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  1. I don't think it'll be much of an issue. FFG is doing great on the miniatures front, so I highly doubt they'd pull the roleplaying license. Though, out of curiosity, who else would make a good Star Wars roleplaying game?
  2. I will second this, I am currently dying and the doctor said that the only cure is those sweet sweet stat blocks, so help a brother out!
  3. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... (a tale from the GM) A group of enterprising but fledgling rogues and scoundrels came together on the planet of Formos for a nice and simple bounty: catch Bandin Doba (the first mission in the book). The group consisted of a female smuggler with clone heritage, a bothan spy working for himself, a Mandalorian with a drinking problem, and a tall and shiny robot riddled with hidden blades. After a successful capture mission they were offered a position of Employ from Besadii the Hutt, poster of the bounty, and graciously took the job. Several jobs later, they incurred the wrath of the Plinkar Corporation after pulling off a heist of artwork along side an eccentric Rodian and a nervous Givin. Besadii was ready to integrate them further in his operation, but then they did something he did not expect or like: they declined. Angered by this, he banished them from his domain and they were on their own again. The intel officer of Besadii took pity on them and gave them a direction to go. They then set out to break an old Black Sun Majordomo free, who would help them start their own operation elsewhere in the galaxy. They found his location on Wobani with the help of Forlan Calador, who they promptly knocked out and bound in order to pass him off as a Rebel officer. They managed to gain access to the planet to drop their "prisoner" off, but the robot's lust for blood got the better of him and a fight broke out, nearly killing the robot and the mandalorian and forcing them to escape the planet, leaving Forlan behind in the chaos. They were soon contacted by on Illo Vandin who had helped them with a job for the Zann Consortium in the past, and he offered to get their friend out in exchange for a job. They destroyed a rival scrapping operation on Ord Mantel and made it look like an accident, ensuring no legal repercussions, but were ambushed by a bounty hunter group on their way back called The Grey Jackals. Outmatched and in a poor position, they were able to detonate their speeder and allow themselves to escape before a fight broke out. With Dakara Benji out of prison, they blasted off to find a new home and new base of operations. They found it in the form of an abandoned Rebel space station, which was riddled with booby traps they had to navigate in order to get power and oxygen back on, but were successful in doing so while also rescuing a Wookiee Mechanic who was trapped on the station too. Now that they have a station, the time has come to start making contacts. Dakara and the Robot went to see about some renovations to the base while the rest of the Gang went to Bonadan to start finding clients. While there, they ran into the same Rodian and his Givin friend who planned and helped pull off the Art Job, but he had not yet paid them for their efforts. With their shares now valued at about 2 million credits, he promised that he would take them to the stash after they got reacquainted at the local bar. He got too drunk to be able to lead them, so they agreed to wait until morning (they don't trust the Rodian, but they trust the Givin, who makes the promise). While escorting him back to his hotel, the group was hit by a stun grenade and went blind for a few seconds, which was just long enough for someone to ****** the Rodian away and escape. And so that's where they are now. In the middle of the street on Bonadan with a few clues as to where their "friend" has been taken, and more than a few choice words for him once they find him.
  4. This drastically off topic, I know, but with there being four supplements now, do ya'll think adding a separate forum tab for Star Wars Roleplaying Supplements should be added? I'm sure once we have all the books it'll get confusing to have to bounce between all three sub-forums since they don't specifically fit any one of them. I know they did that for the cards.
  5. Okay, we're all upset and I get that. I've been waiting on this book for a while so I feel stung too, but calling for the license to be cut? That just seems far too extreme for the situation. The greatest crime I could pin on FFG is a failure to communicate, but the product is going to be good quality and I wouldn't call pricing egregious, so all in all, its a supply chain error they may not have total control over. If what else has been said in this thread alone are to be believed, then FFG suffered a severe quality control issue once the books shipped and are having to make the best of a bad situation. Balancing keeping customers happy, products quality, as well has keeping up with the dozen or so other things they do at any given time means that the ball will sometimes be dropped (though not always by them), but I consider this minor compared to what it could potentially be. As director of my summer camp, we run on what is called the "Duck Model". Ducks move with grace and smoothness on the surface of the water, but under the water there's turbulence, exertion, and chaos. FFG is probably just trying to carry on "business as usual" to appear as though nothing unplanned has occurred, but I would be willing to bet a hefty sum of money that SOMETHING has not gone according to plan. If you still feel the label should be taken away, that's your opinion and you're entitled to it. I think they've done a good job with it so far, and I'm willing to be patient and give them benefit of the doubt. Now back to the topic, how are ya'll going to use Troupe Rules? I'm really excited to get my hands on them and see what shenanigans my guys and I can get up to!
  6. I'll admit that ii feels kinda scummy to sell the books publicly while people who already put money down months ago don't even get a serious response about the wait time. I can see why people would be upset, I was at first. It's the same kind of mentality as waiting in line for something while someone else walks past the line and picks one up ahead of you, so I can under stand why people would be mad. Now that I've calmed down a bit, I still feel like it could have been better handled (by say, making an announcement and clarifying) but it doesn't change that we'll get the book when it releases publicly. I'm not going to debate whether it was or wasn't poor, I'm just gonna sit back and wait for that sweet sweet shipping notification. It's gonna be worth it, I know.
  7. Can't help but notice that it still says "On the Boat" in the Upcoming page. This is perhaps what has me most confused.
  9. But, with Celebration coming up this weekend, we could see an announcement of some kind! Take heart, friends!
  10. I will remember this for next year! Lord knows, the thing will probably still be on the boat...
  11. I would emphasize the "cautious" part of that. Maybe they know something we don't and maybe they know just as much and are trying to guess as close as possible. Three weeks can be pushed back for a long time, so my bet is that they've changed the goal to announce shipment with Star Wars Celebration. They won't sell it there, but it would at least be an extra thing they could announce and make the most of the situation.
  12. At least the Edge of the Empire forum has memes in it!
  13. I've run Mask of the Pirate Queen, and I really liked the adventure. It's a fun module with plenty of stuff to do on Ord Mantel and Salucemi (who doesn't love rigging a fight by entering in it yourself!) and some good characters to use in other stories outside of the campaign. It does get slightly mired in underworld politics. It serves as a good introduction to the Zann Consortium and adds the Veiled Sorority as factions for the Gang to interact with, which can be very fun if the group enjoys social interactions. Overall, I would recommend it for social players since it's not as combat heavy until the very end, and most parts can be resolved through clever negotiations and thinking.
  14. Seeing Legion getting a Clone Wars expansion is nice, too. Maybe next they'll release a model of The Boat in memory of it's sinking! /s
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