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  1. It’s entirely possible that RPGs just wont be under FFG’s name but under a different Asmodee sub company.
  2. Or was it? https://www.reddit.com/r/swrpg/comments/f5vgy8/d20radio_may_have_misinterpreted_the_infos_for/fi1xq7i/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x
  3. There's only been four books vs the dozens of books and multiple editions of the game under AEG. Of course there's a lot that's missing, don't worry too much about it though.
  4. Back in the 3rd edition the Ronin schools also doubled as Generic XYZ schools, where "the schools simply represent a more intuitive path that a samurai has chosen to follow rather than an established style" (quote directly from the 3e rulebook) so there's precedent for treating the Worldly Ronin as such.
  5. L5R has always had a bunch of built in fixes to this problem. There's a lot of imperial organizations to bring the characters together under, like the Emerald Magistrates, Emerald Legions, Jade Magistrates (currently disbanded), Imperial Cartographers, etc. It's always prestigious to be appointed to these positions and while they mostly override clan loyalties in how they operate the clans don't mind giving up samurai to these prestigious positions since it also makes them look good. And even then happenstance can have samurai from different clans all working toward the same goal, like a Kuni Witch Hunter and his attendants/guards from the Crab working together with the Scorpion Kuroiban and Phoenix Inquisitors to deal with a growing mahotsukai cult. Absolutely, while every clan's schools carry a family name there's no actual rule that you MUST be, for example, part of the Hiruma school if you're from the Hiruma family, so you can mix and match family/school within the single clan, and the other books beyond the core add plenty of new options for most of the clans.
  6. To make everyone else is saying totally clear: Yes, it's intentional. The map never being accurate has been a tradition in L5R since the franchise was birthed by Alderac Entertainment Group in 1995. For good or ill, FFG is just keeping up the tradition. Some people have found it frustrating since it makes trying to figure out traveling to here or there a hassle, some actually freeing since there's nothing set in stone to say there isn't a village here or castle there, but that's the way it is.
  7. They covered it quite a bit in the Unicorn novella. They just replaced a lot of the Burning Sands peoples with other, similar, things. Some of them even the same thing with differently spelled names.
  8. Foreigners will probably also be like one chapter out of seven.
  9. There, now everyone can stop shouting about the sky falling 😆
  10. Japan actually had a solution for that Also you know what else didn't actually fair well in the rain? Bows. But anyway, from both a game design and "relative to how other weapons are treated" perspective, there's little reason that a matchlock would be anything more than a crossbow that goes BANG. A half inch ball of lead hitting you in the gut is no more deadly than getting stabbed by a 3ft bar of sharpened steel. Part of the idea of firearms having to be this unbalanced superweapon comes from a lot of misinformation and myth. No, they didn't blow through armor, they were soft lead balls, guess what hitting armor does to a projectile that squishes and loses most of its energy as soon as it hits anything harder than human tissue? Yes, it makes no sense to allow bows and crossbows to be defended against but not guns, matchlock projectiles weren't nearly as fast as modern rifles by any means. This is a game first and foremost, firearms should be balanced within the confines of the game first, their RL performance comes second. And if you're going to base things around popular misconceptions, go with Hollywood hero logic over "armor ignoring one hit kill death sticks" misconceptions. Which, speaking of, further reading: https://www.quora.com/How-powerful-were-matchlock-and-flintlock-rifles-compared-to-modern-firearms-How-does-the-damage-penetration-range-and-accuracy-compare http://www.thefightschool.demon.co.uk/SHOGUN_Articles_TEPPOU.htm https://interestingengineering.com/reason-bows-were-replaced-with-guns
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