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  1. I liked Kylo Ren without his shirt, really huge character development for him, plus got him a girlfriend in less then 10 minutes. Virgin Finn vs Chad Kylo ?
  2. Return of the Jedi is the best OT and SW movie don’t @ me
  3. I just came back from watching the movie and I’m honestly surprised on just how awful the sequel trilogy is. TFA was uninspired, TLJ was just cringey, and TRoS is just super duper lame. You can definitely tell just how bad JJ wanted to ignore TLJ with the whiplash inducing exposition dump that TRoS suffers from throughout beginning of the movie. It seriously felt like Ray William Johnson levels of jump cuts and rushing as the whole movie felt like it took copious amounts of speed beforehand and the high never stopped. I don’t know if the rumors about Disney not properly planning the trilogy beforehand is true, but I’ll be surprised if Disney did more then have a post it note that reads “do 3 Star Wars movies.” I’m just at a lost for words for how lame the new trilogy is really feels like Disney dropped the ball on the entire project.
  4. The first movie was a HD remix of ANH (and was super boring), and TLJ was just dumb to me. I’ll still watch this one to see if it gets enjoyable but I don’t really have my hopes too high. Everyday I wish that Finn was the main character with force powers like I thought he was going to be before TFA came out because he just has more personality then Rey and plus he was kind of a bad*ss in TFA when he went against Kylo Ren. That was cool. Though I think Rey’s problem mostly comes from poor writing for Rey’s character rather then personal acting flaws. Hopefully, if this movie is going to be bad, it’ll be campy like the prequels so I can get a laugh rather then painfully mediocre.
  5. The separatist droid ships are cooler looking and more alpha then the low T alphabet-wing rebel ships and the beta TIE-nouns of the Empire. The prequel factions should of been included in 1.0 also. The Star Wars expanded universe was (and still is) only palatable between New Republic and Prequel Era (movies 1-3). TOR feels like a fan fiction.
  6. If it’s of any consequence, I just purchased the StarViper and A wing. Any place to move from there? I want a fat turret (just learned what the meant) with the falcon. Thanks
  7. Can I build a list around these two items? I'm purchasing a Starviper for autothrusters as I read, online, that I would need it. I'm a new player and Heros was my first purchase outside of the new core. How can I build a viable list around this? What else should I buy?
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