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  1. They’ll release a document closer to the event, but, last year they did not. Only adepticon has had it so far.
  2. Good job! Hopefully you can make the trek to worlds (which I assume will be at adepticon next year!)
  3. If you like that first list, I would drop chewie and give Luke stims and push. Take the extra troopers off and cram some more Z6 squads in there. 5-6 is preferable. Right now rebel lists should push 10-11 activations to help you place Luke last and get that extra movement in after your opponent has activated. Heres a modified version of your list: http://tabletopadmiral.com/legion/rebel/p04u09uEMu2bp0buEMu2cuEMp06u10u40uEMuEMp1cu4bu21uEMu3au49uEMp0eu2fuEMuEMuEMuEMp06u10uEMuEMuEMp06u10uEMuEMuEMp06u10uEMuEMuEMp06u10uEMuEMuEMp0eu2fuEMuEMuEMuEMc08 I tried to keep some of the things you had already picked to preserve the original flavor of the list. A few notes: 1. The Pathfinders should deploy in a position to support your army, not on their own. Leia can help manage their suppression so they aren’t wasting actions. 2. Luke needs push and stims to keep him in the fight. Use them to manipulate your opponent and keep him alive. 3. Improvised orders can fix an early Luke pull. Save it for when he comes up but you don’t need him yet. 4. The medical droid can get your snipers back up after they’ve been knocked down. 5. Embrace the variance with the Z6s. Sometimes they kill everything, sometimes they blank. Make sure you have more than one tool to accomplish a task Incase you get hit by the blank bat. Last thing I can say is play at least ten games with this list, then play ten more to actually get comfortable. It’s tough to be a rebel with krennic and DTs being so good, but they can still do work when applied correctly! Good luck!
  4. Poison only effects trooper units I believe, so no, it wouldn’t go on the tank and therefore wouldn’t go on the unit inside.
  5. Right, but what you said above is people without ability can go and 5-0 at top events. That’s simply not true. As you go up every round, you start to learn the little strategies that differentiate a veteran and a newer player. Things like Turn 0 strategies, activation order, terrain scoping, and command card timing to name a few are learned abilities that you need to make it into the higher echelons of this game. Please, trust me on this. After running and playing in the larger events (to include worlds next month), building a list that makes sense to the player (not whatever you found on the internet) and learning how to play it well are critical skills to success.
  6. There’s definitely a basic understanding that needs to be reached before you can start sweeping major events. Both things need to be taken into account.
  7. It’s usually up to the player to enter that. Might need to turn a setting on to do it - most of the time I don’t use it
  8. Quick LTC update! The Qualifier list has now been turned into a map! We also have added the known nationals in the UK and US. If for some reason an RPQ is missing, please email us at legiontournamentcircuit@gmail.com so we can add it! Check out the map here: https://legiontournamentcircuit.com/rpq-map/ We are still looking for stores to be added to our community locator. If you don’t see your store on our map (https://legiontournamentcircuit.com/community-locator/) please add it here! https://legiontournamentcircuit.com/share-community/
  9. I would recommend you use table top TO. We’ve been using it for the big tournaments because it’s a great system that already has legion built into it. Players can check out your event and watch the time too which is great. https://tabletop.to/
  10. I prefer this method https://legiontournamentcircuit.com/rpq-map/
  11. Imma hold you to that. And trust me, I didn’t take it personally. I just want to make sure people understand why we got to the disparity - we (the organizers) learned some lessons this season we tried to apply to the elimination phase. As I said before, I’m excited to see how things change as the factions get more units. Sabine and Taun Tauns are going to change Rebels significantly I feel.
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