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  1. I imagine it is simply 2x SuperConcInq, 5th Bro Echo and Duchess. 200pt. I flew the OP 3 again tonight, basically chickening out and using Ved Foslo. 1st time at a new casual night elsewhere, although all good people I'd already met over the table. The x1 just has a reliable input and expiration. Got annihilated by a droid army, due to simple terrible positioning. Traj Sim, of all things, something I'm well equipped to deal with. But in the 2nd, Ved ate a few turns of fire, did a little damage and opened the floodgates for the others. All according to plan, basically. So a safe choice, but not one i'm using that well. Strange to have to remember to always dial in 2s. Cost me badly against the droids I have another couple of games with it this week, where I may risk the Striker. I do like Ved, i think he could be good, though he needs finessing and really misses FCS. List definitely needs more from the 4th ship, but not a lot more than just decent flying. One extra thought on the Reaper actually, after playing again. I think the medium base takes up too much room for the Inqs. Those things flip everywhere, and they are the stars. Echo just floats about, offers encouragement and applauds. ideally.
  2. Also trying Ved Foslo in the squad, so another touch up required. Then I went over the Phantom again, because nothing is ever finished.
  3. Nicely done! I'm huge fan of 5th Bro on Echo, it's a bit disappointing to fly her without my Lego Bro hanging off her flight stand for once With this list, I kinda feel like Outmanoeuvre and Pred on Duchess might provide a little more. But Echo is a real star, so having her a bit more aggressive/survivable with 5th Bro is always a good call.
  4. I almost always fly Echo, but I have run her with Vader and 7th Sis. I thought it seemed really good, but oof, you can't gamble wrong. I had been using Rex as the daddy but wasn't getting enough damage output across the squad. Vader solves that like a boss, but it makes everything more risky. I gave Echo 5th Bro and Outmanoeuvre, 7th Sis had SNR. Which I think is better than her ability and so worth it. Nearly. You can still time it for the Crack attack. Otherwise I'd have missiles and FCS on her. Or a generic SuperInq with the same. Whisper is stronger than Echo in lots of ways, so if you're on the money there, it should be pretty good. I haven't played a decent Rep beef player as yet, but one of our group is starting to try a version...... I think I could take it 7th Sis really hurts things, she's basically R1 all the time, or packing missiles. With SNR, you're double modded everywhere most of the time too. Struggles against 3ag tokens, but the other 2 eat them, so....
  5. Bulletproof Vess (84) Colonel Vessery [TIE/D Defender] (10) Advanced Sensors (6) Outmaneuver Points: 100 (35) Inquisitor [TIE Advanced v1] (8) Supernatural Reflexes (2) Fire-Control System (5) Cluster Missiles Points: 50 (35) Inquisitor [TIE Advanced v1] (8) Supernatural Reflexes (2) Fire-Control System (5) Cluster Missiles Points: 50 Total points: 200 Do not underestimate the power of the Super Inquisitor. Vessery is the most effective Advanced Defender. Fite me. Not the most fun though....
  6. I imagine Ketsu can get in Guri's way a bit. Do you think a 3rd ship can add enough to be worth merit? Not a lot in the way of options that leaves much for the 2 ladies. I'd still like to try Ketsu and 2 Outmanoeuvre Vipers, with focus instead of calc and 2 bodies instead of one, I would think it a good compromise. I may have to persuade someone else to try it, I keep finding other things to try too
  7. I mostly decided against this because she is so easily vaporized and can only have a max 3pt bid. I kinda reckon I may just try this at 199. Changes the dynamic of the squad, making her the ship I want ignored. Basically making the Inqys the primary target. I do want them in the front line but I'm not sure I want to use them as aggressively as I think I might have to, with this. She does fit the mentality of the list perfectly. A further thought on the coord boat option. Hadn't really considered it this way before. It's not so much that I couldn't use or benefit from the coord action, it's more that I want that gun relevant and at least single modded. Which means maximum time on target and not much else. The action is worth way more on that 4th ship than it is elsewhere. The amount of green tokens I pull off the table in the end phase is already a bit too many Sai does not fit....
  8. Thanks for the replies! This is exactly my feeling. Echo also does that job well but also despises attention. I think my heart tells me this and I definitely need some time flying them! I have considered Countdown, he can definitely find a role in the list. As alluded to above, I haven't had a lot of time with any of them and Countdown is easily the one who has given me the most headscratching. He gets stressed in positions where I habitually try to avoid it and I haven't managed to figure how to fly him AT ALL. I shy away from yolo-ing him, which may be his main asset.... The Lambda is really a good option, but I think it just doesn't fit my vision of the squad, which is basically 4 hypermobile, independent guns. The Lambda acts as a nice tool for giving your opponent a fulcrum, that you can then work off of. It has a predictability about the damage it takes and the points you're losing in it, which is useful in certain ways. But I think enjoying Imps a lot more when I have complete freedom of movement and can keep at least a pair of closers, no matter which ships I lose. That said, if someone else were to pick up the list and play a Lambda in there, I think it would definitely still work. Jendon was immediately suggested when I used the list last night. This is much more where I lean if I'm looking for a bigger base. That sloop. Also 1 bank, 3 bank, goodbye/hello there. People really do underestimate it's mobility and potential time on target. Clashing with everything, if you mean bumping, that is all part of its charm, especially combined with the sloop Or possibly even ISB Jam...
  9. And only 45, possibly less, certainly not more. Maybe as seen in the SuperConcInq thread, these 3 are tied to the mast, they will not be tempted ashore by siren song. The upgrades they carry are the best and most usable bang for buck imo. Quizzical Expression. (35) Inquisitor [TIE Advanced v1] (6) Concussion Missiles (8) Supernatural Reflexes Points: 49 (35) Inquisitor [TIE Advanced v1] (6) Concussion Missiles (8) Supernatural Reflexes Points: 49 (51) "Echo" [TIE/ph Phantom] (6) Outmaneuver Points: 57 Total points: 155 The contenders, pick one or suggest your own! Sabacc was kind of fun. Fills the role of big gun you don't want to ignore. 4hp, 2ag is not a particularly happy place for me though, will practice more. Ved Foslo is the current front runner, just because he takes longer to die. I aim to fly him again soon and see if I can get him to do more than just die (usefully) slowly. Acceptably big gun, best dial in the game. Duchess was actually the 1st 4th name on the list but I have shied away from her. A 3pt bid is not much for her shenanigans. No upgrades make her toothless. She won't hit hard enough imo and is really just more of the same in this context. Still tempting, but this is Duchess-lite, not ideal. APT Rhymer is an old (semi) favourite. Could fill a weird flanker role. Ignore him at your peril. Or go kill him in an awkward spot, idc. Zertik Strom with FCS/Passive. He doesn't even have to shoot, that must be useful... An I2 Punisher with Diamond Boron Missiles! Idk... Vynder with XG-1, Autoblaster and Marksmanship. Seems a potentially low damage output and an awkward bugger to move around. Don't particularly like that his tightest turn around is MASSIVE. 4th ship needs to be something that can't be ignored for a couple turns and capable of getting some real damage in over the space of a few turns. A Reaper. Purely as a gun platform and obstacle. They're deceptively good at both. Nobody needs coordinating, so Vizier is kinda pointless. Just an SBP then, maybe with ISB or Krennic .... Or Baffle, for sloop trolling. Turr Phennir! Squishy. NOT. LIKE. THIS. Kestal with Barrage and Dorsal. She's actually not bad. But also squishy and far too predictable to not be squished. I want the 4th ship to attract and survive attention for more than a millisecond. But otherwise.... A Lambda. A lumbering anchor that will likely just not get enough shots in, or bring enough pressure to help the others. It's support quality is again, not really needed. Another v1. I only have 2 and feel like the 2nd 3 dice gun is important. Despite gencon, I still believe 2 is the magic number. An Imdaar. I just don't see it doing much. I think that about covers it
  10. Seems incredibly brave. I have looked at these 2 together. My own daft idea was to put Squad Leader Seevor in, to float around Ketsu, give her evades and be generally annoying. He fits, with the other 2 slimmer but still acceptably upgraded. Would not like to guess at its potential.
  11. I used a couple of slight variations on this list last night. Both very handy wins. 1st with Sabacc in for Duchess, against 4 named RZ-2s and Finnpod. The 2nd with Ved Foslo in that slot, against Boba and Emon. Running my lists at 199 and 200 respectively. Hot sauce! Echo and the Inquisitors were incredibly good. Sabacc did some work in the 1st but had his ability shut down by a random Tallie R3 before even firing. Lasted a while longer as a standard I4 Striker though, putting a key block on Tallie and landing a few shots. Ved did little more than serve as wide distraction in the 2nd but lasted long enough to do a credible job of it. But I still need to figure that 4th ship out to make the most of it. Nevertheless, regardless of what that 4th ship is, if it allows Echo and the Inqs to position up and go to town, it's done it's job. The 3 of them are nailed on and absolutely terrific. The strength of the SuperConcInq lies in its massive suite of options. They can fast flank, slow snipe, knife fight and double mod or turtle up as necessary. The beauty with 2 in list of 4 small base fighters is that it seems much easier to make the right choices at the right times. I didn't want to burn through Conc charges against the Sprays so was sort of tag teaming them, evading with 1, TL with the other and saving the locks for optimal missile shots, when shields were low or gone and there were no obstructions. They did by far the most work against the Sprays, with Ved just leading them astray and Echo threatening from range and plinking from safety. Against the A Wings, having one turtle and block, the other free to lock and fire worked wonders. This is gonna be my favourite list by a distance when I've sorted my 4th choice out.
  12. I like a mix. Different roles, with a clear target priority... maybe..... I often like the 3rd ship to be cheap, it doesn't seem necessary but it's a useful tool to have. My personal favourite is one big hitter and 2 little guys, but I'm not sure it works as well for me as 2 big guys, 1 little. The cheap guy is annoying to ignore but nasty in some snide way. But with 2 other utter bastards in the list, you can give them no good choice. If they go for the wee one and it gets away on half points, things are probably good for the heavyweights. Meta wise, it's quite hard, I think. 4+ ships has good leeway. 2 ships has plot armour everywhere and is really either a thing or it isn't.. But 3 ships can lose a lot in an awkward 1st engagement. Hard doesn't mean not good, but it's a tricky balance. If one part is not clicking, the other 2 need to carry an awful lot of weight against massed firing arcs.
  13. Thweek nonsense could be reigned in by charges and possibly also limiting the Init shadow to the activation phase. The mimic ability effect was always the most interesting one for me, I'd like to see a way to make it consistently useful and a genuine alternative choice. Might be a real way to break the game but a one time only use on a friendly ship could be cool. So- 3(?) non recurring charges, during the System Phase, you may spend 1 charge, if you do, select one enemy ship, treat your Init value as the same as that ship for the duration of the activation phase. Spend 2 charges to select 1 ship. For the remainder of the turn, treat your pilot ability as the same as that ship. Gonna need a bigger text box. Might not be broken? Might need a.... tweak.
  14. Confusing. You are Tractored when you have equal or greater number of tractor tokens as per base size. So you don't get more tractored if you only need 1 and then give yourself another one. So 1st Sun rolls up, tractors self, does tractored stuff. 2nd Sun rolls up, tractors self, does tractored stuff. 1st Sun gives 2nd Sun his tractor token. Sun 2 is already tractored, does no tractored stuff. Sun 2 gives 1st Sun a tractor token. Sun 1 was no longer tractored, gets tractored again. Now we're both tractored and possibly both shafted. I think?
  15. Got a little hooked on a new squad this week. Unfortunately, 3 of the 4 have previously been tarted up, which makes for a very sad looking 4th ship. Soooo..... Enter Sabacc. And exit quickly, no doubt.
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