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  1. Yeah, I've being doing that. I really like the creative interactions in most of the modular encounters. Thanks for the tip, although I think these fall too close to "plot hooks" which isn't exactly what I'm looking for, though looking back at my examples it kinda sounded like plot hooks haha. Instead of "reasons to start an interaction" it's more of "things to throw at the players during and interaction". Thanks for all the input so far
  2. Hey guys, every now and then I like getting an official adventure to use in my campaign for practicality sake, but mainly because of the interesting interaction ideas it contains, I tried finding some to make a sort of database so I could insert into my campaign wherever needed but it turned out to be harder to find than I thought. When I say Encounter interaction I mean things like: "The PCs find themselves in a room with leaking gas, using any sort of fire weapon would result in an explosion" or "When walking down a crowded marketplace you hear a girl scream, you see a man running from where she is, pushing through the crowd" I don't really mean plot hooks but actually, micro interactions that can be dropped during a section. I intend to make some cards out of those so I can use them whenever needed, this is what I got so far: What do you think? Can you guys help me with some ideas?
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