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  1. Alien names are one of my favourite things. A name needs to flow nicely, so a neat trick I sometimes play around with is just looking at a sentence and swapping a couple vowels around, since established language generally flows already. Perhaps drop some punctuation in there too, for more alienness. It's a fun game. Language generally- Lanerally Gen'Guage- Equipped with a silver tongue and an eye for a usefully deceptive mis-translation, schmoozing the Imperial upper class out of their ill-gotten gains. I have an eye on a female Devaronian hunter with a penchance for stealth and sabotage, going by the name of Phosvaa Ghosp. Assembled from a sentence on the work notice board one lunch break. The latter may be on the trail of the former..... Ofc, Star Wars names don't mind being blatant puns as well
  2. I ran Dengar with Fenn and 2 Ion Spacers. It was... Ok. Problem was that both the I6s are really hitters rather than closers and there's not a lot of follow up if you lose one or the other too soon. Particularly Fenn. Gives your opponent a fairly clear counter strategy and therefore needs a spot on approach. Some really solid experience with it seemed like it might pay some decent dividends though. From memory, Dengar had Punishing One, R5-P9 and Autoblasters but I'm not 100% on that. The 1st 2 are a decent combo for early punch.
  3. Kills my builds that are not "aces". Which is basically all of them.
  4. I can't take it any longer. Massive imaginary System Open this weekend. What are you taking to it? Quickfire, don't even stop to think. No Time. Get in the car. 2x Bounty Hunter, 3x Cartel Spacer for HS. 3x x1, 2x v1 for Extended.
  5. I kinda almost think not tbh. Lock, lock and more lock if not dead already. Even that 1pt bid may save Bobas life. Hhactually. I might take CC off Boba for MH and Marksman on Bossk....
  6. This, but the one I think everyone will hard pass on turns out to be the one I actually want to play. I imagine I just take 2 good things that can kinda not worry too much about match ups. I really like the idea. I hate having to decide which one of the many, many things on the waiting list.
  7. It simply is. I double like it.
  8. Maybe Fearless out? As a bit of a Fang man, I'd happily lose it to gain Old Teroch. His ability is one of the interference effects that has been largely excluded, but I don't think it shines too bright without the talent. I'd accept Fenn out. Would actually not mind the entire Firespray going. I've had fun with it, but kind of all done with it for a bit. They could leave me Bounty Hunters to mess about with, that'd be win-win. YV and Z-95 in. I'd love Jabba, but he can be fairly abusive, so I wouldn't expect him. Lose the Jump, reprint and legalise IG. Prays. Kihraxz would be super handy.... I think this all might leave Scum in a narrow place, ScykFangs, but I'm not really sure what should happen elsewhere to encourage diversity. Struggling to remember playing any games outside my house ever.
  9. This one slipped by me too. Same issue as above. Arc requirements.
  10. No dice, I'm afraid. The YV does not have the arc required for this card. Compare the attack symbols for confirmation.
  11. Poll melted my brain. I like the lack of shenanigans in HS very much. There are a number of ships that are almost not worth flying without them and would probably be kinda wasted in such a scene. There are others that can bring strong BS but would nevertheless be fun to fly in a back to basics way, with the targetted upgrade/synergy exclusions. So yes, protect fort hyperspace. Limiting it to ships actually released for 2.0 is very neat and tidy. I'm not wise enough to judge how certain swaps would affect the overall balance, but Slave 1 out, Defender and YV in would do me for starters. From the other side of the table, can we lose one of struts/discord? Please?
  12. Just like to emphasize these 2 qualifiers in my 1st post for the OP, in case my defence of kit plus 2nd hand ships being a good thing overwhelms these very important considerations. I don't disagree with anyone else's recommendations.
  13. Oh absolutely, but I think we're at the deep end of the ship pool at this point 😄 My Lancer, 3x Viper list has to utilise a 1.0 Viper dial 😕
  14. For eg, 2 weeks ago, I bought 2 of these off FB, after asking, for £20. And ofc, my 18 month old conversion kit supplied the cardboard.
  15. Dudes. Friends, eBay and Facebook, not stores. I've spent the last 2 and half years inflating my collection this way, at those prices. Kits and the new edition have only made it easier and more cost effective. Seek and you shall find. Unless you want a Gunboat ofc.
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