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  1. I've always liked the idea of alternating activations where a PS tie occurs. Example: we each have soontir fel and vader on the table. You've outbid me or won the roll off for initiative, and give initiative to me. Now after dials are set and we've activated all the lower PS pilots, I can move either vader or soontir, I choose vader, he moves and takes his actions. Now YOU must activate one of your PS6's. Then it comes back to me, and then you, and then, if there were any higher PS pilots we would activate them. I like this option the most because it can still make a bid important, but mirror matches are not won or lost before the game begins. Where a mirror match does occur, it can become more dynamic and interesting. Thoughts?
  2. thanks for the explanation guys, that helps a lot!
  3. In the book it says it "cancels damage" but doesn't use the dice result icons, but according to this vid it's adding an evade. Which is correct? How does that interact with weapons that do more than just damage, such as ion cannons or tractor beams, and can that evade result be interacted with by either player?
  4. Yes, thank you. How do you define long experience? As in: answer his actual question.
  5. They could also just include every upgrade card in the core set, to go with the new mandatory damage deck and the probably-useful-but-unnecessary templates, as well as the rulebook, which seems critical. Ship blisters then only have to include the dial, base inserts and ship cards.
  6. Zeta Specialist (TIE/SF) with collision detector, title, and LWF is pretty solid at 25 pts. Also, since large ships aren't allowed, you could consider: Saber Squad pilot with ptl and mkii engine. Don't need autothrusters if there are barely any turrets.
  7. Can you restate this please?
  8. I would love to be a solid Palp Aces player, and man have I played aces a LOT, but that shuttle is just too much of a brick for me. I get it to shoot maybe two or three times a game and the rest of the time it's just trying to turn around. Vader, because of his somewhat awkward dial, also gives me a bit of trouble, but I think that's because I hug rocks too closely and need to change that up with him. Strikers are super awesome and fun, but they tire me out quickly. The first time I saw one being played was at a kit tourney and the guy was running triple strikers with howlrunner and it just looked so awesome on the table that I had to try it. Jesus christ was that list hard to fly.. but it has potential. Everything else is pretty easy as long as it has white turns, can k-turn, or has 1 speed maneuvers. I do have a ton of trouble flying AGAINST lancers though, there are just too many arcs and ranges to worry about that it gives me a headache. In the last tournament I was at I had to play against Asajj twice and while I won the first game, I played the second game all wrong, terrified of tractor beams until the next day I remembered that he wasn't running the title and could have flown a lot more casually against his list.
  9. Agree with this. Large based ships that don't care about arc are ultimately the problem, especially from an Imperial perspective. The decimator is fun and all but I can't take it seriously when stuff like Dash and Assaj exist. The Lambda is an absolute joke and the Upsilon is not going to fill the same role as other factions' large ships. The game doesn't feel like it's about dogfighting, especially in a competitive scene. It feels more like I'm playing Hearthstone.
  10. I've been a fan of Ion TIE/D's for a while, and am now thinking specifically about how to beat the common Nym/Miranda list. As a combination of my own list building and your iterations of Double D's with a cheapo wingman, what do you think of my version? http://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Galactic Empire&d=v4!c=97!71:27,22,-1:34:-1:;193:27,22,-1:34:-1:;189:-1:-1:-1:&sn=**** nym&obs= My thinking is that Rexler at 10, Maarek at 9, and Epsilon at 12 with a 3 pt initiative bid will guarantee that I shoot first and move last against all but the most committed of Nym/Miranda players (I've seen some 5 pt initiative bids, yikes). In the worst case scenario, shooting order will be Epsilon>Nym>Rexler>Maarek>Miranda, which should still be fine because I can potentially strip all of Miranda's shields and prevent the 5 dice Harpoon attack. I was planning to rely on triple focus tokens on the first turn with 1 ion shot per ship and everything else dedicated to Miranda. The only variables to my mind are that I have no innate dice mods and Nym's proton bombs can land practically anywhere on the first turn.
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