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  1. I think it would be cool to implement a neutral ship that adds a little different gameplay?! Maybe add the "First Light" from Drydon Voss or Crimson Dawn to fly through the play are. One round played and steered by Player 1, the next round by Player 2 and so on... giving tactical advantags, firepower, salvo etc.
  2. Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes they‘re made out of brass and I‘m just running a test to see how it‘ll look like. Just found out that cyanoacrylate won‘t be easy to handle as they are so small and the glue dries so fast, that they either stick to the tweezers or are not in correct position. I‘ll try PVA glue as well...
  3. Hi, I have a quick question to the community... hope you can help...?! I want to apply some small metallic symbols to my scenery and I‘m not sure if I should do it before or after spraying with matt varnish? Here‘s an example: http://www.greenstuffworld.com/en/scenery-and-resin/1217-chaos-runes-and-symbols.html Just don‘t want to loose the metallic shine but I think with varnish they’ll have a stronger bond?! Looking forward to you replys and suggestions... Thanks!
  4. ...moved to another topic!
  5. You mean miniature of the ship itself is different for every faction?! I don‘t know - I think I like the fact that every faction has its own look and feel and a dual faction ship would blurr the lines...
  6. Nooooooooooo - please no dual/triple faction ship!! And the more I see it, the more I think it‘s one of the lamest, most boring designs ever 🤐
  7. I think the post of @Triangular says it all and summs up everything pretty well. Of course the amount of ships should somehow match your playing-style. Nevertheless, none of us has bought everything at the same time - so it makes sense to buy stuff bit by bit depending on what you like and see where to adjust 😉
  8. Only had the chance to test the Onager and totally agree - what a fun ship!!! Concerning the Starhawk I haven‘t had the chance to try but I have the same concerns... Strongest large base for the Rebellion and I think quite strong vs. SSDs. ...and, looks so Imperial (I know it‘s made out of ISDs) but dosn‘t feel like a Rebellion ship!?!
  9. So, first things first - I don‘t like the ship and therefore don‘t need it in Armada. 2. I don‘t like the idea of dual faction ships. There is simply no need for it and I like the fact that every faction stands for its own! 3. If they would release it I don‘t see a plausible reason for 4 different packagings (one per faction) with different upgrade cards. That would be the worst thing ever to happen!! If they would release it for all factions it should come in one pack with all factions and upgrades. 4. No new dice please. Especially for just one ship... 5. A medium ship for 40-60 Points with 10 hull?!?
  10. I think they will implement flotillas for TCW as well - one reason is sticking to gameplay and the other -> why miss out on selling a product when there are good miniature possibilities!?! CSS-1 & C-Roc Gozanti!!
  11. I agree here with @Cap116 that this would be more a small ship - especially as they only have very few!! So maybe it‘s time to implement the C-Roc Gozanti to Armada?!? What do you think... Then it dosn‘t look as if its another dublicate!!
  12. Anyone has an idea for a matching flotilla for CIS?
  13. @Cap116 totally agree. CSS-1 would make a perfect Flotilla for GAR!! I also like the design and had it in mind but went for the AA-9 cause I love the agressive bully design and liked the fact that it was used as troop transport during TCW. But I think you‘re right, CSS-1 would be the better choice!
  14. True, read that as well... beside that it would fit perfectly!! Is there a rule that a flotilla must be a small base? As per FAQ I can‘t find a rule saying that FLOTILLAS The rules for flotillas should read: “The ship included in this expansion is a flotilla. Ships of this type feature two plastic ship models (instead of one). Flotillas follow the same rules as other ships with the following exceptions: When a flotilla would overlap another ship (or be overlapped by another ship), deal one facedown damage card to the flotilla. Do not deal a facedown damage card to the closest ship the flotilla overlapped (or that overlapped it) unless that ship is also a flotilla. • A flotilla cannot equip a T (commander) upgrade card.”
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