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  1. Given "tu" is an obsolete romanization of "tsu," one could easily argue that it wasn't Toturi's name that was wrong this whole time, everyone was just pronouncing it wrong. 😉
  2. No, again, the game didn't start at year 0 of the timeline, it started in 1120-something as well, everything before that is "backstory" not "the story."
  3. No, as in 5e is reset back to the first "current day" of the metaplot, not the first day of the backstory lore. And since that first "current day" of metaplot began in 1995 all events after it were shaped by 24 IRL years of CCG tournaments, contests, and events, and 4 and a half (plus one we don't speak of) editions of roleplaying games, FFG reset the game back to that first story in 1995, so you're not going to be seeing anything related to 4th edition era lore for a loooooooooooong time.
  4. You gotta keep in mind that 4th edition was the tail end of 20-ish IRL years of plot, which FFG reset back to day 1. You're not going to be seeing much of anything from it for a very long time, if at all seeing as how FFG doesn't seem to be afraid to take things in different directions.
  5. Yeah not to be too disparaging but the playmat is kind of... lame. Like maybe if it had some quick references for players or something at all useful than looking pretty maybe I'd consider it, but that mat is a hard pass for me.
  6. Back in the day there used to be a split between "High Rokugani" and "Low Rokugani," where "High" was used in official capacities, in courtly situations, and the preferred "artistic" language, while "Low" was your everyday use language, both spoken and written, and then there were Clan "dialects" in addition. (IIRC, Crane dialect was the official dialect of the Imperial Court.) All samurai would know both as well as their clan dialect, and use either depending on the time and place, but among non-samurai usually only the highly educated, servants, and clergy would likely know High Rokugani. In "my" Rokugan, I always imagined written High Rokugani used man'yōgana for kana (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man'yōgana), while Low didn't quite use hiragana or katakana yet but instead the "in between" kana precursors that were simplified forms of man'yōgana, then each clan had their own stylizations and/or simplifications. Clan ciphers were a different beast, because rather than dialects the ciphers were more a "secret language" either hidden in seemingly benign text, or simply look like indecipherable nonsense to anyone who didn't know the cipher. Those both likely use kanji/kana in unorthodox ways that would only hold meaning to those who knew the cipher. In one adventure I ran I came up with the idea that the cipher was based on knowing a number sequence and the stroke order of the kanji used in a text, and "pulling out" those strokes to reveal the secret message.
  7. So, like an official imperial map? 😉
  8. This thread should probably be in the Houserules subforum.
  9. The debate on "where is the line between 'flavorful' usage of Japanese and 'gratuitous'" among L5R fans is an old one for sure. I remember people arguing about this from the first edition under AEG. The only thing I can really say about it is if you find it silly don't do it at your table, if you like doing it then don't let strangers on the internet get you down, but you're never going to reach a consensus here. The L5R community hasn't in 22 years and we're not going to today either. I'm not saying not to discuss it but just don't expect to change anyone's minds. This discussion also reminded me about how the old Sengoku RPG by Gold Rush Games used to go balls-to-the-wall when it came to name suffixes and titles. They used to have a PDF of the Names and Titles section of the core rulebook on their site for free, and I was an indispensable tool for me for years as an L5R GM. Their website disappeared a long time ago, but I actually managed to find the PDF thanks to the Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20040212054503/http://www.sengoku.com:80/files/nametitl.pdf
  10. In case anyone is wondering, it's because they didn't used to have separate words for "green" and "blue." "Midori" meaning "green" is a relatively new thing. 😎
  11. You could cover both bases by adding an "additionally" at the end of the school ability where on initiative rolls you negate a number of Strife symbols equal to your school rank, I don't know if that'd cross the "too much of a good thing" line, though.
  12. I'm gonna be That Guy and say it: So I'm guessing we're not getting a proper Scorpion Bushi school any time soon, eh?
  13. Before the Beginner Box came out none of the RPG line products were on the upcoming page at all until some of us emailed customer service about it.
  14. I thought it was pretty obvious that alternate names are listed only when the listed traditions have a different name for an invocation. It seems like common sense to me.
  15. http://l5r.wikia.com/wiki/Black_Scrolls Pretty sure that hasn't changed.
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