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  1. No replies so I guess I'll chime in. It depends on what you want. If you want to be a Jedi, Kotor is basically unbeatable along with the old Jedi Knight Series. Kotor has a few mods to repair missing content but I think it is all rolled into one now. A simple google search will find it. I believe there have a been a few HD mods here and there but nothing comprehensive. The Jedi Knight series is notable in that the Saber warfare is "realistic" IE if you pass the saber through the head or torso, instant kill, including the final boss. It can be very intense and fun. If you don't mind FPS the EA battlefronts, for all their flaws is fairly immersive, if star wars to you is the battles of the clone wars and the struggles Rebellion against the Empire. The battles are visceral and you definitely can just enjoying pushing with your squad of clones against some droids and suddenly seeing General Kenobi leaping into the fray. The one pitch I will make is for SWTOR; the MMO star wars game. As an MMO it is meh to bleh depending on what you like to do. But as a "Single Player with optional online multiplayer content" It is amazing. Its width and breadth is stunning. I frequently find myself coming back and subbing for a few months just to roll a new Jedi. It is FTP and if you are planning on just goofing along as a single player story, it is easily possible to play without every paying a cent. You can play a Jedi, Sith lord, Smuggler, Republic solider, Imperial operative, A Mandalorian Merc each with enough content for what would probably be a full single player game, not to even touch the overlapping shared content. If you decide to play through Swtor completely you will have easily 1500 hours of fully voice Star Wars universe action.
  2. I wonder if they will make it a standard clan? Or make it a PvPPP where one player plays an OP Shadowlands and all other fight them? Thus introducing their much rumored multiplayer !
  3. For now sure. 5 years on and 8 bazillion new card interactions to account for? I could definitely see them using it to get rid of some. How weird will it be seeing someone flip their provinces and seeing 4 clan champions? XD
  4. I am taking about more in the storyline of the game itself if like... They kill Kisada or Shoju or Toturi. They will introduce a new clan champion and presumably in competitive play Kisada would be banned and the new champion would be the allowed one. For one example. I forsee actions and events and attachment changing only extremely rarely (probably only a dozen or so times over the lifetime of the game) but I think their may be a lot of personality turn over if they decide to embrace the story aspect of the game.
  5. As far as the meta is concerned I am hoping that FFG decides to only remove Personalities and certain thematic cards ever from the "legal" pool of playable rather than whole Arcs. By doing this they will leave a metric ton of playable cards in the deck and that is where this game shines. By being able to make a massive variety of decks it makes it nearly impossible to counter because even the bleeding "optimal" edge gets wider and wider. Compared to making whole arcs illegal and always keeping the competitive deck pool to a few hundred cards total.
  6. I played the CCG from 1997 until it ended, with a couple of semi competitive stints, I never recall there being a dominate deck/clan. Metas yes, but the sheer volume of play styles and flexibility always meant meta counters were available. There were always "vogue" decks at one time or another But I cant ever remember a time when ONE clan and ONE archtype was the only way to win. The general exception to this is "Honor crappers" that became the general theme towards the end imo due to personal Honor inflation. My last attempt at competitive ended in disgust watching a succession of Lion players buy out units for full price and 3-5 honor a pop then pass. That's not even a game imo lol. To me though that is less card balance and more L5R ccg having been unwilling to address a core issue in their game design.
  7. Furthermore, even if the Meta was completely balanced with 7 clans all having an archtype and winning an exactly even split of the games. Eventually that will get stale. Even more so in a game following a storyline where characters and clans are expected to change and evolve. New play styles need to emerge. This 6X6 will probably be the last big release before the 1st anniversary. Is it really shocking to imagine launch meta being different one year out?
  8. You have to start somewhere. I expect we will end up with even more variations on Tadaka for all the clans so as well as more "Cloud the Mind" style cards. The first blow against the existing meta will always seem the biggest.
  9. On the Positive side at least its an acknowledgement of the issue? Imagine how much more this would suck if it was an article about how happy FFG was with how the Unicorn currently played.
  10. My brother is coming over to play some L5R tonight, we haven't had a ton of time to play so we are still pretty new. I own 3 cores and all the expansions so far. I am looking for a couple 2 deck combos that would have some parity and balance in a match. Most the of the suggestions on here are for min maxing and competitive decks but that isn't my biggest concern here. Just a few well matched decks for a face off that I can pre build.
  11. I am a little unclear here. Is it in stores today? Its listed as shipping which can take a week, which was updated yesterday, so extrapolate out to the 11th but it does say the 5th on the page.
  12. over under on how many non phoenix splash decks we will see before the next clan pack drops? I am thinking 1.
  13. I bought myself a sealed legacy box. Pretty disappointed in the legendaries, (almost all villains which the fiancee likes to play leaving me with a smattering of commons to throw against her elitable Doctor Aphra, Tarkin, and Maul VO. Don't worry my basic Jedi temple guards got this. ) but it was fun and now we have a decent pile of cards to make decks out of. I'll probably just stick to picking up the specific cards I want now versus another box until the next one drops.
  14. I mean he asked what we wanted not what we thought was going to happen, sue me?
  15. I am not sure that a bleeding edge competitive card game (which is what L5R is marketed as) and a asymmetrical game that allows for coop vs the game "story mode" games would work. I would be a nightmare trying to balance those cards to the competitive scene, OR you make them some weird subset of cards that are not allowed in the competitive scene? My hopes for the storyline play of L5R are similar to what came out of the CCG; I want the tournament outcomes to impact the story development. Did a Crane clan win the tourney through a surprise military attack against the Scorpions in the final? The story should reflect that and maybe even the next expansion should have a more militant lean for the Crane. In that conflict did the Crane clan Champion die in a duel to a random Scorpion character? Well then, I expect a new Crane clan Champion to be released for the game and that Scorpion character to receive a big update to reflect the achievement in the game. I also want there to be a way for player to impact the story beyond placing highly in competitive matches. Some sort of bi annual closed clan voting? Like you register yourself to a clan and you are allowed to cast a vote for certain choices to clan makes, which translates into storylines in the fiction and different cards for your clan.
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