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  1. @CSerpent that is a great rundown. Thank you very much everyone! I am going to give the first scenario of the core campaign a few runs to really get the mechanics of this game down then I'll begin to move on. I think I'll be on these forums a lot with questions or researching issues I'm having.
  2. Thanks so much for the breakdown! Does the attack of opportunity if lost disallow my movement action? Or do I take damage and move? If I move twice (example: cellar - hallway - attic) the enemy will only move once during the enemy phase towards me correct? Also, can the enemy attack if it's in a different location or only move? Sorry for so many questions, this game has a bit of a learning curve and want to make sure I get everything correct.
  3. Hello all, New Arkham/LCG player here who has only given it a single go of the opening scenario of campaign 1. I enjoyed my play-through but had a few questions regarding enemies in several phases... 1. During the Mythos Phase if I pull an enemy they don't automatically attack correct? 2. When it's my investigation phase can I make a move as my first of three? Are there consequences if I don't attack/evade the enemy in my room? 3. Lets say I'm in the cellar alone and I pull an Enemy during Mythos with a location indicator of "the Cellar" will this enemy be automatically engaged or is it engaged when I come back into this location? I wasn't 100% sure on the move mechanic so I moved my character which might have been the wrong move during my play through but it was still a blast. Thanks everyone!
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