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  1. In reading the Knowledge (Education) skill from Edge of the Empire, I'm thinking that for the Gray Ajah, that would suffice instead of creating a Knowledge Politics
  2. In reading the Knowledge (Education) skill from Edge of the Empire, I'm thinking that for the Gray Ajah, that would suffice instead of creating a Knowledge Politics
  3. That is an intriguing thought to remove Vigilance from the Base list and tie it to the Ajahs. And really, that makes sense as Browns are described as burying their heads in books and Whites are all about logic. But, what should replace Vigilance? Here's my reworking of the Ajahs and the descriptions of the Ajahs are taken from http://wot.wikia.com/wiki/A_beginning Blue - Streetwise and Vigilance It "concerns itself with justice, noble causes, and in general 'saving the world'" and they have the largest eyes-and-ears network of any of the Ajahs. Brown - Knowledge (Geography) and Knowledge (Lore) It is "devoted to knowledge and the collection of ancient wisdom and Brown sisters are noted for being dreamy, unaware of the world around them and lost in thought" Gray - Negotiation and (I'm thinking I need to make another Knowledge skill like Politics) Grays are "dedicated to politics and mediation. They are familiar with the laws of every land, and most Grays believe that any problem can be solved if they talk about it for long enough." Green - Leadership and Vigilance Known as the Battle Ajah, "...to be a Green means to stand ready. In the Trolloc Wars, we were often called the Battle Ajah. ... And now we stand ready, for the Trollocs to come south again, for Tarmon Gai'don, the Last Battle. We will be there. That is what it means to be a Green." —Alanna Mosvan Red - Coercion and Vigilance (Though I think Streetwise would still be a good fit, so I am not entirely sure) "The Red Ajah focuses on castigating the wrong and dangerous use of the One Power, which mostly consists in capturing male channelers and bringing them to the Tower for gentling. Also it means, especially in the past, to search and eradicate any group of female channelers who gathered outside the White Tower law." White - Knowledge (Lore) and Knowledge (Education) "The White Ajah is dedicated to the value of logic, and devotes itself to questions of philosophy and truth. They do not concern themselves with worldly affairs." They also very rarely leave the White Tower. Yellow - Medicine and Alchemy "Being of the Yellow isn't about skill...It's about passion. If you love to make things well, to fix that which is broken, there would be a purpose for you here." - Suana Dragand. Yellows primarily study Healing I didn't include the Black Ajah as all members of the Black Ajah are also members of one of the other Ajahs and I have a Darkfriend Talent that if an Aes Sedai takes it she would automatically join the Black. So I guess I might need to specify that in the Talent.
  4. Oops. I failed to copy the Noble Career over. Noble - Charm, Coercion, Cool, Discipline, Leadership, Melee (Light), Negotiation, and Perception. Damane Updated - Channeling, Coercion, Cool, Deception, Discipline, Knowledge (One Power), Stealth or Survival, and Vigilance. Aes Sedai Update - Channeling, Cool, Discipline, Knowledge (One Power), Perception, and Vigilance. Ajah Skills Blue Ajah - Negotiation and Streetwise Brown Ajah - Knowledge (Lore) and Knowledge (Geography) Gray Ajah - Leadership and Negotiation Green Ajah - Leadership and ... Red Ajah - Streetwise? and ... White Ajah - Yellow Ajah - Medicine and Alchemy Not sure what skill to add to the Green Ajah to finish it off and not quite sure what to add to Red or White.
  5. Here's what I have so far for the Careers and their Skills: Aes Sedai - Channeling, Charm, Cool, Discipline, Knowledge (One Power), Leadership, Perception, and Vigilance. Asha'man - Athletics, Channeling, Coercion, Discipline, Knowledge (One Power), Melee (Heavy), Melee (Light), and Vigilance. Damanae - Channeling, Cool, Deception, Discipline, Knowledge (One Power), Survival, and Vigilance. I know I am missing one, but I had a hard time trying think how to steer the direction for the Damanae My thought was the Damanae Career is that of an escaped Damanae and she is doing everything she can to keep from going back to the Seanchan. Gleeman - Charm, Coordination, Deception, Knowledge (Geography), Melee (Light), Negotiation, Perception, and Vigilance. Hunter of the Horn - Knowledge (Adventuring), Knowledge (Geography), Perception, Ranged or Melee (Light), Riding, Stealth, Survival, and Vigilance. I thought I would let the PC choose between Ranged or Melee (Light) instead of making the Hunter career only one direction. Kin's Woman - Channeling, Cool, Discipline, Leadership, Medicine, Negotiation, Perception, and Streetwise. Sage - Alchemy, Discipline, Knowledge (Forbidden), Knowledge (Geography), Knowledge (Lore), Mechanics, Medicine, and Perception. The Sage would be your village Wisdom, an Aiel Wise One who can't channel, or an old hermit like Elyas (sp?) Scholar - Alchemy, Discipline, Knowledge (Forbidden), Knowledge (Geography), Knowledge (Lore), Mechanics, Medicine, and Perception. Scoundrel - Charm, Cool, Coordination, Deception, Ranged, Skulduggery, Stealth, and Streetwise. I thought about giving the option for Ranged or Melee (Light) like the Hunter of the Horn but I just basically copied this career from RoT. Soldier, Windfinder, and Wise One I haven't gotten to these Careers yet so their skills aren't even built yet, but the Soldier I figured would follow the standard GCR Soldier. The Wise One is of the Channeling variety.
  6. @WolfRider This is why I started this thread. On my own, rules wise coupled with setting flavor/accuracy, this would be OK at best. But having more people to bounce ideas off of and listen to will help make this setting even better. So I welcome any feedback, pushback, and alternative views and I am willing to be persuaded. I do like the idea of Cool for women and Discipline for men. That does give a nice difference for the two halves. Which means I will need to rework the skills for the Careers. I do see what you are suggesting here and I am going to have to ponder this idea a little more...
  7. @WolfRider I'm just now seeing your post for some reason and I didn't see it early. Thank you for bringing this up! The differences in how they embrace the Source was something that I had thought about and keep circling back to. As you mentioned, for women they call it "Embracing" Saidar and for men it is called "Seizing" Saidin (I still get the two confused and have to look it up). I do like your thought of making it two different checks for men and women PCs as that does follow the flavor of the setting very well. I did just choose Discipline for both as my thought was one, to try to keep it simple and two, Discipline seemed to fit in that it was a matter of discipline to control the One Power, albeit two different ways about doing it. I don't think it would complicate anything to have male PCs roll one check and female PCs roll a different check. With that said, I would agree with men needing to make a Willpower type of check so Discipline would fit that. But help me understand why you would have female channelers make a Presence based check? The reason I ask is that as you mentioned, they have to almost submit to Saidar or else the river will sweep them away. That feels like a Discipline check especially when I think of Egwene first trying to Embrace the Source and really struggling to do so. I am definitely open to being persuaded to consider something different so I welcome your thoughts and feedback on this.
  8. Okay, it has been crazy busy with very little time for me to work on my setting, but here are the setting specific Talents I have created with a couple of them created by @Richardbuxton so thank you for that! I welcome any feedback on these, especially the Tiers and whether or not I may have ranked them too high or too low. If anyone thinks there should be other Talents that capture Wheel of Time flavor, please share! Darkfriend Tier: 1 Activation: Active (Action) Ranked: No When you take this talent, you immediately become a low level Darkfriend. You are able to make a Hard Knowledge (Forbidden) check to determine if another character is a Darkfriend. In addition, if you encounter a Myrddraal, it will not attack you unless attacked by you (other Shadowspawn are a different matter). However, if you are accused of being a Darkfriend you will upgrade the check made to convince anyone that you are not (in addition to additional upgrades determined by the GM). Darkfriend (Improved) Tier: 3 Activation: Passive Ranked: No Your character must have purchased the Darkfriend talent to benefit from this talent. Your status with the Shadow has been raised to a midlevel Darkfriend. You are placed in control over a number of Darkfriend minions equal to your ranks in Knowledge (Forbidden). How you use them is up to you. However, you will receive orders periodically from the Shadow (as determined by your GM) to perform various tasks. Failure to comply with your orders may result in a midnight visit by a Myrddraal or worse. If your minions die or you increase ranks in Knowledge (Forbidden), once per session, you may flip a Story Point to gain one minion. The total minions you control can never exceed your ranks in Knowledge (Forbidden). Darkfriend (Supreme) Tier: 5 Activation: Active (Maneuver) Ranked: No Your character must have purchased the Darkfriend (Improved) talent to benefit from this talent. Your status has been raised to the highest level a Darkfriend can achieve. You will be called upon frequently to further the goals of the Shadow and may find your services required by the Forsaken. Because of your status, once per session, you may flip a Story Point to call upon one minion group of 3 Trollocs. You must make a Hard Coercion check every time you issue a command to see if they obey your orders. DREAM WALKER Tier: 4 Activation: Active (Action) Ranked: No You cannot take this talent if you have purchased the Goldeneyes talent. You have learned how to enter into the World of Dreams. Once per session while asleep, you may flip a Story Point to step into Telaranrhiod. While there, you may explore your current surroundings or make an Average Discipline check and travel to one location of your choice in the Westlands. See the Section on Telaranrhiod on page… for more information about how this world works. FOLLOW YOUR NOSE Tier: 3 Activation: Passive Ranked: No You have the very rare gift of being able to smell violence. Violent people leave a very specific stench that you can sniff out. When they commit acts of violence and they leave the scene, you have the ability to follow their stench for up to three days. Upgrade your Perception check one time when tracking a target who has committed an act of violence, to determine which direction the target has traveled. The closer you get to the target, the stronger the stench. GOLDENEYES Tier: 3 Activation: Active (Action) Ranked: No You cannot take this talent if you have purchased the Dream Walker talent. You learn that you have been born with the rare ability to communicate with wolves. Once per session, you may flip a Story Point to communicate with the nearest wolf pack and learn a piece of information they may know about the surrounding area and events taking place. You may ask them any question but keep in mind that wolves try to avoid two-legs as much as possible and may not always know all the details you are looking for. GOLDENEYES (IMPROVED) Tier: 4 Activation: Active (Action) Ranked: No You must first have purchased the Goldeneyes (Improved) talent. As your communication with wolves improves, your eyes are being transformed into the likeness of a wolf. Your eyes change color to a golden-yellow and you are able to see in the dark. Remove 2 Setback dice when making Perception checks at night and add 2 Boost dice when making Perception checks during the day. Keep in mind that there are many who will look at you differently because of your new eyes, be fearful of you, or consider you a Darkfriend.. These new eyes may help or hurt your social checks depending on who you are talking to. The choice is up to your GM. GOLDENEYES (SUPREME) Tier: 5 Activation: Active (Action) Ranked: No You must first have purchased the Goldeneyes (Improved) talent. Your ability to communicate with wolves has deepened and you learn how to enter into the Wolf Dream. Once per session while asleep, when you flip a Story Point using the Goldeneyes talent, you may choose to enter into the Wolf Dream instead of communicating with the nearest wolf pack. In the Wolf Dream you may explore your current surroundings or make an Average Discipline check and travel to one location of your choice in the Westlands. For more information on the Wolf Dream, see the Section on Telaranrhiod on page… for more information about how this world works. HOLDING ON Tier: 3 Activation: Passive Ranked: No You have learned how to ignore distractions while Embracing the Source. Make an Average Discipline check to continue to Embrace the Source when you take damage instead of a Hard check. LET IT GO Tier: 4 Activation: Passive Ranked: No You have become disciplined in your use of the One Power. You can let go of the Source as an Incidental and no longer need to make a Discipline check to let it go. PIONEER Tier: 1 Activation: Passive Ranked: Yes After your character makes a Perception, Vigilance, or Knowledge (Adventuring) check to notice, identify, or avoid a threat in in the wild (a location away from farms, villages, towns, or cities), your character cancels a number of uncanceled h no greater than your character's ranks in Pioneer. SKILLED EMBRACE Tier: 3 Activation: Passive Ranked: No You have grown accustom to the nature of the Source and its ebbs and flows allowing to embrace the Source more quickly. Embracing the Source is now a Maneuver instead of an Action SKILLED EMBRACE (IMPROVED) Tier: 5 Activation: Passive Ranked: No You must have already purchased the Skilled Embrace talent. The Source has become like a close friend. You are very familiar with its peculiarities. Embracing the Source is now an Incidental instead of a Maneuver. THE SOURCE IS MY ALLY Tier: 3 Activation: Passive Ranked: No After much training and dedication, you are more disciplined when it comes to embracing the Source. Decrease the difficulty by one when performing the Embracing the Source action. WILDER Tier: 2 Activation: Passive Ranked: No To your surprise, maybe even your chagrin, you realize that you have the ability to Channel. The Channeling skill is now considered a career skill for you. However, because you have received no training, your ability to touch the One Power is not as efficient as an Aes Sedai or others. As with almost all Wilders, you have a mental block that prohibits you from Embracing the Source except under certain circumstances. Your Block could be that you can only Channel when you are angry or you can only Channel with your eyes closed. Regardless of the circumstance (and you are strongly encouraged to pick the circumstance), increase the difficulty of all Embrace the Source actions by one. WILDER (IMPROVED) Tier: 5 Activation: Passive Ranked: No Your character must have purchased the Wilder talent to benefit from this talent. With much study, practice, and headaches you have learned how to overcome your Block. You no longer increase the difficulty of Embrace the Source actions.
  9. I like the idea of a rare weave that could reduce some of the Taint on a person but because it is so rare it is incredibly difficult. So to try putting it together: I want to Embrace the Source, I make a Hard Discipline check as an action. If is succeed I Embrace the Source. If I fail I don't. ? Success + Threat = Strain ? ? Failure + Threat = a delay in being able to try again or Strain ? Maybe 1 Threat = 1 round delayed. 2+ Threat = at least 1 round delayed and at least 1 Strain? I know in the books those who can channel get stressed out when they can't embrace the source for whatever reason. Maybe have a higher Tier Talent that prevents Strain? Or just have the PC rank up their Discipline and a Talent that reduces the Embrace the Source action to an Average difficulty? For male channelers who succeed with Threat, should they just suffer Strain as they have to "reach through" the Taint to seize Saidin, but with enough Threat then they roll on the Insanity table? ? Success + Despair = You Embrace the Source but you can't control it and you have to spend your next action submitting to Saidar for women and wrestling with Saidin for men so in effect you loose your next turn? Failure + Despair = cannot try again this encounter? I succeed in Embracing the Source, now I can weave I make a Channeling check Success + Threat = Strain or any negative side effects the GM wants to create. For Women, with enough Threat they have to roll on the Over-channeling table For men though it is an automatic Strain and any negative side effects from the GM unless the GM just wants it to be Strain in which case the GM only applies it once and doesn't double up So I roll 1 Threat and my GM can't/doesn't want to determine anything other than Strain, I only get hit with one Strain, not two With enough Threat, as a male character, I have to roll on the Insanity table or just the Over-channeling table or both? Failure + Threat = Fun for the GM Success + Despair = automatic roll on the Over-Channeling Table and for men, auto rolling on both Over-Channeling and Insanity tables? Failure + Despair = A lot of Fun for the GM. I see weaves exploding and causing craziness I want to let go of the Source so I make an Average Discipline check as an Incidental. My thought with this is that you see the theme over and over again (especially for those still learning to Channel) where they don't want to let go of the Source as it has an almost addictive quality to it. I think I remember an Aes Sedai cutting one of the girls off from the Source as she was struggling to give it up, though I could just be imagining that If I fail then I am still embracing the Source and the next time it will take an action to let go. I see Threats adding Strain or setback dice if they have to try again I think there could be a Talent that would either reduce the check to Easy or even remove the check altogether. My concern is making it very complicated and complex but at the same time I want to capture the spirit and flavor of the Setting. Embracing the Source is very dangerous and difficult for newbies and is still dangerous for those well trained in it.
  10. I like the Over-channeling table. I think you would almost need two different tables as you mentioned, one for men and one for women (which would then be the only table after Saidin is cleansed). I've been trying to think through long term effects on men Embracing the Source. There should be some effects that keep stacking and can't be healed even after Saidin is cleansed. A thought would be to add insanity items on the male Over-channeling table but then you could conceivably run an entire campaign where your male channeler never suffers any side effects. Which to some extent is fine, but if one Embraces the Source a lot, there would be some negative side effects even if they were minor. Another thought would be for all channelers to use the same Over-channeling table but then male channelers have a separate Insanity/Taint table that they have to role on. Like you mentioned above, some of the lower rolls are less severe while the higher rolls are harsh, maybe, lashing out at your closest companions with the One Power for 130+. As I'm typing this, maybe you have an Insanity pool and every time you roll on the table you gain 2 Insanity points which never go away and they add to your total die roll each time. Thus making each subsequent roll a little more dangerous. I could, theoretically Embrace the Source 10 times and only have to roll on it twice but I then have an Insanity pool of 4 so the third time I end up rolling on it, I would add 4 to the total. I figure 2 would be a good number as some male Channelers are more resistant to the Taint than others, but eventually all will go Insane if given enough time. This would also hopefully make any player playing a male Channeler count the cost before Channeling.
  11. I totally forgot about Alana's Dragons and having the Siege skill would work for that. Tho, in an effort to keep the skills a little simple, it could just be a Leadership check to command the crew manning the siege weapon to load, aim, and fire accurately and they succeed/fail based off of your check. I didn't even know there was a WoT RPG until last week when I started working on this. And for the sake of full disclosure, all of the Lore pieces in my Setting, I copied from the WoT wikia http://wot.wikia.com (I did mention this in my Introduction, if anyone ever reads those). I did some rearranging of some of the info and changed a few sentence structures to make everything flow a little better, but none of that was my brain child. So I will give credit where credit is due. Regarding magic, I agree that this has been challenging. I've gone through several iterations of this. I like the idea you mentioned in your notes about having the Channeler make a Discipline check to see if they can embrace the Source and then having Talents that reduce the time it takes to Embrace the Source. That fits well into what I had been thinking about Trained Channelers and Wilders. My thought was to have only one skill for magic and that is the Channeling skill based on Intellect. Since all Channelers (even Wilders) can use the One Power, I combined all the spell casting types into one skill. Then my next thought was to have two trained Careers for Channelers (though the exact look I'm not settled on). One would be a Female Channeler career where the player would choose either Aes Sedai, Windfinder (for Atha'an Miere only), or Wise One (for Aiel only) and then have an Asha'man career. These would be the only careers that gain access to the Channeling skill. I made a Wilder talent that gives you access to the Channeling skill as a career skill (so anyone can learn to Channel), however you have the infamous Block to deal with. Since I hadn't considered having a check to see if you could embrace the Source before weaving any magic I just made it increase the difficulty of all Channeling checks. So here are my thoughts on the Channeling Talents: Wilder Tier: 2 Activation: Passive The Channeling skill is now a Career skill but you have a Block and so increase the difficulty by one of all Discipline checks made to Embrace the Source. Wilder (Improved) Tier: 4 or 5? Activation: Passive Must have purchased the Wilder Talent. You overcome your Block and no longer increase the difficulty of checks made to Embrace the Source. Weaver Tier: 3 Activation: Passive Embracing the Source is now a Maneuver instead of an Action. Weaver (Improved) Tier: 5 Activation: Passive Must have purchased the Weaver talent. Embracing the Source is now an Incidental instead of a Maneuver. Thoughts on that? I also thought that for male Channelers for every (round?, encounter?) that they embraced the Source they would have to make a Discipline check (not sure of difficulty) and if they fail they would suffer 2 strain because of the Taint (if playing before it was cleansed). For all Channelers, to let go of the Source would require an Average Discipline check as the Source is addictive and there was always the theme of people not wanting to let go and sad when they did. If they failed the check then they would suffer 2 strain and still be embracing the Source. Though I'm not sure about this idea. Is the Over Channeling system like the Critical Injuries table?
  12. @Richardbuxton I have a couple of questions before tackling the major question of Channeling. 1) What were your thoughts on the Siege skill? Was this in just operating a siege weapon or more in running a tactical encounter of laying siege to a location? 2) In regards to Archetypes based on Birthplace, that was the direction I was going to go in as well, though I am intrigued by your suggestion of giving the predetermined numbers of 3/2/2/2/2/1 and letting the player allocate them however they want. With this model, would granting 120 starting XP be too much? For the standard Human Race, it is usually 110XP with all 2s. Also, the one free skill rank, would that be any skill or nor non-career skills only?
  13. Ok, I updated the formatting (I hope). If there are still issues with the formatting, then I'm going to abandon iBooks and just build it in Pages. Now back to actually working on the Setting...
  14. Wow!! This is great! Thank you so much for sharing! @Richardbuxton Once I have time to sit down and sift through everything, I will definitely want to pick your brain on some of this. I figured out my formatting issues and it had to do with the iBook template I chose. I chose a Landscape template (obviously) but because I chose Landscape, I cannot convert it to Portrait (unless anyone out there knows iBook Author and could tell me how to do it). So I am going to have to rebuild this into a Portrait template. Fortunately it should just be a matter of copying and pasting and adjusting the font sizes, but it will take me a little longer to fix the formatting than I was hoping. So stay tuned everyone for a better layout!
  15. Thanks for the feedback. I didn't really format it or think about that at all. I just used the default settings of iBook Author. I will play around with the formatting and more than likely change it from Landscape. It didn't really phase me as I was working on it until I just now actually looked at the PDF. Yeah, I will definitely nix the Landscape.
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