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  1. I believe there was a thread a while back that discussed an issue with selling any SWRPG content digitally. IIRC, because of the Disney acquisition there is a distinction between digital games and physical ones. Since Disney gave the rights to digital Star Wars games to EA, any digital publishing of SWRPG books would technically fall under their control and so either EA would take some profits or it would be a breech of contract. That's why there are only physical copies of the books and no digital support beyond these forums (and the fan-made stuff of course). So technically, no there is not digital Star Wars content through FFG and any attempt for a fan to sell content under the "Star Wars" name would likely be shut down. That being said, Ahrimon's comment about buffing off the Star Wars logo on Genesys content would technically work. Of course, one must be particularly careful when dealing with large companies and iconic brands. The word "protective" doesn't feel like it sufficiently covers it.
  2. Nothing, really. Though I do hope to see more of the Prequel troopers and vehicles in Legion. It would be cool to see actual functional units of Paratroopers or Clone Commandos to take the field with. Point cost would probably get high, though.
  3. @Jester8908 @Deadshane I'm no fan of the sequels, personally, but @SenltonGomes specifically called attention to the Prequels, so let's stay on topic. I re-watched them all over the last few days and I have to agree. Man, some of those parts are hard to sit through, but overall it was good to sit and paint my own clones with those on. It does have some pretty awesome moments though, and it's the only time we get to see real mass combat between to real armies (though the entire Hoth sequence from ESB is still my favorite "battle moment" in the series). It's really an awesome era, and it's also nice that we got The Clone Wars TV series out of it cause those are also really good. I've been rewatching those on Disney+ and its some of the best prequel material out there, honestly! I'm pumped for the new seasons of Clone Wars!
  4. I'll second, third, and fourth much of what has already. If you're looking for Clone Troopers, I'd highly recommend just going Age of Rebellion and then Rise of the Separatists. Two books, but everything you need to play in the Clone Wars. You could honestly get away with just the Beginner Box for AoR for the basic rules. Rise of the Separatists also has some Jedi tracks, but it doesn't have force powers, so those would require the main book for any of the three. Now, if you are looking to go for Clones and Jedi only, then just go for Force and Destiny and RotS. I hope your game goes well!
  5. Still at my summer camp presently, but my copy is waiting for me when I get home. Very excited!
  6. There's the obvious one, DnD, but I must say that my favorite system to play in (or GM) has got to be Call of Cthulhu. I took the city we live in and did a ton of research into our history and made a few investigations where they had to go around our city as it was in the 1920's and try to find out about an asylum that was turned into a dorm for the local college (which actually did happen!) and so they had this weird "close to home" feeling where everything was familiar but still dangerous. Also fun to play in is the Witcher roleplaying system (RTalisorian) because of how detailed the world is and how amazing the combat can feel. Also, the Life Path system makes character creation a ton of fun and makes every character really varied and interesting. Plus I just really love the world of the Witcher. My friends and I also like to play one-page RPG's like Honey Heist and Everyone is John.
  7. Currently working at a summer camp with no service. Brought my laptop into town and I miss the Boat Meme period?
  8. Strictly speaking, a carbine is (according to the semi-official definition) merely a shorter and lighter version of a full rifle. Now, there isn't a hard standard for it, so it's kind of subjective, meaning that something gets to be a carbine mostly due to simply being called one, though the trend of "shorter and lighter" has held true over the years (mostly). In the case of the DC15 and DC15A, the DC15 is the standard issue rifle made at the beginning of the war with all of the issues that came with it: big, heavy, conduction issues, and generally not as well tuned for mass field use. Thus, the DC15A was made in order to address the issue: smaller, lighter, cheaper, overall more forgiving for a wiser range of troops, while the DC15 became the weapon of marksmen and those favoring power over reliability and ease of use. The way I see an E11 is a standard rifle, where as some of the more specialized versions would be carbines. Overall, outside of stats, it's super subjective and up for interpretation, which is why I just go with what it is typically referred to in the canon. In the game, the E11 gets to be a rifle because it makes sure that Storm Troopers still have some teeth in combat, otherwise a Party could just stay at long and out range them (which my Party has tried to do before with minion groups).
  9. It's a long shot, but I would love profiles for other Clone armors and possibly a few other clone weapons (particularly the DC-17 Commando Carbine from SW:RC). Overall, I'm just excited to see more content for it. The art for Rise of the Separatists is beautiful, and I'm a sucker for the "Story So Far" sections even though I already know what's going on. Hopefully we will get some idea how to roleplay clones in Order 66, cause in the universe they would have just all auto-piloted to obey the kill order and would not have been able to resist. If I've got players who are clones, how will Order 66 work if they don't want to turn? Regardless, I look forward to the book.
  10. I would pick something humorously difficult to take back alive, then have these zoologists or xenologists really play up how good they are at their job, since they use the excuse so much. These guys really believe that your Party is the best of the best when it comes to catching dangerous animals, and so they shouldn't insult them by offering things like help or advice! Also, I'd totally pick Kryat Dragons, but I am also a sadist, so maybe don't take my GMing advice.
  11. Indeed it has been. And i like the book, but I do think it will work better when in tandem with Collapse of the Republic. They are two halves of the whole, after all, so now that the bases have been set, I'm excited to see what the next book holds!
  12. I'm thinking maybe this thread has run it's course. Unless we can somehow still make boat memes, cause that would be fun.
  13. So it turns out the Chancellor was behind it the whole time. Who knew! Otherwise, what exactly do you want to know?
  14. Sorry if this has already been said, but what I usually do for my EotE campaign is set it up to make the BBEG always have a pack of grunts with him to serve as distractions/bullet sponges. Next on their list is a huge buster-sword wielding corporate sector enforcer who is going to be traveling with his group of minions and maybe an adversary or two. My group can put out a lot of damage, so spreading their focus will ensure the fight lasts linger and feels more cinematic than just making a gun line and all focusing fire on him as he advances. I use this trick a lot since its an EotE campaign and most of their BBEG's are not going to be honorable enough to face them in single combat, so they'd just about always bring a group of hired thugs with them. I also love using mechanics to discourage them from just grinding it out at times. First fight against this BBEG was on a ship and minion reinforcements were coming in at the end of each round, so they were forced to retreat with what they stole rather than just grinding it out. One of them got greedy (like we all expected him to. He was a bit of a murderhobo before this) and wanted the guy's sword. He stayed behind and ended up having to be rescued after losing his arm and being knocked unconscious. They fled and he got his arm replaced (he was a droid) but it still taught a valuable lesson about not always treating the boss as fight to win, but a fight to survive. I like this just so that my players know that sometimes retreat is an option and that it's not like a video game where the arena is set and you can't leave until you win or you have to win in order to progress the game. Hiding is a legit strategy that people in the universe do, and they are free to try it as well.
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