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  1. If you take the position that it's impossible to form opinions and make decisions based off of limited data, then the only person's opinion you're devaluing is your own. I'm happy to hear everyone's thoughts on the matter regardless of how they might conflict. Certainly they could make a scaled down version, but I believe it would look conspicuously small compared to the hulking monster it was in the films, and it would likely be watered down to fit its diminished scale in order to not be ludicrously overpowered. I'd rather they not include it than to disappoint me with a scenario like that. There is the chance they surprise us all by making something ludicrously large, which would indeed bring the shock and awe value that's expected from it, but doing so would be cumbersome to play with (imagine having to stick two tables together) and the cost would be prohibitively expensive (several hundred dollars). With that being said, I'd prefer they do it this way if they were to do it at all.
  2. Scaling down the Executor for Armada would make it too small for most people's sensibilities. They've seen the ship on screen and know that it's supposed to be far bigger and stronger. With that in mind, FFG can get away with scaling down a ship that has never been seen on-screen before, and people will be far more accepting of that. However, scaling down the Assertor, a ship with an extremely similar length to the Executor, is a wasted effort - and would be upsetting because it isn't the Executor when their sizes are so close. ... The option which causes the least amount of pain is to make a scaled down Bellator class. The Bellator is a size between a Star Destroyer and the Executor. It's not big enough to be an SSD, but too big to be a capital ship either. Because it's in that transitory state, and it's never been pictured on screen, scaling it down would look completely reasonable and few would raise an eyebrow. It would still upset people who wanted the Executor, but it would upset people far less than having the Executor in a watered down and wimpy state. At the same time, the Bellator still pleases people's need for an epic-scale star destroyer without breaking suspension of disbelief.
  3. I enjoy the Empire because I love both sorceror's ways and technological terrors
  4. A combat flotilla would be much more profitable if they did something unique that cannot be quantified with stats alone, such as if: They had nasty AA dice (red for the expensive version!) and an officer slot (to put your named squadron hate officers like kallus and draven there) They had a title that counted criticals for damage against squadrons They had a title that said ships and squadrons cannot be treated as obstructed against this ship's attacks They had a weapons team(!) so you could put ruthless strategists on it, and an offensive retrofit (!) so you could put one of your non-squadron value dependent boarding teams on it Just some ideas
  5. Command 3 would make it an excellent cheap ship to take with Garm since you'd just get tokens for days, and Thrawn would like it too because he'd make an otherwise unwieldy fleet with a bunch of them much more manageable. Very lore friendly!
  6. Thankfully there are multiple highly skilled players who admit they don't like how relay works, and those people even use relay as the centrepoint of some of their best lists. There's both quality and quantity of complaints on the subject going on at the moment
  7. I don't think this looks bad at all. I think it looks very retro sci-fi. It honestly has more character than a lot of new Michael Bay style science fiction spaceships that have so many different parts that it becomes impossible to even recognize their silhouettes. This, on the other hand, is IMMEDIATELY recognizable, and that ugliness is charming.
  8. I'm fine with people making new threads, since it's more likely to keep coming up in FFG's attention and being seen for the big not-fun it is
  9. You'll have to activate in a particular order if you want to pass a token to remove raid, and you can't pass the correct token if the slicer tool flotilla changed the command, and you can't change the token to what you need it to be else unless you put Ahsoka or Sovereign in your list, and even if you do pass the token the ion cannon batteries ship can still strip it from you after the activation, so you'd better hope to have a damage control officer, etc etc etc Raid isn't good all by itself, but as part of a specific anti-command tool-set, it could be a very effective addition
  10. The fact that Kathleen Kennedy didn't like the way this movie was turning out might be a hint that it's actually decent.
  11. My store was kind enough to take pre-orders the month prior to release, so nobody has been shorted yet.
  12. Title: Disposable Engine Techs! (Navigate): After you execute a maneuver, you may discard this card to execute a speed-1 maneuver. I'm pretty cool with that.
  13. If the VicII were a better long range sniper than the Cymoon 1 for the cost, then nobody would ever pick Cymoons since they'd be more expensive and less useful. VicIIs should not be better than Cymoon 1s in a straight up war of attrition. That would be dumb. They can be better, however, if your fleet composition can leverage its advantages over your opponents.
  14. This is just my opinion and I'm by no means an expert on this: Let's assume you're going up against a typical rebel MSU style fleet, with TRC90s and/or MC30s. You'll almost invariably be second player. Without extra activations and gunnery teams, smarter players will wait out your slow-moving, predictable activations as much as they can and try to sucker-punch activated ships, then overload your weakest flank with targets so you'll never be able to hit all of them with your best arc. They'll try to last-first your weakest flank to get rid of it early, fly around your fleet in the hole they've made, and shoot you in the back or sides for the rest of the game with little recourse from you, even with navigate commands. With that being said, this fleet would be much scarier if you had gunnery teams on each Vic2 and replaced the interdictor for a few gozantiis, probably with comms nets. Extra activations will help you set up important shots, which is often better than having a bunch of shooters that are hard to set up. The comms nets can feed you navigate or engineering tokens to make up for your lack of interdictor, or fly in front of enemy ships to keep them within your gunline if you're being cheeky. Gunnery teams will make trying to overload one side of your fleet harder. I don't think this will make it a perfectly fleet, but it ought to help.
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