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  1. Pretty sure that they‘ll release a new Core-Set for Clone Wars. Would be clever to win new players for Armada which grew up with the prequels... For the Lucrehulk I‘m desperately hoping that they‘ll do it as a large ship on two large bases side by side!! Here are @>kkj and my other thoughts on ships and squats: https://imgur.com/a/MzbcwoZ
  2. Is there a list of questions that made it to the AMA and were answered?
  3. I know that this will cause a small problem but you have to admit it would be the perfect base for this ship and would be a nice addition to game mechanic to have a huge square base...
  4. Totally agree except Subjugator Class. I rather see the Lucrehulk as a huge ship for Republic era - maybe with 2 large bases side by side...?!?
  5. Also found that picture recently and think it‘s the best looking Mon-Cal Ship I‘ve seen so far! Would love to see that in a new wave or as a Mel Miniature!!
  6. Hi Andrew, glad having the chance of asking questions! I‘m a big fan of SW Armada but my question is rather general... As you offer your community the possibility to share their ideas, thoughts and wishes within this forum, how serious do you and your team take the feedback, wishes and ideas posted in this forum and have you ever considered using these ideas for new products or expansions? Thanks!
  7. Very nice Corellian design! Would be a nice neutral ship!!
  8. Raddus dropping a Starhawk will be fun to watch and play!!
  9. Anyone already mentioned that it has 10 hull and only 1 shield at the rear?! Therefore pretty strong at the front but quite vulnerable at the sides and stern...
  10. I very much like the Quasar color scheme! It has a very fine silver tone while the other two look more titan color...
  11. I upload the picture to imgur, copy the link and insert the image from existing URL.
  12. Also my guess that the Kyber-Gun can only fire at speed 0. Would make sense to aim properly and to shoot beyond long range...
  13. Additionally I‘d love to see the Resistance Bomber - prefer it as Flotilla but Squadron would be ok too. Furthermore I‘ve just found an image of a beautiful MC-99
  14. Totally agree on neutral stuff like AA9 - Coruscant Freighter and a Station, Asteriods & Debris pack as they‘ve closed down space rocks. A medium carrier for Rebels like Sha Shore (I now timewise it‘s a bit far ahead but its beautiful!) together with 2 U-Wings and another small ship for Imperials like Vigil Class Corvette. Last but not least would love to see the Harrower Class Dreadnaught!
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