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  1. Norra Wexley (55) C-3PO (8) Veteran Tail Gunner (4) Saw Gerrera (52) Leia Organa (2) Tactical Officer (2) Pivot Wing (0) Horton Salm (37) Ion Cannon Turret (4) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) Lieutenant Blount (30) Total: 200 Norra is beefy at R1, Saw gives rerolls to everyone once they get damaged, Horton gets rerolls from friendlies (probably Norra) at R1 of defender, and Blount is cheap 3/4 red dice. I've been trying other variations without Horton, but this one I feel confident in.
  2. Someone else posted on another thread - it is updates to hyperspace. Tie Interceptor, All of the U-Wing pilots, Rz-1 A-wings now officially hyperspace legal.
  3. All of the other points lists are also saying they have been updated as of today - anybody see any changes to the Empire, Rebels, etc?
  4. I created that particular document, but I definitely took ideas from @heychadwick and others on here and u/AyBB8, u/DieMilkweed, u/BeerSmurf, u/Merman_Pops and others on reddit.
  5. Sure. I'll definitely have to try ASCorran. I've ran him with R2 before, which helps his survivability obviously and syncs well with his ability, but often felt like it wasn't enough offense.
  6. I've been running Corran with FCS, R3 and Predator. R3 gives enough options and doesn't necessarily tip off your target, and the double mods of FCS and Predator (when it triggers) can almost guarantee 3-4 hits.
  7. Yeah if would have only told me it was a couple of Y-Wings, I would have assumed VTG...
  8. I bet that was annoying for you. What kind of Selfless Swarm?
  9. I want to say that we played on a 34" x 45" board... I am not in possession of the board, but that is my best guess.
  10. Thanks! That is what I thought, but kept questioning myself when I was able to turn Hit-focus-blank into hit-crit-crit using FCS, focus, Marksmanship and Gavin.
  11. “While a friendly ship performs an attack, if the defender is in your [primary firing arc], the attacker may change 1 [hit] to a [crit] result.” I assume that Gavin’s ability works on his own attacks as well, but wanted to make sure. Played it this way last night, and kept feeling like I was playing it wrong. Thanks!
  12. Agreed on 4. That was the biggest change that we would make. We also did the no shooting the first two turns, which ended up being ok.
  13. Here is the finish:
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