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  1. After taking a long break from Lotr LCG, I finally beat Flight from Moria last week! Rumour from the Earth was a big help. Now I can move on to quests on the Heirs of Numenor expansion.
  2. Base on my BG Stats app, which I started using this year. I managed to play Lotr LCG 25 times year. That count seems low, but most of those games were split over a few days. Like typically it takes me 1-3 sittings to finish a quest because I just don't have that much time to play and I have look after our toddler. I wasn't even able to track last night's game in the app, because my toddler was using my phone. My winning percentage for those 25 plays is 44%. Most of my losses came from playing through the Khazad-dum scenarios. Lotr LCG is still my most played game as far as tabletop games go.
  3. Last night I was able to do my 6th attempt at Flight from Moria. I had Rumour from the Earth in my hand for the start of the game. Things were looking good. I knew what the top card was on the encounter deck and was ready for the staging step. On Round 1, I revealed the Narrow Paths quest card. I didn't make any questing progress on Round 1, so I didn't get to trigger the forced effect, I thought I would make it a priority on the next round. Dain defended against a Stray Goblin and Gimli managed to do inflict 1 damage on it. Before the round ended, I played Rumour from the Earth again and knew that the next card coming was a location with 1 threat. I was feeling good. So on to Round 2, I decided to quest with Bifur and Gimli for a total of 6 willpower. Staging step revealed the location which had 1 threat. The location plus The Nameless Fear had a total of 3 threat, so I quested successfully and proceeded to place the progress token on the quest card, which triggered the forced effect. Since the Abandoned Tools had the Guarded keyword, I ended up revealing Sudden Pitfall! Ouch. Now I had the fun decision of deciding which hero to discard, Bifur or Gimli. I decided to discard Bifur. Now I finish putting all progress tokens on the quest card and realized I completely finished that part of the quest, so now it gets to go to the victory display to add to The Nameless Fear's threat. At this early in the game, round 2, losing Bifur was a huge blow and I conceded at that point. Sauron wins again this time. However I now have a good feeling that I can beat this quest soon. I just need to be wary of the Sudden Pitfall treachery card when questing. I had Erebor Record Keeper in play on Round 2, but decided to quest with Gimli instead, which was a big mistake. Should not be making that mistake next time.
  4. Been so busy at work, hardly have time to check the forums. Anyway, I made another attempt at the Flight from Moria quest and lost again when I drew a Treachery card while resolving the Blocked by Shadow quest card effect. Obviously I need some way to know what the top card of the encounter deck is, before the staging step. For that, I retuned my deck and added Rumour from the Earth to help with that. I have not been able to play with the new deck yet. I might even add Henamarth Riversong if I get desperate after losing again. Thematically I can explain Henamarth's addition as the Dwarves hiring an elven scout to help them in Moria LOL.
  5. I have not been able to play the game for a few weeks already. How would the Nemesis end up facedown in the shadows?
  6. I play with 2 heroes. My table is actually not big enough to play more than 2 heroes with this game
  7. Star Wars or Legend of the Five Rings with the HoT engine would be both very interesting to me.
  8. I found the setup and playthrough videos from the One Stop co-op shop particularly helpful.
  9. Defense wins championships! Wait... wrong forum LOL. Anyway, I value defense more than attack, because you can't kill anything when your characters are dead. While if you have a good enough defense, oftentimes in my experience, you will last long enough to draw the card you need to push through and win the game, in my case this is usually Gandalf.
  10. Like Xelto said, once you get a few games under your belt and you are familiar with the rules and flow of the game, it will be really easy to bring new people in to play with you. All they have to worry about is what action to activate (and there are only 4) and rolling dice. I think it is a great pick up and play game.
  11. I now remember how I lost my 3rd and 4th attempts. I progressed to Stage 2B and it was Blocked by Shadow. Both times, I risked it by drawing a card, and both times I drew Treachery cards, fml. I think I've been really unlucky with it. I'll give the quest another go on the weekend.
  12. Last Friday, I played the last Khazad-dum quest, Flight from Moria. I played 4 times, lost/conceded 4 times. Splendid! I am playing one handed solo with a tri-sphere Dwarf deck led by Bifur, Dain and Gimli. My first attempt at it, I drew a bad hand and still had a bad hand after a mulligan. During the first round I could not play any allies. I drew Chieftain of the Pit during staging. I did not have anything in my hand that could stop the Chieftain from attacking. Whether or not I block the attack, a hero will die anyway. And since the Nameless Fear is going to be sitting in the staging area, I felt like I could not win with 1 less hero, so I conceded. My second attempt at it, I also somewhat drew a bad hand and could not play allies during the first round. I drew Sudden Pitfall which means I would have lost Bifur or Gimli, so I conceded again. I do not remember how I lost my 3rd or 4th attempts, I just know that I didn't get past round 3 LOL. Either way, this Flight from Moria quest is tough and like Escape from Dol Guldur, is going to be very hard to beat playing one-handed solo.
  13. So how is everyone handling this right now? Is it possible for a Nemesis to have its own Nemesis discard pile? The way I handle it is similar to how Robots handles it. When a Nemesis is defeated, it is discarded to the enemy discard pile. This would prevent the threats from getting triggered. However when the enemy deck runs out and the discarded cards are reshuffled, then the Nemesis would be put back in its lair. So then threats will be triggered again and the Nemesis will be able to engage the heroes as well. This kind of makes sense thematically for me as well. If you take too long to finish the quest after defeating the Nemesis, it will show up again. Also, Splig specifically isn't dead after you defeat him. After winning the Goblin Problem quest, if you read the Victory flavor text/story, you will see that Splig is still alive and is calling his troops back.
  14. The Rat Swarm is mostly harmless but the Swarm ability could prevent you from having a specific hero engage a specific enemy. Like on my play last night, on the enemy phase, Avric had 2 Rat Swarms already engaged with him, a 3rd one was activated by Kari, which caused it to engage Avric. So Kari ended up fighting Splig and the Bandits and the Ogres which thankfully turned out okay.
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