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  1. You’re good – the other guy was annoyed, Not me!
  2. What’s funny is I was the one that asked him in both cases. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t clear what was being asked the first time! If they do a FAQ that will clear it up for everyone, and the stream is evidence in the mean time.
  3. Daniel Lupo (Rebel - Sabs) and Luke Cook (Imperials, Veers Boba) moved on from Group A. Kyle Dornbos (Rebels - Wonder Twins), and Eric Riha (Imperial - Palpatine) moved on from Group B. Kyle plays Lupo, and then Luke plays Eric. The winners of those games will play in the final tomorrow!
  4. @Derrault Lol. I didn’t say I was, I’m just saying it’ll probably come up. Also - that’s exactly what I’m talking about. We’ve been taking risks for a year and three months. This isn’t the weekend for risks, this is a weekend for what we all think we are comfortable with.
  5. It’s fine man - I’m still relatively hyped. I’ll probably feel better when I get outta this dang airport!
  6. Emojis always help - and sorry if I sounded too hostile, but it sucks when you’re super hyped to go to the first Worlds, but you wake up to “you brought a cookie cutter list and should feel bad” (not specifically you, elsewhere). Maxing activations has certain perks yeah. I hate how boring I felt submitting the final version of my list, but with what I saw from the Worlds tables, I went with a much safer bet. My Veers Double snow/ Boba list was ready to rock
  7. I will gladly suck it, if you feel the need to A: Devalue the work we’ve been putting in the last year to get to this stage and B: Feel the need to put down the way someone plays a game (which I do for fun) I’m pretty happy that the factions are even and we got two Palp lists. If you think we’re all obsessed with snipers because we brought them, you’re missing the point.
  8. Super stoked to see Palp in there - I was hoping for a Luke/Han to show up but no dice.
  9. The developers will be there, it’s at FFG HQ. I believe we get a chance to discuss the game with them, so some of the things you mentioned will definitely be brought up.
  10. If you’re on the discord, talk to Ripasmaster - he can probably take care of you!
  11. I most definitely had a dice off at High Command!
  12. Here’s one of the final two lists for this currently Invader league season. Boba/Bossk was quite popular, and this one is going to play in the final happening in the near future: https://tabletopadmiral.com/legion/empire/p08u2cuEMuEMp05u07u42uEMuEMp05u07uEMuEMuEMp05u07uEMuEMuEMp05u07uEMuEMuEMp22u26u36u2bp10u26uEMu2buEMp1au34uEMuEMuEMuEMp1au34uEMuEMuEMuEMp1au34uEMuEMuEMuEM
  13. I can definitely help in that department I ran the Las Vegas Open and helped run AdeptiCon. https://discord.gg/ueRYKet there’s the discord link
  14. Definitely the Facebook group which is pretty active, as well as the Legion Discord. A good mix hangs out on both
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