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  1. I recognize that some here disagree, but I believe that is the intent. I also don't think you can use food or water without it leaving an empty spot in your inventory. I think the intent is to make the player choose between the healing or the other thing they want to keep, or in the case of drugs, whether to take the risk of using them or not. I absolutely believe I could be wrong with this interpretation, but my understanding is that given that you have to draw and discard down to 3, those rule based 'discards' are not the same as discarding for am effect. Others on these forums seem to disagree with me, and I'm fine with that. When teaching new players, I will offer both options and the group will decide on how to play that game, until an official ruling comes out.
  2. Fistful of caps is an event, not an aid item. I would play that rule with stimpaks, food, etc. Its all about how you want to handle addiction, until an FAQ comes out. As long as everyone is playing by the same rules, the game is fair, if not necessarily how the designer intended.
  3. schwade

    vault 68?

    I would assume it is preparation for an expansion....
  4. The big thumbs up at the top of each card is the first influence. The other conditions can net 1 or 2, or more, in the case of faction cards.
  5. I like to think the other guy heard about it on the radio or something like that.
  6. Fistful of caps is an event, which triggers when you draw it. Aid and Food items are a little different. I'm not sure you can gain the benefit out of discarding the item if you are required to do so due to an inventory limit. It would seem that you would need to hold the item, then discard it.
  7. Talisman is roll and move, this allows you to move where you want to with purpose. Huge difference in my mind. I do think Runebound is a reasonable companion.
  8. schwade

    Swift Learner

    Quick question: If I use the Swift Learner perk while I have XP, does my XP stay where it is, or does it move to the far left slot before the S slot?
  9. That's what I was assuming.
  10. I think you found the way around our problem with a full inventory and addictol. That makes me think even more that you can't use addictol if you have 3 or more drugs in your inventory, barring a lab coat or load lifter.
  11. The fill in S.P.E.C.I.A.L. is worth 1 if you have 5 or less, 2 if you have 6, or 3 if you have all 7. Having all 7 does not get you both the 6 and 7 rewards. Also, remember in a 1 player game that if you go through the deck and one faction is ahead of the other, only the trailing faction gets advanced, not both as in the multiplayer game. If someone is spamming the perks, one solution would be to select them yourself and not use them, there by keeping them out of the deck if you would like.
  12. schwade

    Ghoul Question

    The ghoul is immune to permanent death based on radiation climbing to the level of the starting HP. Each other character either starts with a useful item, or in the case of the super mutant has an ability that is alyso powerful. I think permanent death would be very rare. I think the characters are pretty balanced.
  13. That's a crazy scenario! I am sure they did not plan for this.
  14. Results are left to right. If you die during the fight and something like loot comes after, you don't get it, or so I believe. If you die during the fight on the left (top option, not arrowed option), I would probably still add the 004 card, but I could see basically discarding the current card instead. Edited after I thought about it a little more.
  15. I'm pretty certain that Preston Garvey isn't a misprint, but rather getting ready for an expansion.
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