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  1. Faq: Q: What happens when a set of Cluster Mines are dropped such that two or more ships overlap them? A: The owner of the Cluster Mines first chooses one ship to be affected by each of the individual Cluster Mine. Then, in an order of that player's choosing, the dice are rolled to resolve the effect of the detonation on each of those ships. Indeed they do seem to contradict themselves... or this also could be understood to clear only the order of resolving effects. After the first 1-3 ships are resolved the remaining ships at R0 get their share.
  2. I just noticed that the Cluster Mines are also updated: ”When each of these devices detonates, each ship at range 0 rolls 2 attack dice. That ship then suffers 1 󲁧/󲁨 damage for each matching result.” 🤔
  3. Maybe these two generals could work together..? Some nice synergies for Hera’s red moves. Leia Organa (79) Hate (9) Maul (12) Ship total: 100 Half Points: 50 Threshold: 7 Hera Syndulla (VCX-100) (72) Ion Cannon Turret (5) Nien Nunb (5) Ezra Bridger (14) Ship total: 96 Half Points: 48 Threshold: 7 Total: 196 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v8ZsZ200Z393X204WWWW48WWWY61XWWW138W52WWW81W&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=
  4. That is a splendid looking Kihraxz!! 😮 (I may have to steal some pattern ideas from it to improve mine.) Enjoying also all of these other pretty ships as well, keep ’em coming. 👍
  5. ”Pretty hard to spot...” It took ”only” approx. 7 mins until I got it. 🤯
  6. Okay, 'nuf ranting. Here's my Millenium Falcon repainted to match (some version) of original references found in interwebs (http://www.modelermagic.com/?p=55219). I'm figuring out the paint scheme for the Ghost docking port. I want the pattern to match both of the Phantoms. I improvised this red-stripey-pattern (it's still quite messy, going to clean it up):
  7. I just snap of/pry the peg off shisp with pliers - it usually comes off very cleanly. Then glue a disk or a ring magnet (if you want the ship to tilt). No need for drilling the ship, the underside ain’t that visible. For the C-ROC you could use anykind of a magnet or even a piece of any magnetic metal. You can cover the magnet with thin plasticard/polystyrene sheet to make it invisible. I recommend neodymium magnets. Just remember to double-check polarities before glueing - I always goof up that... 😅
  8. Great project! 👍 I’m guessing you are commited to use pegs for attachments and a no for magnets..? (You could do the attachments without any visible holes and the fit is always secure.)
  9. I did see that Infiltrator (and as all of his work) it is super clean (I could not do achieve that) and sharp lookin’ ship! Concerning the EU-material I guess FFG could have chosen something else. I would’ve looked at the ships in the 90s TIE fighter and X-wing PC games for example. Overall I’m glad that SW universe is getting new material all the time now (so I guess thanks to Disney). ...but at the same time there’s just loads of missed opportunities to invent cool new stuff. I mean look at the EP VII-IX (and Resistance). They spent millions of dollars and practically did come up with zero actually cool looking ships. (I give ok grades to Quadjumper, Upsilon and ResBomber). Some updated X-wings and A-wing (with silly rear firing lasers), same Bs&Ys, same TIE designs, copied SDs and Rebel frigates. And why the f**k do they use the exact same Tantive IV? Wasn’t it destroyed after New Hope? And lastly - Resistance transport pod. A tiny blob that actually should be unarmed suddenly has same firepower than a TIE fighter. Should be just an 0 ATT escape pod type of thing that deploys after the transport is destroyed saving the crew (+maybe a cannon slot)..? 🤔 So maybe I ma a purist too! 😄 ...and overall I give HUGE props to FFG for making this game and they do make excellent work all the time. 👍 A+
  10. Much appreciated! 👍 I do understand your dismay of Ks. I didn’t like them either one bit for a very long time - too much going on: all the bombs/missiles hanging around, silly double cockpit, ugly turrets. I did though like to play Miranda on 1.0 😬 and I no longer despise these... Repaint also helps a lot. Speaking of un-SW-design, there’s a far worse one! The Auzituck Gunship! Oh, that loathsome, bloaty, fat and childish looking piece of lazy design... 😫😩
  11. Scurrgs are my favorites and as mentioned above Sol is a great mate for Nym. I’ve done a few games with Boba as a crew for Nym, example: Captain Nym (48) Ion Cannon Turret (5) Boba Fett (4) Seismic Charges (3) Proton Bombs (5) Ship total: 65 Half Points: 33 Threshold: 5 Talonbane Cobra (50) Ship total: 50 Half Points: 25 Threshold: 3 Old Teroch (56) Ship total: 56 Half Points: 28 Threshold: 2 Cartel Spacer (25) Tractor Beam (3) Ship total: 28 Half Points: 14 Threshold: 2 Total: 199 Deploy Nym backwards in the middle and drop a Seismic to cover 2-3 obstacles to goof up opponents opening rounds. You have 3 x I5 with a decent firepower and some nice control pieces. Also Nym is quite a lite-version here so it’s not an end of the world if (=when) he goes down. A tractor-Scyk as a filler but you could go for a budget version (e.g. MG TIE) also and maybe add crack shot, predator and contrabands on Talonbane and Teroch.
  12. Ok, the old paint is gone. I used an electric toothbrush with a mix of denatured alcohol and water to scrub rest of it off... The underlying factory paint wasn’t affected at all. 🤔 I’ve never done any scratchbuilds/proper modeling so the next step (the docking port) was a jolly learning experience for me! 😎 Some polystyrene, glue and greenstuff. It’s a nice fit! 👍 Not a modeling masterpiece like a lot of amazing builds on this forum but I’m completely satisfied. ... and getting an itch to actually play with these ships... 😄
  13. Sheathipedes (Separatists) make appearances on Clone Wars and one is seen in Resistance also. edit: And on the Prequel Trilogy also.
  14. I’ve painted mine with Tamiya’s clear Orange and Blue paints - making them look like those FFG’s colored pegs. But one of the coolest bases I’ve seen live are these, take a look at the bases: I’m guessing that it’s all airbrush (with black/blue/white), but maybe @Niinivaara can share his secrets..? 🤔
  15. Ok, I started over with the VCX posted above. I wanted to have the docking option for both of the Phantoms. I carved out some plastic (I used a Dremel multi-tool, a modeling knife and a file) and glued magnets for a nice attachment. The next step is to get rid of that old paint. A bath in windscreen wash (denatured alcohol) should do it without damaging plastic. The result after soaking these for 30 mins. 👍
  16. Indeed, but the Separatists are the only faction that I don’t (currently) have... 🤔
  17. Superb paintjob again! 👍 Btw. CIS is the only faction that I don't have, but IF I did I would probably do a conversion of a Infiltrator simply by turning it upside down and replacing the peg position with somekind of turret/gun. I think that this ship looks particularly cool beneath. 🤔
  18. Concerning devices I’ve been doing some experiments with Nym - Boba (crew) - Seismics and some other stuff on him (Ion cannon turret, Hull Upgrade, etc.). Deploying Nym on the middle of the board and dropping the seismic it’s quite easy to cover 2-3 obstacles to make a large lasting threat (good against low HP ships). And Nym can easily fly to safety + alot cheaper and easier than Trajectory Sim + Title.
  19. Oh the nostalgy: 1ed B-wings ❤️! I had some fun with this B-wing build: Keyan Farlander - Veteran Instincts - Adv. Sensors - Maul - B-wing/E2 With PS9 and Adv. sensors BR you could do some semi-acey shenanigans. Additionally you can easily shed 1-2 stress tokens gained from Maul with Keyans ability and hitting the target.
  20. Here's some of my Rebels. X-wings! Z-95s - I've been using these a lot lately (a swarmy list of: 3 x Y + 4 x Z-95), love em! ...I mean before this social distancing -stuff. No successful use for these old A-wings yet. Just finished my K-wings. For the first one I wanted to paint "Warden" in aurebesh (ok-ish) and for the 2nd I tried the Rebel insignia (quite good if I may say). With the third one I just lost my concentration and thought "f*** this" (in finnish) - and therefore V. 😉 The finished CR90 from above - the "Sabre of Appenza".
  21. Thank you very much! A new Black One for Poe! I don't actually like red-blue-black-scheme but it had to match my other La Résistance -ships. Happy with BB-8 I am.
  22. If you mean my ships above the answer is I actually don’t usually bother to paint the unvisible undersides at all. It’s just white. (The main reason is that I’ve got lot’s of ships on my to-do-list and a very limited time to use on painting... and lazyness! 😏)
  23. Nice! I did a simple quick fix on a B’s cannon with a paperclip. Just peel some plastic off.
  24. ...and here is the finished squadron. One layer of Nuln Oil on every ship. I did the Striker too with Fenrisian. I’m not sure anymore if the front one of X1’s is the original blue one. 😄 (Now I’m ready to experiment if 4 x Storm Squ. Aces (FCS) + I1 Striker (proton bombs) can match 5 x X. 🤔)
  25. I purchased and tried the Fenrisian Grey mentioned above. Me also thinks now it's the best answer on this quest. Here's a trio of TIE/x1s (of which the middle one is Fenrisian one). I did paint the Raider's x1's panels too because of messy factory washes. I'll add the Nuln Oiled result later...
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