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  1. Well, I have read through (nearly) all of your document and I must say: I love it to bits (scrap ?). It is precisely what I was looking for... a bit of Dark Sun, a bit of Android, a pinch of mainstream SF and some very unique features. Really looking forward to more of your material. Big thumbs up ? ??. By far my favorite Genesys setting. ?
  2. Looks very interesting. I will dive into your world this weekend. Thanks for all your wonderful work! ?
  3. I think the concept is new and therefore interesting, but I have several doubts about the longevity of this game. As a game, after reading the rules, I do not think it very special. I am curious in how the game develops, so I will follows its development but I am not drawn to it by its gameplay. So, Julia, you are not quite alone. Although I would not say that I do not give a ****. Imho, the uniqueness (randomness) of Keyforge will draw people to it in the beginning, but I have my sincere doubts whether it will remain interesting and appealing for long. The complete lack of deckbuilding, the fact that you cannot choose the factions you want, the sheer randomness, all this does not appeal to me. Whether it proves to be a hit, only time will tell.
  4. Too many Star Wars already, IMHO. Don't get me wrong. I do like Star Wars a lot, but I am glad that Terrinoth is the IP for this reimplementation of WHQ:ACG.
  5. Same here. Love to play board and card games, but often lacking companions. WHQ:ACQ was one of my favorite solo games. I loved WHQ:ACG to bits, played it always solo with two heroes. This worked perfectly if not always successful (but that is part of the charm). Great characters with different play styles; especially loved the Witch Hunter. After the discontinuation, I PnP-ed several fan-made adventures (thank you Crusaderlord and other makers). But the news of the restart is wonderful. Terrinoth is great as well. Descent, Legacy of Dragonholt, the Genesys sourcebook. And now Heroes of Terrinoth! It feels like coming home after a dismal day.
  6. Great news! Curious to see if this game mixes easily with my Warhammer Quest ACG. Thumbs up for Uthuq Y'llan Skaven!
  7. Yes, the character does not bow and can be used in subsequent conflicts in that round. A well timed Outwit (or Rout for the military variant) can work wonders but to be honest, I hardly play these cards anymore for the reasons you mentioned.
  8. Alas for you. It was Scorpion that took the crown again. Still lots of Scorpion and Crab in the top 32. Crane doing well also. Especially Dragon seems to have suffered from the brand new restricted list.
  9. I would have preferred it if restricted would have meant: no more than one of that card in your deck. Furthermore I think that 'Charge' (which is, no doubt, an incredibly strong card) could have been saved by changing its text to: Choose a character card in one of your provinces with a fate cost of three or less'.
  10. The game is only a little over half a year out and already a restricted list, containing 5 cards from the Core set. Remarkable. My Unicorn deck though luckily is not affected. Hurray!!
  11. I get the impression that overall the buzz about L5R has lessened considerably. Perhaps new info on the Phoenix clan pack or any other expansion great or small could revive the community a bit.
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