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  1. I was more wondering if I'd just misread the article and missed anything about whether the character you replace had to be ready.
  2. So, if I'm reading it right, with Disguise I could attack Political with my Lion's Pride Brawler; chuck on some Fine Katana's; bow their guy; and then surprise! It was Akodo Zentarō all along. And so I just discard my bowed LPB and get a ready Zentarō with those same Katana's to attack Military?
  3. Genuinely impressed that I could feel sorry for Sotorii
  4. I think this is kinda the main reason there story needs to come up with some reason to eventually make the Mantis a Great Clan again. Because of the old games 20ish year run, the Mantis were a Great Clan for three quarters of it's run.
  5. Resolving the duel comes after the dash, so is part of the effect not the cost. So don't you just miss the timing to use yours to counter theirs if you wait for the duel to resolve?
  6. Isn't it only a flaw because the potential honour transfer isn't more interesting and relevant?
  7. Would duels be more interesting if you just used your dial bid and didn't get to add a stat to it? I keep thinking about this and the only reason I can see for adding stats is so that you can initiate duels you cannot lose. Which then just turns them into actions with extra steps. But those actions then get to have their power level inflated because of the illusion that they could be lost.
  8. It annoys me a bit that Smuggling Deal doesn't require you to jump through as many hoops as Gift of Amaterasu or Subdue the Spirits.
  9. My girlfriend surprised me with an early Christmas present of four decks so we would have something new to play while we spent a week at her parents. All four have Mars as one of their houses.
  10. Or Magistrate Station which can be done at any time, including outside of conflicts.
  11. Any time an action can be used. It's just most specify "Action: During a conflict at this province - " thus limiting them to only being usable when the province is involved in an active conflict.
  12. Except it doesn't because we have a bunch of characters that use the same template and don't need to be in the conflict. Granted they're generally shugenja, but that doesn't mean they don't have the same templating. I'm happy with the explanation that the "Then" qualifier is needed to resolve the rest of the effect, and glad that I have a handy reminder to look for it in the future by being wrong in this instance.
  13. Probably a dumb question, but since him moving home is after the dash, and a board state change can be accomplished after an opponents character moves home, and it doesn't say "while this character is participating in a conflict" before the dash; does he need to be at the conflict?
  14. If only they'd thought of printing some kind of province that started the game face up that put a free fate on characters that came into play out of it to help Unicorn build up their board. But that'd be crazy. It'd make much more sense to make something like that and then lock it behind tournament results and then misbalance the clans so Unicorn could never get it.
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