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  1. Yeah that's not going to be Marie in the next Deluxe. So let's count more or less 8 month for the next deluxe. Around 2 years of waiting to potentially have Marie in the regular line of product. If each actual exclusive investigators will be released 2 years later ... then ... take a sit and let's wait xD
  2. Mystic or Seeker ? You have to choose then ? Hmm could be interesting but I think she really needs both class to work well :/
  3. I'm not against some promotional cards ... but I hope the main/"official released" signatures and weaknesses card will be as inspired as these ones. Because if they make some crazy cards for promos and after 2 years once the gator will finally come out, he has bland cards ... .____. I mean Replacement sounds like "Second choice" "optionnal" "secondary". For Norman for example I hope they'll do better for the real release (Yeah the monster who nullify your ability start to become boring) and his cards feels like "replacements" But here ... I want these to be the official stuff for her, hard to do better ...
  4. Hello, Any confirmations on the possibility that Nyarlathotep will be the last expansion of the game ? If there are not any confirmed things, why am i reading "Last expansion" everywhere
  5. Yeah but we are still in this "same" urban environment. I'm talking more about something "exotic" . England/France/America/New Orleans during the 20's aren't my definition of an exotic place.
  6. (Narrative arcs) 1) Obvious : ( Campaign that we will see in the near future for sure even for cycle 3 or/and 4) - Innsmouth/R'lyeh/Cthulhu : One of my most wanted campaign because of the incredible abyss/aquatic theme. - Shub Niggurath/The Black Goat : One of the most weird theme. Shub Niggurath will be pretty hard to adapt in this game since he is not very present in Lovrecraft's books. Main theme will probably be The Woods and ton of monsters (Thousand youngs). 2) Very plausible : (Environment that appears in other Arkham games but it depend on if the devs want to push the universe of AH:LCG this far) - Egypt/Black Pharaoh/Nephren-ka : Since we don't know if AH:LCG will put the "globtrotting/eldritch" path, I put this arc/theme in this category. However it's THE classic destination if the game will allow us to travel in some exotic places. Even the old Arkham Horror (Board Game) had an expansion about it. Need ! - Mountains of Madness/Antartica/Ithaqua : Less known than egypt but with Eldritch Horror's expansion it gain a great popularity so I bet on it too. - Dreamlands/ Hypnos : One of the most famous dimension that lovecraft created. Plenty of incredible environments even one campaign will be not enough to see all the possibilities. But it's way more fantastic thant any other campaign and again just plausible. 3) Maybe : (I don't think one of those things listed here are needed, but it could be cool to have something about it) - Kingsport/Fictional England/Survival Zombies - Aztec mysteries / Yig and his snake cultist - Asia/Leng - Africa etc ...
  7. I would love to have a spe healer Guardian like Vincent Lee the Doctor
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