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  1. *Necromancy* How have people been getting on with their Fangs? Been flying them a reasonable amount lately and loving it. Having freed the wings on my 2.0 model and given it a pleasingly resistant swivel, its really nice. A huge improvement. Given the slots, pilots and points attracted some doubt early on, have people changed their mind about it, or come to want something more? I think it's turned out quite brilliantly. Apart from Joy...? I haven't tried her or Kad but I can at least imagine using the latter.... I don't play at a massively competitive level but I'd say it's been one of my most successful ships so far. The Zealous Recruit has been something of a staple. Mostly alongside Old Teroch with Swarm Tactics but recently, in and of its own merits as one of 2 or 3. It outperforms it's points so often. I've never had huge value from Terochs ability. Very occasionally triggers at an important moment and every so often, in a more negligible way. Could be the way I use him. But I5 alone in this ship is worth a lot. Only just started using Fenn, mostly put off by the extra cost over Old T. Seems potent The Skull, I've not had that much out of, in that I4 and a talent may as well be just naked I1 a lot of the time. Some nice Init parallels with other ships though and a nice round point value is always attractive to me. Slot wise, I'm really not fussed. Clean and simple seems to suit it so well, the only upgrade I've bothered with is Swarm on T, which is an obvious benefit. I prefer to be really aggressive with them and do everything to keep the arc active and focussed, with the reposition, so having to take a TL and set up a Torp feels like an opportunity cost as much as a points one. Most EPTs can be deemed nonessential imo and the thinner I can run the Fangs, the more I can get elsewhere. Fearless is decent but triggers far too rarely for me to pay multiples of 3pt for. Tried Outmanoeuvre. Turrets everywhere. On the table, I'm still getting to grips with the linked action, powerful though it is with a blue 2 hard. Different squads need different approaches and it's easy to be predictable, blockable and dodgeable when stressed. A2Wings in particular have been tricky not to overshoot. Rear arcs and turrets in general are a pain, otherwise you should mostly be laughing in the face of 2 or 3 hits. Some things like a bit of stress on the table, there's bombs, crits on a 4th red...... Nailing the dial, not needing to link and avoiding the above is pure and rewarding work. This week, I've started playing with Fenn and 3 Recruits. Hugely excited to give it table time, I feel like it's going to be a bit tasty. So sleek, 4 pilot cards, no shields and done. Oya!
  2. Cuz05

    A Few wave 4 Abilities I've managed to translate.

    I struggle to see how anyone who has been involved in a sub millimetre arc check thinks performing said arc check at 2 and a half foot away will be anything other than a total nightmare. I had a final dice roll at the wknd, on the edge of R1, that had the TO calling us bastards for making him decide it
  3. Cuz05

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Kestal with just Dorsal and 5th Bro is 48pt. Possibly ignorable until she slaps their heftiest defence modding ace with hit crit and cancels all the greens with no squiggle on. No need for the lock so a bit more versatile and potentially just as painful. I like a lot. Also a huge fan of Echo, prefer her playstyle to Whispers by an order of magnitude. With just Juke, that's 55. Leaving 97. Soontir with Pred and Duchess just about fit.... Probably akin to juggling swords in a glasshouse but looks heaps of fun.
  4. Cuz05

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    No mod slot on the TIE Aggressor, waaagh! Special thanks for Fifth Bro, stoked to finally be able to run Kestal this way.
  5. Cuz05

    Scum from a few select ships

    I don't, no. Recruit almost always goes down before any enemy ships so I put him dead centre, because I don't want to telegraph where Boba will be. Then it depends where my opponent goes, if he has anything that deploys before Bob and Terry that is. Boba will go in one corner and Teroch on the opposite side of the recruit. It makes whatever target choice my opponent makes more obvious and allows me to flank with either the Fangs or Boba. Teroch goes outside the Recruit so when/If they all turn in to pincer the other squad, it'll be the Recruit that will end up dead centre of the opposing arcs if it goes wrong, rather than the other, more valuable pair. It completely depends on them of course. I may have Boba joust one half of his list while the Fangs go wider and intercept another, or I can pull them all together to focus something that has strayed. The AI is funky and completely unlike playing a person. It will aim for whatever is closest. So if you want it to aim for Boba, you have to have him a little closer to them than the Fangs. You can kind of lead it where you want. The issue is that if you put Boba closest and they all gun for him, he can get wrecked early. I've not actually used the list against the new AI so I'm not sure exactly what I'd do now. But because of its spread deployment, you can usually get one side of its squad to come straight fwd and then have to turn onto rocks. You can then turn away early and speed in to nuke the other side of its squad with all your guns. I wouldn't worry too much about actually trying to beat it though. I tend to just practice my deployments and early manoeuvres, aiming to catch specific ships in certain areas, avoid others and work out my actions and turnarounds after that 1st engagement. Once you're into the 3rd or 4th engagement, what happens is almost completely irrelevant to playing against another person. The 1st part is invaluable practice though.
  6. Cuz05

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    The only real way to do this is to select 'customise' at the opposing team selection and set up your own. You can pick a squad that matches the level of difficulty you're looking for. The 4 Rebel TIEs is a pretty easy match up Worth noting that the AI will not perform anything more complex than focus/lock/rotate and pilot/ship abilities. So no boost, roll, cloak etc.
  7. Cuz05

    Juke vs 1 Agility is harsh.

    Multi Juke is also much less effective if you can force them to split their fire. The dials have it
  8. Cuz05

    Scum from a few select ships

    I don't worry too much about that. They engage together in the 1st couple of trades, which is normally easily worth the extra few points over 2 Skull Squaddies. After that, it's better to go with the flow and take it as a bonus if you get it. Often, Teroch becomes a target and it'll pay to withdraw the Recruit and get him doing work on his own, or alongside Boba, while Teroch draws fire or jets off to fix crits. Ideally, you get room to fly them together and joust parts of a squad to death before moving onto the next target, but that happens so rarely. It's just not worth sacrificing better positions to make it happen. The amount of times the Recruit has been a real star for me, without Teroch nearby, is kinda silly. He seems to be taken as a less serious threat if he ends up without the Init boost, but he really isn't. People will focus on the big names and get drawn after them. The Recruit will then suddenly weigh in and swing the game, or help mop up with whatever is left of Bob and Terry. Or he's the only thing left and will at least lessen your margin of defeat with surprising aplomb.
  9. Cuz05

    Any chance for dash?

    Dash with Co-piloto Perspicaz and uh... Lone Wolf is pretty decent, even if 111pt feels a lot for what it is. Leaves more room for wingmates. But I'm struggling myself on that front.. Was considering the tanky ARC Norra build, with C-3PO, but flying her solo into the maw is gonna get her killed quick, no matter how tanky she is. I feel like Dash needs either a very slippery wingman or a couple that can stand some hits. Edit. Fits with 2 Grey Squadron Ys with Dorsal, VTG and R3.... But I've no idea whether that would be good enough.
  10. Cuz05

    TIE Reaper

    I've found Tac Officer to be good value. You might only use it once or twice but it gives you the flexibility on the 1st/2nd engagement to coord and then Sloop, or zoom away on the 3 bank. That can be pretty big. I'd agree it's not strictly necessary and if 2pts gives you something great elsewhere in the list then it's an easy drop. If I have 2pt I can't get good value from floating about though, Tac Officer gets thrown straight on it. If I'm choosing between Tac and FCS for eg, I take Tac. But if that 2pt frees me to put Burners on Vader or Col Det on Echo, Tac is gone.
  11. Cuz05

    Who uses crit tokens?

    I remembered to use them in a tourney this weekend! Hooray me!
  12. Cuz05

    Entering NEW Territory

    Back once again with the renegade master... Boba Fett- PerCo, Slave 1. Old Teroch- Swarm Tactics. Zealous Recruit- Birthday Suit. So yesterday, a Hyperspace tourney at our casual home, sweet! 24 attendees made it the biggest we’ve been to. My rank pulling last time out has the boy in the captain’s chair this time, which means it’s the notorious bounty hunter that is treading the boards for us this week. We really work as a team. On differences of opinion, I’ll defer to his choice if it’s what he really wants and he has a plan. But i am full of suggestions and his attention does wander... so we’re a team As said before, it’s a simple, strong list that requires a minimum of faff and headscratch. Points update gave us some slimming to do. Bye bye oodles of passive mods, hello the simple benefits of moving, focussing, shooting and only boosting when absolutely necessary.... and maybe also when not advisable.... A strong field was before us. I expected masses of FO and Resistance but it looked like Scum had the edge. The most common ship on the tables was the new Falcon, maybe followed by the ships we had ourselves. There were a couple Upsilons, thankfully in different squads. A couple of 4 SF lists. Several Resistance Bombers, including 2 lists that had doubles. Their A’s and X’s coming along in small numbers. The Empire brought several TIE Fighters, a few Strikers, a Vader. The Rebels responded with some Xs, Ys and another Falcon. A mix of just about everything, in numerous combinations. I think the SFs were the only actual potential mirror though. Good stuff. I did remember to take some pics, but at entirely random moments, none of which were in the last game... doh. Game 1. Of course, we're up against one of the half dozen guys I play against on a weekday evening. There were 7 of us here, it being the local, so matching a couple of us up was inevitable. 1st time playing him in a tourney setting though. He has Nien in Black One, Ello, Tallie, L’ulo. It’s a good list. Upgrades vary, crack, trick, heroic, optics... basically whatever he picks for a game will not trigger, when what he didn’t pick would have. It’s a thing. We have Initiative. X Wings are together, R2 from the left edge, A's the same on the right. Recruit always sets up centrally, then Boba goes left corner, Teroch sits down the other side of the recruit, nice and close to him. So we go crazy aggressive with Boba. 4 straight, boost right, followed by 4 straight, boost left. This has him dead in front of both X Wings, R1 on turn 2, after they both 1 fwd on turn 1 The A Wings hurriedly scamper over that way, which means the slower Fang approach hits them side on. The second boost with Boba was a mistake though, his options are not great now and we end up cornered and toasted by all the good guys. However, we have put Nien down to 1 hull in return. He then skips town with Black One. What follows is a glorious dogfight. Captured here by amateur cam. From the pic, Tallie moves up behind L’ulo, Ello, turns in as his only option, Nien tracks back across to the fight. The Fangs annihilate L’ulo here, then turn back, catch Niens approach and do him over, Teroch loses a couple hull and we're into the final turn. A shield down on Tallie and Ello. We’re losing. We sort of had the edge in the dogfight, so we need to decide, try and kill Tallie, or half point Ello. I reckon the latter will do it and be more achievable. In we go. Final dice roll of the game comes up blank, blank, blank, hit. Times up, we lose. My math was bad though. Finishes 137-100. Halving Ello would have made it 137-131. Taking Tallie would have made it 137 all! The real mistake was getting Boba nuked, the Fangs did real work but Boba fired only once or twice. We aimed to use him as a tank so the Fangs could smash in unmolested. Which worked for them, but we maybe should’ve tried to draw the A Wings away from Bob. Certainly turning him towards the corner, after a bailing Ello, was an error and closed down his arc coverage massively. A great game though and the bad math made for an intense finish. Game 2. Lovely, generous chap here, so kindly and patient with the boy. He has FCS Vader, Skourge, Seyn, Howl and an Academy. Here is where it all began to unravel, the 1st engagement, despite the couple turns following this going entirely our way. Really lazily failed to judge the distance to that centre rock. The recruit in front was meant to boost right, through that gap, so Teroch could follow. But we'd just gone too fast, couldn't fit the boost and then Teroch bumped up his backside. So we just trade a Boba shield for a crit on Skourge here. Afterwards the Fangs turn in, 1 hard and boostfocus for the Recruit, 2 bank for Terry, 4 straight and boost for Boba! The Empire has no arc on us at all, after 2 straights for the TIEs and a 3 bank from Vader. Howl explodes, more damage on Skourge and a bit on Seyn. Everything is awesome. Now the TIEs are clearly going to K-turn, not entirely sure where Vader will go. Terry doesn’t want to bump so goes straight, he'll be facing away but we have options for him next turn. Boba T-rolls around the rock above the Fangs, in the pic. The recruit attempts to 4k behind where the TIEs will be, a fantastic position to gain, but fails by 5mm and bumps. Things suddenly look ungreat. Teroch takes some bad greens into 2 hits. Recruit is now going to be out of the fight for a couple turns while he fixes his turnaround. Vader has gone for Boba, but Boba has moved into the exact space where the Fangs are in the pic, so Vader bumps him. Inconsequential damage is done to TIEs, Boba loses shields. And then it all went completely **** up. Teroch swings out and round the top right, aiming to help Boba put pressure on Vader and avoid being killed by TIEs. So the TIEs all hard 1 onto Boba and lock him in place bumped on Vader, who 4ks behind him. Boba subsequently gets hurt bad and the remaining TIEs survive the round. Teroch completes his swing, Boba remains blocked, Vader bumps into his rear. Bob and Terry end up suddenly dead and it’s the recruit v the world. He’s a hero though, this recruit, as has been seen before. He takes revenge on the seriously dangerous Seyn and wipes her out. Her ability killed both his mates, rolling natural crits whenever Marksmanship didn’t trigger. Then he kills the Academy Pilot, before a final turn Hail Mary one hard onto a rock kills him... I think we just chose the wrong place to fight here. Made it too easy for the TIEs to lock Boba down. Opted out of jousting them in the right channel, which would’ve kept them wide right, allowing the Fangs to come in the side and leaving Boba more room to turn and reengage. Oh well. Worse still, we’d failed on the Mandalore mat, scene of previous glorious defences. The boy thought it was the ‘worst game ever’ and was pretty disillusioned going into the lunch break. I thought we might be in for a make or break afternoon of depressing defeats, coming after our last poor showing. Potential sad times. Heading back in though, a nice bite and we were resolved. Death and glory. If we’re going down, we're going down fighting. Game 3. A Boba-off! Guy has Seevor, a generic Miner TIE, an Outer Rim Pioneer and a hefty Boba, toting Fearless, Proxies, Tail Gunner... something else maybe. We get Initiative. His little guys start centre, his Boba range 3 from the right edge. Our Boba goes right corner, the Fangs centre. We swing and roll the Fangs left a little on the 1st and 2nd moves, an offset joust on the small ships, keeping Boba on the opposite side of them. The recruit blocks the leading generic miner. His Boba comes up straight. Our Boba comes up his edge and turns in, pincering his squad. Nice. Oh but his Boba now 2 hards and procs Tail Gunner, whoops. Still, classic TG, doesn’t amount to much, whereas Seevor is easily swatted by our combined fire. We’d still not used Slave 1 at this point and dialled in a 2 bank with both directions looking viable. His Boba dropped a Proxy and closed off the one we hadn’t dialled in. Huh. Still, the dialled bank put the Generic Miner front and centre, R1 and stressed. Pop. Things started to click now. One of the things I’ve struggled with on the Fangs is the turn after engaging. Picking up the stress from a boost/roll into focus as they move in limits them hugely on the follow through. Here we’d ended up stressing again initially, but managed it much more effectively on the next 2 turns, erasing the escape pod with minimal fuss and getting some shots on the evil Boba. So here we are, avoiding more Proxy and nailing him, (the stressed Spray), down. With an extended view of what we've already blown to bits. Then on the final turn, lining everyone up on him, facing us, but just failing to get the kill. Both Fangs are on 1 health, Teroch is wounded and has structural damage but we were still worried enough by fat Boba to forgoe safety and get him hammered enough to set up a win. A comfortable one, it turned out. With only half taken from our Fangs and only 2 hull left on his Boba. Mood improved considerably and pressure off for the last game. Game 4. Well it had to happen, we’d been expecting it all day. Up against our mate with his Resistance Bomber, Tallie, L’ulo and Greer. 24 of us here and we still just can’t avoid each other. In prep, I’d taken a Kath + 2 Skulls version of the list up against it, in case point changes made the original unusable. Got roundly smashed, so expected a tough match up. Going back to the boost and focus into engagement issues, this is exactly the opposition that has punished it the most. The A Wings just strafe through, minimise 1st contact troubles and then clean house with their rear arc, while you struggle to turn without making yourself a sitting duck for the Bomber. But we nailed it here. Taking it slower, we got set at R1 of the As, the recruit going slightly further fwd to threaten a bump, neither needing a boost for range control. However, a massive slice of luck on the very 1st turn was fairly pivotal. Boba went 3 fwd, boosted and got R3 on a tokenless L’ulo. Rolled hit, hit, crit into blank, blank, focus, focus and stuck a wounded pilot on him. Next turn the Fangs and Boba engaged for real at R1 and wiped Greer away in exchange for the Recruit, essentially sacrificed in his fwd position. L’ulo followed almost immediately, his 2 green and 1 hull not nearly enough. Then Tallie. She attempted to get clear enough to avoid helping our offense but didn’t get far and went down fairly easy. Helped enormously by the Bomber beaching itself on a rock, giving Teroch the freedom to park R1 in front of it. Across several turns here, we also had good work from the Slave 1 title. Having finally realised that you need to plan for it to get the value from it, rather than simply seeing it as an emergency swerve, as we had been. It was a crazily good 2pt in this game. Finally, the whale hunt. Odds were heavily in our favour but the thing was still a big threat. Cat in the pilot seat with a Conner Net and Proxy in the middle of the map, surrounded by rocks, Teroch parked up it’s rear, Boba heading the wrong way. Plus a nimble enough dial to keep arc coverage pretty complete. It was kind of a headache plotting the next couple turns, to avoid getting the final proxy on Terry’s head and navigate Boba through the minefield. We got it done though, stuck an early Structural Damage into it’s hull and then just blasted it away over the next few engagements. Our friend earned the dubious honour of donating our fastest, biggest win ever, 200-44. I always go to time and suddenly had the luxury of 10min touring the room and catching up with other people’s games. Nice! Even more surprising, our 2 wins had been grand enough to pump us up the table into 10th and some decent swags. Made us 2nd of the 7 squadmates who’d run today, something I shall certainly be mentioning regularly for the next few weeks. By far the biggest plus was how much the swing in fortunes improved the boys mood. We were both enthused and elated in the end, which had seemed unlikely, before the break. So another great tourney, lovely folks as always and although it may be repetitive, the kindness and patience everybody has with my rather active and incessant wingman (captain today!), brings me enormous joy. The list itself is great fun. As I said the last time we used it, it’s simple on the surface but has great game once you start finessing it. The real key for me is Swarm Tactics. Being able to turn the recruits 4 focussed attack dice into an initiative kill or a simul fire threat, whilst also using him as blocker or a feint makes the list click really well. The beauty of him is that when ignored, he is fearsome in his own right. Boba draws all the aggro, Teroch threatens and then the Recruit is in their face, refusing to die and slapping things silly. His 44pt are just stupidly good value in this list. Thanks for reading, catch you on the next one
  13. Cuz05

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    You can say this as much as you like. I actually played against it and it was horrifying. It's anecdotal but I never said it was anything else. It's double mods. He TLs as his action, gets the reinforce from a coord and can reroll and convert up to 2 focus. If he doesn't have the reinforce, switching off the pilot ability, he still has the eye to crit conversion through the force. He's more flexible and that one attack can stick around long enough to roll a whole bunch of eyes. As for defence, there's gonna be times when you have R3 or obstructed. In fact, I think in our game he did get to force an evade at one point. If it was pure, useless anti-synergy then it would not work at all. But it plainly does.
  14. Cuz05

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Does when he's rolling double eyes or TLing a blank into a second eye and you have no shields.