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  1. Loving this. A couple of things that are jumping out at me. 1. Paige Tico on the Bomber, the roatate arc is not an action. Yet I can't paige rotate arc if im stressed or if I have already rotated arc as an action (or even with Paige and VTG). 2. Having a weird VTG issue with Paige where I shoot from an arc (eg, left side) Paige rotate to front/back and try to shoot a ship definitely in rear arc. Sometimes it will work and sometimes it won't and complain of "can't use the same arc." I think the programming is confusing the arc with the arc indicator. (ie, if the arc Indicator I shot with first is the one that moves to the new arc, it won't fire, but if the other end of the bow tie moves into that arc, then it will.) Thats all from me. Love the sim. Makes practicing opening moves and combo's really handy.
  2. I am very sad by the lack of love for the super cool Starfortress!! I am a bit weird in that I really enjoy flying them and have had moderate levels of success both casually and in tournaments by flying two of the behemoths!!! My current favourite list is: Cat w Finn, VTG and Rose Tico, Finch w seismics, VTG and Paige Tico, and a filler ship (either a blue awing or a logistics transport) This list is all bout using the hefty bulk, double tapping schenanigans and throwing out bulk red dice. By using Finch and Paige to drop a sesimic within range 1 of a an enemy ship, I am able to proc Cat's ability. Add in a Finn Blank, range 1 bonus, rose TL and VTG double taps, and Cat is attacking twice with a 6 die and 5 die attack!! Finch is also doing ok, shopoting at range 1 with a 4 die attack and paige makes sure that someone is always in arc!! The trick I have found for them is not to use them as bombers but use them as WW2 Super Bombers throwing out red laser death!!!
  3. Great idea in theory for Kath but can't go on ships with 4+ shields.
  4. One of my all time favourite lists that I have been flying on and off since wave 4 (slight tweaks as new cards come out) is: HWK Roark (19) w TLT (6) chopper crew (0) Bwing Keyan Farlander (29) w HLC (7) FCS (2) Oppurtunist (4) Xwing Wes Janson (29) w Swarm Tactics (2) , flight astromech (1) Integrated mech (0) The goal is to boost Wes PS to 12, strip tokens from ships, swarm ps 12 to farlander, trigger oppurtunist, attack with 5 dice and modify with target lock and stress generated by oppurtunist and then TLT for extra damage. Farlander is good for 3-4 damage a turn if you can keep him on the park.
  5. I would like to think that they are deployed and activated like a unit but are not governed by a need to be in cohesion with the squad leader. I also liked the idea of having a core 2 or 3 being deployed with the rest being "upgrades" to the squad. Allows for the like of Sabine, Ezra and Rex able to be upgrades for other units or all added to the same Spectre squad.
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