star Dreadnought supported by Boba Fett and several Firesprays. Tycho and Shera were able to hold off the fighter bombers while Radus launched a Hammerhead, scouting a hyperspace point for MC75 reinforcements. The combined firepower of 2 MC75 and the Hammerhead were able to drop the Super Star Destroyer.
  11. Battle reports from weekly Central NJ Armada meet ups. Join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CentralNJArmada
  12. Good, 3 players came, 1 was a reintroduction to Armada; he wanted to pilot his new SSD. We plan to meet every Thursday night at 8 PM to accommodate work and family schedules. Next Open Play will be 23 January. https://facebook.com/events/s/open-play/277193373255539/?ti=icl
  13. Central NJ Armada is hosting Casual / Open Play on 16 January at Platinum Star Games on US 9 South in Howell, NJ starting at 8 PM. https://www.facebook.com/groups/CentralNJArmada/permalink/2454010828246140/
  14. Thursday 20 February, Central NJ Armada will host Rebellion in the Rim at Platinum Star Games starting at 8 PM. We will be picking teams, building task forces, selecting bases, and round 1 Strategy Phase. Battle Reports:
  15. @Laminidas How did you get the blue windows? I want to do the same effect on my bog standard SSD.
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